Hello carbs, it’s been a while.

As I sit here eating a second piece of spaghetti bread for breakfast (which is superb with the strong coffee good Country Man made), I am realizing it’s that time of year again: Tis the season for carbs!

Oh how I love thee, carbohydrates. I love ye in bread form, I love ye in sugar form. I love ye just as you are.

This 40 degree weather also means the dogs have been inside a lot more, too. And they’re driving me crazy. Bowie has the most high-pitched bark I’ve ever heard, and she starts brawls with everybody, which leads to that ridiculous high-pitched barking again. Anyone need a new dog?

Haha, kidding.


South Dakota pup

Don't be fooled by the face... my ears are bleeding from her yips

The sudden change in temperature felt like the ripping off of a band-aid; one day I remember skipping about outside and the next digging deep for those winter sweats and heavy duty socks.

South Dakota gal

With the inevitable change in season upon us, I’m wondering… what are you going to do to prepare for the alluring ways of food in winter? Jillian Michaels? Running from mountain lions? I have about the same level of fear to both…


71 thoughts on “Hello carbs, it’s been a while.

  1. As I harvest the very last of my summer garden, right down to the pole beans, carrots and onions, I am all about making soups to freeze for the winter. I’m thinking that is pretty smart but I’m also bracing myself for change because I refuse to let myself hibernate yet another winter. I’m thinking its Wii time again so instead of eating and lazing (is that a word), I’ve decided to go down to the basement and use that Wii Fit that I put out of my mind for way too long. I have to fight the “call of the beguiled” because I’m sick and tired of falling into the same trap every winter. My focus will be on soups and exercise.

    • The soups sound wonderful. We do quite a bit of chili that my husband takes on hunting trips with him. I’d be interested to know what soups you make! And iI hear you about the winter trap. I didn’t do that great last year, and need to make better decisions this go around. So far, I’ve been avoiding the potatoes, which I think were my biggest downfall last fall/winter. Good to see you, Char!

  2. I’ll take your dog off your hands for a bit if you want! πŸ˜€ So cute!

    Yesterday it was close to 80 here. My son wore shorts at the bus stop. This morning the high will be 50 and it was around 40. My son wore shorts at the bus stop.

    I love everything about fall but for some reason, it seemed to come at lightning speed this year. I am not ready! To get through the carb season, I will eat and eat and eat. And get on the dreadmill more to even things out a little. I have already baked an apple pie yesterday and it was heaven with a bit of whipped cream. So I am in serious trouble. πŸ™‚

  3. Bringing in the last of my chamomile, digging beets, potatoes and carrots, and slicing up zucchini to go into the dehydrator. Soon I’ll pull the collected raspberries out of the freezer and make jam. The tomatoes are snuggled in their enclosure, so I won’t have to start canning for another few weeks, but I’m looking forward to it. I just love looking at the rows of shiny jars, all ready to be tucked away for the winter!

    • Mmmmm… sounds good! I am doing the same, minus the chamomile (will have to look that one up). Peppers are cut up and put in the freezer. Soon it will be time to dig up those sweet potatoes to store downstairs, where the onions and potatoes wait. I too love looking at the all the stored up veggies; it’s such a good feeling. Thank you for stopping in!

  4. I will be hibernating in my baggy clothing. Come spring, I’m sure the livestock will begin to escape in search of green grass at which point I will be forced to regain my buff physique in order to corral them.

    This is my first time to meet Bowie. Precious.

  5. I told my husband that I need a treadmill or an exercise bike for our anniversary. Not a very romantic gift, but it could help keep the romance alive. πŸ˜‰ I love carbs too. I don’t think I could live without them, and Jillian, she should be feared.

    • It’s more romantic if you asked for it, maybe not if he just gave it to you out of the blue. That would be a romance killer πŸ™‚ I’m thinking of getting an elliptical this year, but then I ask myself… will I really use it? How many people do I know with some machine in their basement that now serves as a laundry hanger. I am pretty sure that would be me eventually. I think I will just have to keep bundling up and walking outside as llong as my lungs can take it.

