When you think you’re alone…

When you think you’re alone
And no one can witness

You might eat with your mouth wide open…

South Dakota buck eating an apple

… and chew it loud and unashamed.

South Dakota buck and apple

Or make ugly faces that no one else has seen (and hope to God they never do) …

South Dakota buck
Perhaps you’ll pick your nose with reckless abandon?

South Dakota buck

When you think you’re alone

You might sit a little longer in that field of wheat grass…

South Dakota buck

Think a little deeper on that forever heavenly horizon…

South Dakota buck
Battle and eventually come to terms with the fact that not everything in life is black and white.

South Dakota buck
Most things in life aren’t, really.

South Dakota buck

When you think you’re alone

You might let your heart cry on that one loss, that one hurt.
Those things which have exposed our vulnerabilities and most secretive insecurities.

South Dakota buck

And cast it out high into the sky.

South Dakota buck

Then begin again.

South Dakota buck


60 thoughts on “When you think you’re alone…

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  2. We have deer everywhere around here. On the way home tonight 3 decided to jump in the path of our van. My son hit the brakes and they all ran off.
    How did you get so close to that deer?
    Love your post, as usual:)

  3. What trail cam is that? We have thought about getting one (a couple) this year and it looks like that one does a good job. You never know how well they’ll perform. I will have to show my husband this post, you have some nice deer out that way. Some great character too, bet your husband is looking forward to this season. I need to use up the deer meat from last year, thought I would have by now, but it takes a long time for 1 person to eat 3 deer I guess.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. this was really cool! visually awesome, with great emotion. so… how’d you get that deer to stand there and pose for you? but seriously, it looks like you had to get really close to the deer. maybe they just trust you.

  5. Both beautiful and inspiring to me. I should start writing poetry again. Love it.
    …and how did you get that close to the deer? ….web cam? Need details when you get a chance.

  6. We’re raising a doe fawn right now. We get such a kick out of her… she LOVES her food! We joke when we’re feeding her an apple, cucumber or tomato snack that we’re “feeding the football” because her belly takes on a huge oval shape! She’s rather flatulent at times and a giant burp is common too. Love the post and pics! I think we can all have a good laugh at ourselves… the things society would find flabbergasting about us, if only they knew!! We should be more like the animals, throwing caution to the wind and just enjoy the moment!!

  7. This is lovely – when are you going to write a book because I am sure you would have a good story and perhaps even a best seller!

  8. Wow! This is absolutely stunning. The photos and the words…heart stopping. : )
    I wanted to let you know that I have posted you in my blog as a part of the Seven Links Challenge. It is really an interesting journey through your blog and quite the walk down memory lane. Good luck and enjoy! I look forward to reading all about your links. : )

  9. Amazing. I am in awe. And I though SD was, well, not that memorable. I will view it differently after this post than I did when I was 12yrs and driving cross country in a 1970 buick skylark with my parents!

    Thanks for the mental makeover!

  10. beautiful…words, pictures… as a mostly city man (who has lived in the country) you bring back memories. Oh…and I like this line from another one of your posts “…And each time I get mad because I don’t like being bossed and he shouldn’t boss a woman with a gun anyway. He never seems worried, for some reason…” continue…

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