Of Thistles and Fields

Some people live
of bubbles and toasts

Some people live
of old dogs missing toes.

South Dakota pup
Some people sweat
for ladders to climb

Some people sing-song
to kitties yowling on high.

South Dakota kitty
Some people long
to own comfort at hand

Some people live
and breath deep the green land.

South Dakota garden corn
Some people go
seeking beauty to taste

Some people find it
from thorns sharp, piercing waist.

South Dakota weed
In the end a few see, only ash in hand remain
Age lines filled with dirt but no blood labor to claim

South Dakota weed

I raise my face to the sky
And I ask why I wander? Forever?

South Dakota field

Until then, thankful, always seeking.


17 thoughts on “Of Thistles and Fields

  1. Gorgeous pictures and beautiful thoughts. An oh that sweet, sweet pup. My dog Olive was born without a front paw–there’s plenty of love to go around, let me tell you! Hope you are staying cool in this heat!

  2. Lovely poem! The photos are so soothing. A big breath of fresh air.
    Please give your dog a big scratch behind the ears for me.

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