      Good to see ya Fringegirl!

  6. I too am a carb fanatic; bread, oh heavenly warm, fresh from the oven, bread!
    The way I figure it…barn cleaning, leaf raking, long walks in the breathtakingly beautiful fall world…will take care of my love of all things carb…


  7. What is spaghetti bread? Sounds good. We love all things bread in this house.
    Chores, snow shoeing, walking, bareback horse riding and shoveling snow all helps me some with my carb indulgences here.
    Super cute shot of you in your snow suit!
    Broke out my flannel shirts and Smartwool socks two days ago…I LOVE fall and winter!

  8. I’m on day 5 of Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown. Mine is more for baby belly than carbs though. However, you do make a good point as I start pulling out more and more comfort food recipes. Hmmm. Apparently she’s doing double duty this year πŸ™‚

  9. Parts of our area are headed for the 40’s tonight. Carbs out in full force (not that they ever were far away…). Bring. Them. On. I’m at that point in my life where I will gladly sacrifice a few extra pounds for the pleasure. Besides, in a couple of months I’ll be taking the snow blower around the block on a semi-regular basis. Burn at least some of those calories off then…

    • haha, yes, I cannot say I’ve avoided carbs much either. I like you’re attitude regarding carbs, though. However, I really do need to find a way to stay in shape or else it makes those cold winter months a little longer. Hopefully warmer temps are on their way for you. I think tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60’s!

  10. Yuck, don’t want to think of cold weather. It has been in the 50’s here today with rain so it is pretty cool.
    We are having homemade beef barley soup and fresh bread for supper tonight and I can’t wait until the hubby gets home, my mouth is watering already.
    As for preparing for winter and the extra layer of warmth (well, that is what I call it!), I guess I will be chasing my grandchildren around the house and maybe get some walking in if it isn’t too bad.

  11. Well here in Australia we’re preparing for Spring, and a beautiful weekend ahead of us at 25 degrees (not sure what the conversion is for you on that!). As for carbs, well, I’m looking forward to my wedding being over in three weeks so I can indulge again without feeling so guilty! This was the first winter I can remember where I haven’t put on weight. xx

    • Nice! I find that very encouraging (just like your blog:) ) Also, I looked up the conversion chart. Australia goes by Celsius, US goes by Fahrenheit. So your 25 degrees is 77 degrees here. Must be a beautiful day you are enjoying! Our 40 degrees here is equivalent to a 5 degree day for you. Good to see ya!

  12. We have finally dropped to the 70s here in Georgia with our overnight lows being in the 50s. First, I’m finding it blessed relief from the triple digit temps we had up until Labor Day. It won’t be cold here until after Thanksgiving, which means I better get my cool crops planted this weekend! Lettuce, spinach and broccoli, oh my!

    To combat carb season, I am going to start riding my horses again. I hadn’t been, because triple digits is just punishment for all of us. And my poor ponies don’t need to be punished for something they didn’t do!

    If that’s not enough, I’ll take a Zumba class or two a couple times a week. Or shake it here in the privacy of my own home. And come November, I’ll let Tony Horton thrash on me with P90X, but not until then. Need to work my cardio fitness back up to a decent level first!

  13. I love spaghetti bread. There’s a reason little terriers bark so loud. It was so, since they were originally bred to go after rodents, you could hear them if they managed to get their head or body stuck in a hole. (I’m full of useless information) πŸ™‚

  14. You were such a sweet kid.. I can eat carbs as long as I have baked them myself, this is why i bake my own bread and i also make a bread with cheese and onion, I shall call it spaghetti bread from now on! It is really tasty.. c

  15. Hahahahahaha! We have a Fox Terrier. I know about the barking. The dog has the keenest of hearing—if there is the smallest of sounds inside or out he hears them and sends out the distress call. Aggghhh!
    I lit my first cinnamon spice candle today–in honor of the chilly temps. My son baked chocolate chip cookies this evening. Warm and gooey.
    Yum, for Fall.

