A not-so-wordless Wednesday.


South Dakota sky
I mean evening. Or afternoon. Oh, I don’t know. Good day to you!

Here are a few updates around the farm:

Garden is looking good

Strawberries in South Dakota

Winged creatures are leaving the nest (and running into my window)

South Dakota bird
Hawks are happy about pups running wild.
Momma in turn watches the hawks… like a hawk

South Dakota hawks
Recent rains taught me purple Uggs don’t make good waders

South Dakota boots

I need waders because we are experiencing a great sky bath

South Dakota old house

An old, unlived in house

See what I mean?

South Dakota river

South Dakota water
South Dakota water

But it sure  makes the green  green and the corn grow

South Dakota hills
Clearly I haven’t stayed inside too much…

South Dakota gal
Or figured out what a brush is for…

South Dakota pup

At least I’m in good company.


35 thoughts on “A not-so-wordless Wednesday.

  1. I really liked this post a lot, mostly because of the simplicity as you are so talented in putting together on your blog. I liked seeing a picture of you, a beautiful person, even though it was a partial picture. I would love to see more personal shots of you — feels more like I know you…..geez, this sounds like I’m a stalker or something, lol. Also loved the pink sunset or sunrise. Something so refreshing about the rain but sad for those who have lost out due to too much.

  2. I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your quick and consistent replies to everyone when they reply on your blogposts. I’m hoping to get my WordPress blog back into action. What is your secret setting for the reply setting so you can respond to each one?

  3. Wonderful pictures! I always like a good rain…just not too much 🙂 Gives me an excuse to run out in my rain boots!

  4. Thanks again for sharing. And your little dog looked as bedraggled as Lotte when we returned from our walk yesterday.
    That house certainly looked sad, deserted and unloved.

  5. Beautiful sunset? Wondered if you were in the part of the country that is being flooded! Hope all is semi-dry at your house and are in no danger. Wish all of it wasn’t coming down the Missouri River so quickly. It is expected to start impacting our County on Sunday or Monday. Luckily we are very far from the river but still praying for all that have been impacted by this crazy weather.
    Your hair looks lovely as well as the pup’s.

  6. If we could just move some of your rain to Texas and other areas of the South, where they are having a terrible drought, everyone would be in better shape.

    During the summer, I just give up on my hair. It’s a no-win situation.

  7. Love the shot of the horse’s (?) ear – such a great perspective. Hope it’s stopped raining out there already! Although the plants do love it, so it ain’t all bad. (Just between us, I also like the rain b/c it means I don’t have to water, which saves me quite a portion of the morning – woot!)

    You are so beautiful, CW. I think you’d be the last to say or think it, but you are – inside and out. You remind me of my mom at a young age; you both have golden hair and green eyes. 🙂

  8. Beautiful! Makes me long for our move to the West and remember our times growing up in the midwest! The air looks clean and fresh! And it looks like you need some Wellies instead of Uggs! 🙂 Stay warm! And dry!

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