Running in the storm and Fourth of July

A surefire way to turn your morning “run” into a literal run is to come face-to-face with a lightening storm.

That’s what my neighbor friend and I did, as we began our “running” while talking and swatting at those hideously grotesque creatures known as mosquitoes. We picked up the pace to spare our skin from those relentless monsters, only to make a quick 180 as dark clouds hovered above.

South Dakota clouds
We RAN. My chest nearly exploded, my breathing thick from the humidity.

I was a hot mess. But thankfully we made it home alive, where instead of replenishing my body with heavy doses of water I made myself another iced coffee. I’m a health nut, what can I say.

Speaking of nut, how was your Fourth of July holiday? Here’s what we did:

Garden shed

Red garden shed!

I worked really hard on this thing:

South Dakota husband
See how sweaty I got? Yucky.

Ok, you got me. But to save face, I really did paint some. Country Man took a few photos, but you know the kind he takes.

So we got the garden shed painted.

South Dakota garden shed
All the credit goes to Country Man though, since he, ya know, did all the residing, relocating, putting a new door in, etc. My job is to go in there now and then and grab the mower.

South dakota shed

Final touches

Good thing I was there to share all my fascinating stories with him.
And bring him iced coffee, of course.

South Dakota feet

PS: Enter the giveway for a chance to win some really cool stuff! Like antlers or rattles. Drawing July 10th.

PPS: Thanks to Winnie of Winnie’s Wine World for kindly making a post about the giveaway! You can follow her on Twitter, too.

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far. Hope you win!


24 thoughts on “Running in the storm and Fourth of July

  1. Being caught out in a storm can be scary! Glad you made it home to your iced coffee! (As a child, I thought my aunt was SO strange: she drank iced coffee and hot tea!)
    Your little red garden shed is adorable; aren’t hubbies great?!

  2. Nice shed! We like our sheds here in Maine, too; just got a new one from a neighbor! Thank goodness it doesn’t need paint right now, like the rest of our house does (our small summer goal…). I’m with you, I’d prefer to bring the iced coffee and tell fascinating stories 🙂

  3. No, so far most of the ones I have done (I have only been doing this for a year) have been given as gifts. I have shown one or two, and if I did a good enough job on one of your pictures, and the rules of the competition permitted, I would like to show it. If I ever did sell one based on your photos, we would obviously work out something.

  4. Love the red! Id’ve been running fast too..(Ok, In my mind I’d be running fast, now how fast in actuality that would be who knows?)…our neighbor got struck by lightning last year, standing right next to our house..SCARY!

  5. I’m pretty new to the WP world, still trying to figure it out. I was checking out the “freshly pressed” link and was happy to see another country gal roaming in WP (or should I say ‘running’!) I know the feeling with the storms! As for the sheds, I too have one and I hate to paint it as its really starting to look so characteristic for old b/w photos as well as photos with wildflower arrangements with it hahaha. How sad is that ” NO…don’t paint it, it looks PERFECT with all the paint chips and rusted hinges!” :))

    I do love the country life, no if, ands, nor buts about it 🙂 . Speaking of which, there is hay to be bailed in 90 degrees to boot . Have a good night!

  6. Congrats on your brand new paint job! We are thinking of painting our new chicken coop (the chickominium) but I’m too darn tired from building the thing to really think about any more work at this point!! Painting will wait.

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