A night on the town

Cattle bathing

South Dakota hippos finding refreshment

Nothing says hot summer days like spotting a bunch of overheated cattle wading in the water.

It must have been pool day with the kids.

South Dakota cattle
Besides swimming, another dog day event is the rodeo. More specifically bullriding, if you’re anything like me. And if you’re really like me, you spend these too-hot-to-eat days spooning out Nutella straight from the jar because that’s all you have the energy to do. But that’s another event, where I am the champion, my friends. Another story, another day.

At the Rodeo
We enjoyed $5 dollar pork loin sandwiches and $2 Cokes, while little ones ran wild and teenage girls donned cowgirl boots and hats, young cowboy groupies.

Bullriders walked tall, regardless of how they performed minutes earlier. One was bucked off quickly, and kneeling against the gate in front of us, he prayed.

And while he prayed, my momma friend watched her little man, perhaps her future cowboy, watching it all.

Little man


20 thoughts on “A night on the town

  1. What a wonderful set of photos (little boy in his jeans is precious). I have never been to a rodeo, and SO want to go; I especially want to go to some of the gymkhanas they have in the town near us. Recommend? Not recommend?

    AND I needs to get me some cowboy boots. Despite growing up next to cattle from my grandfather’s dairy farm (in PA), I don’t know a darn thing about horses, rodeos and such. Now that I’ve been in AZ for 13 years (and in rural AZ for 4 years), I have NO excuses. I want to learn!

  2. How neat to have an outdoor rodeo! We have a rodeo come to our area in April, but they perform in the Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama. Your photos are great!

  3. Could he be any cuter in his little Levis?? Proof that cowboys are made, one day at a time. I’ve never attended a rodeo, though my Texan momma has told me much about them. Glad you had fun.

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