A Thief Among Us

We’ve got a thief among us here on the farm…

Oh, I’ve seen him. I’ve heard him. He laughs at me from the trees when I am out to harvest.

South Dakota garden
He’s flown over my head as I sat under a tree, west of the garden, a pile of chewed up sweet corn beneath it.

South Dakota corn
I looked to my animals, Who has done such a thing!

South Dakota kitty

South Dakota animals

Looks like this is my discovery, and mine alone.

The evidence is compelling, undeniable.

I know who it is (he flew over my head, after all), but how to catch him and squeeze him and make him all mine is the real question!

South Dakota trunk
South Dakota corn
South dakota apple

What to do about this bushy tailed thief?

Any squirrel whisperers out there? Specifically of fat ones that squeal at me safely from the trees?

If he doesn’t mix in some cardio with all this food, he’s going to have some fierce competition.

South Dakota kitty

Mmm, corn fed squirrel is most delicious!

If I do capture and domesticate this little robin hood, then you know farm life has officially driven me nuts.

It may be a long winter.


44 thoughts on “A Thief Among Us

  1. Hahaha!! Oh, I so know what you mean about these wildlife thieves! We caught a chipmunk raiding our raised tomato plants, even though we put protective chicken wire around them – the little rascal just used the wire like a ladder and stole our first tomatoes! And last year a squirrel had figured out that he could climb up a huge tree, creep out onto a thin branch, and jump right into the protected veggies. Arg! They’re clever little guys… 🙂

  2. I will never forget the day I caught a squirrel stretched out on his belly, snoozing on the top bar of an old wooden swingset in our yard, all 4 limbs hanging over the edge. They’re nervy, they are! Good luck, and please put him in little hats when you capture him.

  3. I have a pair of squirrels that were so determined, they hung upside down to feed from our birdfeeder. My husband finally put hot sauce in the feed, doesn’t bother the birds, but keeps the squirrels from the feeder. I realize this is not practical for you with your rows of corn…just a little antidote of our experience out here on EvansRidge…besides, with the leftover corn we feed our three-footed mama and her twins…there is plenty of leftover morsels for the squirrels to share with the doves!

  4. The pictures of your cat are so freaking funny~ I work at a store called The Bird House. We not only study Birds but we dabble in Squirrelly stuff too. The rule of thumb among squirrel and bird obsessed people is to feed them away from what every you want left alone. Set up their very on feeder and keep it full. I have been assured this will work.

  5. Great photos & good you figured out the offender… however, I admit I love watching squirrels jumping like acrobats from tree to tree in our backyard! Of course I don’t have corn growing in my garden so they aren’t as much of a problem, but I do get aggravated when they empty our bird feeders!

  6. Love your blog! It’s fun having insight into your country lifestyle, though it makes me want to escape this big city for a few days! Your cat is adorable too.

  7. You’re such a good sport about the damn squirrels … i used to get so mad at critters stealing my harvest, I’d literally try to mount a stakeout and catch them, like a bad episode of Law & Order. But I never really could … squirrels are the worst! I’ve totally abandoned my bird feeders because they always find a way to rob them & eat $20 of premium birdseed in an afternoon, the little pigs! A German landlord I once had back in Denver used to put silver foil skirted collars on all his trees — which were super ugly, but the squirrels couldn’t get over them. Now that’s anti-squirrel mania!

  8. I woke the other morning to find that Something had been trying to dig under my pasture fence and get IN. I was panicked that perhaps loose dogs were trying to harass my horses or worse! Silly me! The next night, my husband caught the perpetrator red-handed (or is that red-pawed?). It was an armadillo digging up and eating the fire ant nests on the fence line! I felt like such a goose!

    A squirrel I can handle. (Need to borrow a dog?) A horse eating armadillo? Not so much!

  9. hahah, I must say I’ve not encounted that type of thief…yet! We’ve been violated by deer, ground hogs and rabbits. I always consider myself an animal lover until my garden gets raped and then I mentally think of all of the ways I can harm the offenders!

  10. Don’t get me started on squirrels! Your cheerfully “threatening” pose is far kinder than I tend to be when they get going. I’m thinking more along the lines of the Britons who are encouraging locals to incorporate the invasive grey squirrels into their cookery so as to give the native red squirrels a fighting chance. And of course the Cajuns have long had plenty of good stew recipes to share with their southern compatriots. A nice little fur collar could be good, too . . . .
    Meanwhile, I do enjoy your blog, and am glad that the lovely Cecilia steered me to it. Thanks for your inventive and artful work!

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