  16. I lived all my life in Southern California and until we moved to N. AL. I had never experienced seasons. There it was always, seemingly, summer. Actual cold weather (we have learned that temps in the 50s are not cold) has taken some getting used to. However, my dog Buddy who is a mix of lab and Border Collie… LOVES IT! Finally, a climate that makes his wooly coat worth having! ~ Lynda

    • Oh yes, some dogs were made for this cooler weather! As our farm dog gets older, she’s having a harder time adjusting to the climate changes. I am seeing a winter of vacuuming dog hair up in the entry way! 50’s with the sun is about perfect here. Living on the prairie in South Dakota, however, means strong winds and no tree protection, which I had growing up in the Black Hills. It can make for some very cold days. Hope you have a great fall day! Buddy will, no doubt πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping in!

  17. Ha! I’m totally a sucker for Bowie’s face! My goodness that is one cute pup. Also, it’s funny that I’m reading this today. I was literally multi-tasking this morning between making apple pie crust (it’s the perfect fall day for making apple pie) and pilates! Now we’re gonna take Uncle Jesse (my dog) for a hike and to pick the apples! That should justify eating half a pie later…right? I mean, it’s really like fruit salad. …Yeah. I’m going with that.

  18. I love carbs! They are my downfall. I could seriously eat an entire loaf of warm bread anyday over chocolate. Pasta, bread, scones, muffins, oh my I better start exercising!

  19. I too am a lover of carbs! I thought I had it bad going from Summer to Fall in a matter of about 2 weeks but your situation and weather sound worse! I did bring winter coats, socks and boots though. Bonne Chance!

  20. What in the world is spaghetti bread!? I think you should do a blog post about that!

    Oh, I eat carbs too. And lots of things with pumpkin. Then I panic about everything I have to do outside before winter sets in.

    I also secretly get excited about raking leaves. My husband doesn’t know that part. lol

  21. Aww! Look at that face. You might need to invest in an ear plug company to get through the winter!

    I love that snow suit. It’s inevitable that as soon as you get completely stuffed and zipped in there, you have to go to the bathroom.

    When the weather turns colder I love to make soups. They warm me up on the coldest of days.

  22. I think I eat more bread carbs in the summer with grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, but once it gets cold, I start in on the hot chocolate. I had two cups this weekend. Do you have Wawa’s where you are? Delicious hot chocolate!

  23. i don’t know what I’m going to do. My half marathon will be over in October. that’s a bad combination. no running and lots of food. 😦 I’m going to try to keep exercising, but can’t say i will be able show as much discipline in the area of food. it’s just too good! Good luck to you πŸ™‚

  24. I have no idea what spaghetti bread is but I’m 99.999999% sure I’d like it.

    Weather has been cooler here too, though today was sunshiney & bee-u-tiful! As soon as the sun starts to go down though – watch out! Time for the fleece.

  25. It must be great fun to have a real winter πŸ™‚ my winter usually extends to some depressing rain in January and a lot of my country men would give an arm to experience snow!! You made me picture cosy afternoons nursing a mug of hot chocolate in front of the Telly…or days reading behind a window pane as the rain splatters on the glass. Bliss!

  26. I’m with you. Carbs are my ultimate comfort food when the days get colder. I’m having baby #2 in a couple weeks and am trying to figure out how losing the baby weight is going to fit in with my carb-loving ways this winter. Not good. But so delicious!

  27. Haha I cant believe i’m just reading this after my enormous pasta crave I had yesterday (and the bread carve I had the day before), I quickly went home and made myself an enormous pasta bake with goats cheese and broccoli. Best part is that i’m having it for lunch today as well. Only ever crave pasta after a long summer with salads and other summer foods. Autumn is here and I’m stocking up for the long winter.

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