A Confession: I Heart Tobi … big time.

If there is one thing you’ve learned about me over the past year of blogging, it’s that I love my animals. The dogs, the bulls, the raccoons (or not) and usually the farm kitties.

And I really like my homestead partner-in-crime, Tobi.

My dog Tobi

The first time I saw one of these squeaky little doggies, I knew I had to have one. A few months later during my college days, Country Man came for a visit, and guess who accompanied him in his four-door Chevy pickup?

Tobi the Totally Talented Terrier.

Tobi puppy
I was a bit smitten.

Tobi puppy
Or a lot smitten, maybe.

Tobi puppy

Um... who are you, lady?

That first night, we stuffed all two pounds of her into my winter jacket (it’s cold up in the northern part, eh) and headed for Wally World, where collars and blankets and little itty bitty sweaters and food and treats filled our cart.

South Dakota pup

Dignity, where for art thou?

I was like a little girl with her beloved Barbies. Well, I take that back. If that were true, I’d have been reported to animal services when her head popped off.

No, I couldn’t pop Tobi’s head off…

South Dakota pup
Instead, I would make sure she was snug as a bug and safe as a birthday cake wherever we went. And safe she was, keeping me company during my last year of formal education.

I remember her waking me up at 5:30 one morning, most mornings, and I let her outside to do her business. She saw a pair of go-getters getting their walk on, and decided to join them. So me in my shorts and t-shirt, bed head and sleepy eyes chased her down the block barefoot and scooped her back up, thanking the walkers for stopping her.

We had a talk on the way back to the house…

Tobi and her bear

She's a good listener...

She never ran like that again, thankfully, but that didn’t stop her from executing her puppyness in other ways. Like the time I took a shower and had her wait in the bathroom, only to come out and see a cloud of chewed up toilet paper covering the floor, half a new roll demolished in 15 minutes…

…or the time she met Country Man’s dog and he showed her quick just how unimpressed he was with her and her unending supply of energy. I’m not sure if dogs get hurt feelings, but she sure acted so.

South Dakota pup

But that was over four years ago, and now my furry farm companion is going on five.

So happy birthday to one cool cat…

South Dakota pup
Don’t go a changing.

So now I’m wondering… are you head over heals for your animal friends?


60 thoughts on “A Confession: I Heart Tobi … big time.

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That doggie is the cutest bundle of fur:)
    Of course I laughed MY head off when you talked about treating him like a Barbie doll, but not with the head popped off. (that brought back memories…haha)
    I know you read my blog, so you know my family and I love our 3 dogs, 4 cats, and 1 horse!!! (Sorry, not as crazy about the raccoon that found refuge under our deck, and caused our outside dogs to have coronaries.)

    Happy Birthday, Tobi
    You little piece of fluff
    Your masters love you
    They can’t get enough.

    You bring them happiness
    and so much joy
    Happy Birthday to you
    Their little terrier toy.

    (Can you hear me singing all the way from Ohio?)

  2. Happy Birthday, Tobi. I hope your mom takes to McDonalds for some french fries.

    To mom: You’ve got a beautiful dog, there. Enjoy each moment. Bark together as often as you can. 😉

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  3. Tobi is adorable – love the baby pics! Yes we’re all head-over-heels with our Daisy; she’ll always be a puppy to us. And I think she likes that we still treat her with baby-soft care. 🙂

  4. Tobi is a cutie patootie… and yes, I love my “quad squad”. We have two of our own, Bear and Zoe, and two fosters, Niko and Tori. It’s mayhem at our house every day. Add a baby doe to that and we’ve got long-legged leaping, barking and skidding to a stop. Ya gotta love those furry, hairy critters!!

  5. Awww, Tobi is adorable! I would love to have a dog like her one day 🙂 apart from an all-too-shortly-lived hamster, I’ve never been able to have a pet, and it breaks my heart. When I have my own house, I intend to fill it with animals, and they will all be dearly loved!

  6. I am head over heels in love with Lotte my adorable Tibetan Spaniel. She weighs 4.3 kgs so I guess may be just a little bigger than your Tobi but hey, she just had her 5th birthday so maybe they could celebrate together!
    I have had her for four years and she goes everywhere with me. My constant companion. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a cute puppy. Happy birthday Tobi. I also have a Toby but he is a yellow lab that is almost 11 years old. I love him like he is one of my children. Matter of fact, the girls tell him to go to Momma and he comes right to me. He has always been my dog, and loves me unconditionally, he is very protective of me. Think I will go outside and give him some love right now.

  8. Oh, I couldn’t pass this one by. She’s scrumptious! Of course you were a goner! Happy birthday, Tobi!

    My pup Olive is my sweetness. She’s 14 now and I found her (or rather, we found each other) in a shelter when she was barely 3 mos old. She was missing a paw and not a day goes by that she doesn’t savor. She doesn’t go up mountains anymore but she has every bit of that puppy love. I treasure her and thank my stars she found me.

  9. I have a Yorkie friend. He is my best friend. When I first brought him home (when I still lived with my parents) my dad called him a “froo froo” dog. When I went off to college I had to leave my Turbo with my parents because they did not allow pets on campus. Now, my dad doesn’t want me to take Turbo! He’s attached. These little guys really do tug on your heart strings. My yorkie is also 5 years old. 🙂 Turned 5 in February.

  10. This post just sealed the deal for our next pooch! We have an Englis Lab and said the kids gould get another dog. My daughter, being the oldest and caregiver was thinking about a Yorkie or Chihuahua. She opted for the Chihuahua and while we adore the little beast, there is just something about Yorkies that are irresistible!

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  12. Adore yorkies! What a cute dog! I grew up with Yorkies — Reggie & Charlie — and I miss them. They were so scruffy and loveable. We have two rescue kitties now, but someday I would love to find yorkies for my girls to love.

  13. I only came to peek because you visited me… I find your writing and photography are inspiring and now, well, I’m hooked! Signing up for the continued adventures! ~ Lynda

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