How does your garden grow?

Well hello there. Happy Friday to you!

As many of you can relate, it’s been a bit warm this week. And in the midst of that warmth, the garden grows and the sweat pours. Let’s have a looksie…

South Dakota garden
South Dakota garden
Yep, I may have my work cut out for me.

Thankfully, yesterday was a day of weather relief and weeds were pulled and lawns mowed.
I didn’t mow, but surely someone, somewhere mowed.

South Dakota corn
Not much surprises me these days, but I think I will always be amazed at how placing a few little seeds in fertile soil will, with a little patience, a bit of water and a lot of prayer, soon bear fruit and feed our stomachs.

There must be something to it because I married a man who makes a living off the crops of the land and cattle of the fields.

South Dakota garden

Growww garden! Channeling my inner-cheerleader? Not sure. Let's just accept that I'm a dork.

Have a great weekend! Any plans?


45 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. It seems like everyone I know has been starting a garden lately. Perhaps I should join the fun one of these years! I’m not sure how green my thumb is. Only one way to find out!!

  2. Great garden photos. I’ve had a lot of trouble with chipmunks stealing my tomatoes this year. How do you keep the animals out of your gardens? Any suggestions:)

    • Well… you know, I don’t think you’d consider Country Man’s remedy. But I know sometimes animals won’t cross a certain type of veggie, like pumpkins, which are used for deer. I’d check with your veggie supplier and see what they say. But a photo of a chipmunk stealing a tomato would be priceless! 🙂

  3. SD must have great soil. What we have is not even considered dirt in TX, it’s limestone and weeds and dead grass. My pomegrante tree is staying alive in a pot on the patio, I water every other day, tho I don’t think it will have fruit this year.

    You have quite the garden growing!

    • Yeah, it is good soil. Our state is divided by east and west of the Missouri river, and we live on the east side, where farming is more common because soil is better. West river struggles with red clay dirt so gardening is more of a challenge for them.

      Very cool your pomegranate is growing! Do you have the pink flowers on them?

  4. I wish I had a garden, but there are some people who have the skills for a garden, and then there’s me. I was meant for apartment living. Enjoy your garden!

  5. Wierd weather here in Wales one minute it rains the next it’s soooo hot but still the grass isn’t doing too much but sheep ok Donkeys ecstatic hens and ducks don’t seem to give a damn cats and dogs still squabbling and dying to see the black tomatoes I planted earlier!

  6. We’ve had the crazy heat in Manitoba too. We went from rain and flooding-and some of our farmers are still dealing with floods-to hot dry conditions, to the point of needing rain to save crops. Thankfully, the last few days has brought some cooling temps and finally the rain!

    The only reason my garden has survived, and started producing is because of my Kid and the sprinkler. She plays in it, while it waters the garden. Still, we’ve more than a couple female pumpkin and zucchini blossoms drop off because the heat was just too high for them to set. 😦 I’m just hoping for the weather to even out now, back to normal , would be nice.

    Your garden looks great!

  7. Your garden looks incredible! It puts my little urban backyard plot to shame. I’m expanding every year though, and attempting to learn how to use the space I’ve got the most I can. Tonight we are having pizza with garlic and chives from my garden and dough from my sourdough starter- as well as the cheese and pepperoni and sausage and mushrooms and olives which are not from my garden at all. The tomato sauce may be next week, though!

  8. Love the cheerleader pose! I am getting so psyched b/c our corn (some of it anyway) is finally getting the wheat stalky things up top.. surely that is a good sign! RIGHT?! Wooohooo!

  9. Love your writing, like a breath of fresh air:) And I agree with the others that the garden looks great and the soil looks perfect!
    Missouri has icky dirt, I grew up in Wisconsin and we had nice dirt for the garden.

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