Maybe life’s not supposed to make sense

Dani: I want you to be the first boy I ever kiss.
Court Foster: I thought you’d been kissed “so many times.”
[Long, awkward pause, then Court leans over and they kiss]
Court Foster: How was that?
Dani: Perfect.

South Dakota tractor
Riding along with Country Man in the winrower brings me back to a time and film when I first learned I maybe did want to fall in love. I was almost eleven, so I figured I had a little time to go before I experienced the level of love as explained by the young girl, Dani, in the movie
The Man in the Moon

Dani: Did’ja ever like somebody so much… that it almost made’ja sick?

As a ten year-old convicted daydreamer, I imagined when and if I were to fall in love, he would most likely be a basketball player, much like the #23 Bulls shooting guard that adorned my room in posters and fan club letters.

I didn’t consider a football player with a farmer’s tan.

South Dakota tractor
Not until a friend brought me back to her small hometown, where everyone made whips on main street and I all wanted to to do was duck and cover… we sure didn’t do that where I came from.

Not until I saw him across the floor at the wedding dance of a couple I didn’t know, in his Levi jeans and weekend red shirt.

Not until he casually sauntered over toward me with eyes sparkling, Budweiser in hand and asked me to dance.

South Dakota husband

Not until a few months later at a party in an old abandoned barn, on the second story, when he walked in and my stomach turned to knots, a sickening ache overwhelming my heart. My sister took one look at me and knew I was done for.

Dani: I’m afraid nothing’s ever gonna make sense again.
Maureen Trant: Maybe life’s not supposed to make sense, Danielle.
Dani: Doesn’t that scare you?
Maureen Trant: Yes.

South Dakota bales
Some things just don’t make sense. Like how two people can be experiencing the first-ever feelings of romantic love, yet fight like fools the next minute. I suppose that’s what happens when a big town nineteen year-old girl meets a head strong twenty year-old country boy.

Court Foster: You know you don’t have to come along.
Dani: Are you sure you can find your way, it’s an awful big town.
Court Foster: Are you always in the habit of going where you’re not wanted or is this a new thing with you?
Dani: Are you always this nice to people you just met or are you practicin’ up to be a horse’s butt?

South Dakota bales

First love is confusing. It’s hard. It’s simple. It’s passionate. It’s irritating. It’s heartbreaking. It’s complex. It hurts. But it’s beautiful.

South Dakota winrow

And if you’re tempted to forget that last part, perhaps it’s time for a trip down memory lane…

South Dakota field


52 thoughts on “Maybe life’s not supposed to make sense

  1. THAT post brought a smile to my 50 year-old face! The love of my life is on business travel this week, and my heart yearns for him just as much today as it did when I first knew I was “done for”. Loves changes over the years… it matures and grows deeper. Yes, my stomach still gets knots and my heart still pounds when I greet him after a week’s absence. It’s such a blessing to bond with someone who has that chemistry spark, that lasts for years and years… and not just an initial desire!

  2. I’ve never even heard of that movie… now I’m gonna have to add that to our list of movies to rent over the winter. Thanks for sharing pieces of it.
    What kind of grass are you baling? It looks so soft!

  3. I watched Man in the Moon a couple of weeks ago when I saw it was Reese Witherspoon’s first movie – I really like her! It is one of the only films that I’ve ever cried at! It’s awesome! Hardly anyone I know has seen it, I’m so happy I found your post! I hope my boyf and I will stand the test of time and be as happy as you and your hubby are – I have a feeling we will be ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I enjoyed reading your love story. It even as a funny humor that is irresistible. I felt those butterflies in my stomach when I was courting my wife. Those sweet, old days. makes our heart leap for joy. Thanks for sharing your sweet moments, made me reminisce some great times in the past. It reminds us too to value our life partners more than ever.

  5. Lovely post! I love the way you sprinkled quotes from the movie throughout your own story! My husband and I have only been married a short while too…can’t wait to grow old with him! (and I’m gonna make him watch that movie with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. This was so sweet. It’s amazing that you were able to marry your first love! This movie always makes me so sad when I watch it but it tugs on my heart in a good way, just like this post.

  7. Great post — great quotes. I love how you intertwined the (gulp) ending of that movie with the vulnerability of love. My heart just aches for Dani in that movie (why not for her older sister though?).

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