Stay September, Stay

South Dakota fog

Country Man called as he drove to work, detailing the beautiful morning he was witnessing.

I sat my coffee down and headed outdoors, planting my derriere on the dew-spotted seat of the four-wheeler. These cool morning fogs do not last long, and I needed to make my way toward the small rolling hills quick, over the pasture and through the fields of beans and corn.

South Dakota field

South Dakota morning

It was only me for miles to see, and I don’t think I could have been one ounce happier.

September is a treasured season of history.

South Dakota morning
September is the month when we began dating, after that football game that I didn’t pay attention to, will I ever? Nor did I pay attention to those old Levi’s, the “good jeans”, or the tattered t-shirt that was a friend to his back.

How did a once superficial girl not notice this “What Not To Wear” blasphemer?

September is the month when we spend countless hours sitting in his pickup, watching the deer and sharing our one good spotting scope; old dog in that back where he likes it best.

South Dakota pickup
South Dakota buck
September is the month when I see his face less, hear his buck encounters later in the evening.

September is the month when I go through the steps to site in my rifle; how to shoot that longbow. And each time I get mad because I don’t like being bossed and he shouldn’t boss a woman with a gun anyway. He never seems worried, for some reason…

South Dakota fog
September is the month where, for a little while, South Dakota seems to be her nicest…
before The Winter comes to test our faithfulness.

South Dakota fog
September is the month when the season turns to gold, and I fall in love all over again.

A deliberate love that floods the heart, it almost hurts…

South Dakota morning

…and carries me through the wild season of icy solitaire to come.


78 thoughts on “Stay September, Stay

  1. Oh.

    How can I feel so much melancholy for a place I’ve never been?

    I see these pictures, and it’s as if I’ve lived there, and been a part of their magic myself.

    Thank you for this. I’d rather experience this wistfulness than not even understand what I’m missing.

  2. Your posts, and this one in particular, always make me reminiscent of my childhood in South Dakota. This is my favorite time of year too. Thank you for letting me go home, if only for a minute from behind a computer screen.

  3. I felt such deja vu on two fronts…the total lack of concern over Countryman’s clothers when you were dating and the bond between your heart and the change of seasons…put me back in the northern Joaquin Valley, after rice harvest and before hunting season…thank you for capturing the fog and the prevailing mood.

  4. You are so blessed to wake up seeing that amazing landscape! Such beautiful photos and such a wonderful story, it transports you right there. Love autumn mornings with fog and dim lights, dew and chilly temperatures. Lovely!

  5. Fall is my most favourite season, and winter soon follows. Maybe because i’m a winter baby at heart.. or I just love snowboarding that much? I just love the chilled air at the start, and the early smells of winter.

  6. So beautiful—the photos, the sentiments, everything.

    I remember when we lived in IN across from corn fields that was my view every morning and how quickly I grew to be hyper-aware of the state of those fields (harvested, almost-harvested, planted, newly-growing, etc) and how sometimes it would take my breath away during the days home with my girls, feeling that sense of space, wide-openness. It left me awed, it still does.

    • I know just what you mean; sounded like a lovely place to raise your family. We are in the almost-harvested phase. Getting the machines ready for action! When the fields are buzzing with activity, it’s right there with the home football games on creating a great autumn atmosphere.

      Thank you for stopping in, Erika! Congrats on the book 🙂

  7. Your post gives me such a warm feeling – to be so in tune with the land and the changing of the seasons, aside from putting on a heavier coat, which I miss living in the city. Just looking at the photos of those wide open spaces and horizon as far as the eye can see makes me want to visit right now.

  8. You seem to be very at peace, and from your photos I can see why. What stunning scenery. That deer is just gorgeous!

    “And each time I get mad because I don’t like being bossed and he shouldn’t boss a woman with a gun anyway.” – that made me laugh!

  9. I’m back from my trip home to say my final goodbye to my uncle, sigh…. So, I am just now reading your blog post. I’m in a contemplative mood. Your pictures and life story always make me feel better.
    You really have a gift. ( I don’t know if you realize it…do you?)
    Your heart shines through your beautiful pictures and commentary:)
    I feel better already.

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