Dip my toes in the sand…er, dirt.

Yesterday was a really exciting day! So much fun! Does my excessive !! make you excited, too?!!

Ok, you got me. It was a regular day on the farm, with our never-ending DIY projects. It’s days like this where I realize a girl gets what she asked for. I wanted a hard-working guy who could fix things… I just failed to mention in my prayers what I’d be doing while he was busy.

In all truth, yesterday really was a rockin’ good time.

Pile of rocks

I was the official rock picker

While Country Man tilled and leveled out dirt, I picked rock. At one time his grandfather used this area near the garden for a burn pit and rock pile, his vision for the farm much more practical then. Thanks to Grandpa’s hard work years ago, we are able to focus more of our attention on the cosmetic work.

Giant rock

This one was tough to mow around... ain't she a beaut?

The whole project goal is to clear out the area where the apples trees once produced and the garden shed sat.

Country Man is building a custom-made kennel for his dog to sleep at night. Husband doesn’t talk much about those pesky feelings, especially toward his dog (me, I dedicate posts to them!), but I think his actions speak louder than anything. This is one nice kennel. I’ll show you when it’s done.

So, I picked rocks.

I did take breaks now and then to pick apples,

South Dakota apples

look at farm dog with envy,

South Dakota dog

Don't work too hard, old girl.

play with a biting farm kitty,


South Dakota kitty

No, seriously, ouch.

South Dakota kitty

Why kitty, why?!

South Dakota kitty

Aw, I forgive ya. Again.

Just another day on the farm.

Country Man tilling

Tilling up the dirt

Country Man leveling

Leveling the dirt out

South Dakota toes

Dirt dirt dirt. Might as well dig my toes in and enjoy the day!


37 thoughts on “Dip my toes in the sand…er, dirt.

  1. You take the most beautiful pictures! It’s like going on a little mini vacation in my mind. You are going to teach this Jersey girl what a real farm is (I have actually been to SD; some family lives/lived in Northville, about 30 minutes from Aberdeen)!

  2. We have been picking rocks on this farm since we moved here in 1984! I have enough to make a dry creek bed and am going to work on it this fall when it cools off.
    So nice of your hubby to build such a nice kennel for his friend. Our dogs use our patio or the shed!
    Have a good week digging your toes in the dirt.

  3. I have a friend who loves rocks. Whenever we go on a trip, I find her a rock (hey, she’s easy to shop for, right?!)

    And I love the photos of your farm kitty! Is “farm kitty” her name?

    • Nope, they don’t sleep inside (except those really cold nights, and then they come in). Of course the little ones do. But they don’t shed, and I dislike very much a hairy house. It’s just a personal preference, I guess.

      I have a soft spot for black labs as well – they make for great family dogs!

  4. Uggh. Rocks. We’ve spent a lot of time digging them up, moving them from place A to place B. But afterward it feels and looks so achingly good. Your kitty is adorable. I have a real *thing* for gray cats. Hope your hand has healed nicely. 😉

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