Giveaway winner!

Country Man and I spent a hot day canoeing on the Niobrara River last week. We received plenty of sun from H to T, as evidenced by the stiff walk in our legs and bottle of aloe accompanying our morning coffee.

South dakota anniversary

South Dakota gal
South Dakota shadow
Ah, how refreshing.

Just as refreshing, however, is announcing the winner of the 100th post giveaway! Ok, here are the options again:

  1. One state-of-the-art deer horn, found by Country Man himself. Did you know people successfully sell horns on eBay? It’s true.
  2. A rattler. From a rattlesnake. Compliments of the other half.
  3. Three of my favorite recipes. I originally wrote five but could only think of three.
  4. A few kernels of garden popcorn when it comes in late August. I think that’s legal.
  5. An 8×10 photo of one the following photos:

South Dakota sky
South Dakota riverhills
South Dakota riverhills

South Dakota tree

And the winner is…

Congrats, Charlotte Langlois! You win one of the sweet South Dakota-style prizes. Email with your info and selection.

Thank you to all who participated – see ya soon!


13 thoughts on “Giveaway winner!

  1. Congrats Charlotte!

    CW – feel free to fork over those recipes at your convenience anyway 😉 LOL

    PS: love the canoe shots. We’ve been doing quite a bit of canoeing this summer ourselves and I even got to tote the canoe home on the roof of my (still thankfully living) car this week!

  2. You should have heard the loud “whoohoo!” from my living room when I saw your post that I had been chosen as the winner. My husband just chuckles and I say, ‘but you don’t understand, I WON, it feels great win anything!!!! Is it just me or do men in general not see the simple pleasures we women can get out of being chosen as a winner. Heck, you could be giving me South Dakota dirt and I’d be happy, just because I was selected as the winner! Now what will I choose????

    I love the way you photograph things, your perception is art, like photographing your shadow on the pebbles. Awesome!

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