It’s cold here and a book share-away

We’ve had a few light freezes lately, but last night came hard. If my tomatoes were strong through the first frosty nights, they certainly succumbed this time. I eat about one tomato a day when the plants are full, and now I don’t know what I’ll do without them. I don’t like buying them from the grocery store. Not only are they less tasty and fresh, they’re crazy expensive.

Onward, share-away! If you fancy yourself a reader, I would love for you to participate in a share-away with me. It’s not really a give-away, because the whole purpose is to keep the book moving through book lover’s hands. The lovely Carrie Mumford started this opportunity on her blog, and I ended up the chosen one. The book is Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington.

Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington

Oh, my knitting project sneaked into the photo! How strange and unintentional...

Here is what author Beth Hoffman had to say:

Heartbreaking yet edged with promise, Alice Bliss explores the wounds of war, love, and family bonds while illuminating the strength of young girl’s spirit. A stunning debut.

This copy of Alice Bliss is a part of  Book Crossing, a site challenging people to read a book and release it to someone else or into the wild. I get a bit nostalgic when I hold well-travelled book, in awe of knowing someone’s hands touched this book, befriended a character and then closed it shut to gently send it off to meet someone new.

I am using this bloggity blog as a way to pass the book along, but you can also simply leave it on a bench with a note, share it with a friend, pass it along to a lonely looking salesclerk… anything to insure Alice Bliss is not collecting dust on a shelf.

So please comment and I will randomly draw a person and send Alice Bliss off to your hands! Will let ya know Monday.

PS. You don’t have to be a blogger to sign up. Just a reader!

PPS. On an unrelated note, have you noticed the vlogging sensation going around? Namely, two cool Maineiacs. Check them out  if you have time:

Darla of She’s a Maineiac

Christy of The Daily Dish

Happy Friday!


30 thoughts on “It’s cold here and a book share-away

  1. Since my husband bought me an iPad and all of my recent reads have been tap and scroll, I truly miss the feel of a well-loved paper novel in my hand. Not to say that I will forego my digital delights (way too convenient while traveling, eating at McD’s with the munchkin, etc.) but I do crave a book that I can cradle in my lap, in my favorite reading chair while drowning out the busy sounds of my home!

  2. Oh lovely, I am a great reader and a great traveller and I always take what i call a Leaver with me when i travel and I leave it in the ladies on the chair or on a table or the inside pocket of an airplane seat for someone to pick up and read. Though nowadays i hope they don’t call the bomb squad! your idea is great! c

    • What a lovely thing for you to do! I know that I would be thrilled if I came upon an untended book, and fall upon it like a ravening beast. Um, that sounds slightly more violent than intended, which it wouldn’t be… I am just pretty passionate about books.

  3. Sounds like a great book. Love the knitting in the shot, too! Thanks for the link. I loved watching Christy’s video and her house is awesome with all the chickens and the bird. But I am wondering where your vlog is though…hmm…I got all excited here thinking you were doing one? Or did I miss it?

  4. This is a wonderful idea – I love it! I’m not entering the drawing for this particular book, however, so if my name is somehow randomly drawn (which I doubt, since I never win anything!), please pass it on to the next in line.

    We usually donate whatever books we don’t keep to the local University Women’s book sale. They use the money from their annual book sales to give scholarships to women returning to college who need the financial help. With three avid readers in our family, we donate a LOT of books! 🙂

  5. Love to read! I am currently reading a “Friday freebie Nook” about prohibition and two farm girls that hop a train from Ohio to New York City! Just started but I like what I have read so far.
    I usually give any hard copy book to our local resale shop but love this idea. I have a couple of friends that are doing that with “The Help” right now and the list is long to read it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share along.

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  7. I was the recipient of just such a verbal gift one Friday afternoon. I always commute with a book and devour the words and lose myself in the tale, and I had read the last few words and sat beside a book while waiting for a train. I picked it up in the hopes of working out who obviously to me, accidentlly left it behind but there was a book marked note asked me to enjoy the read and pass it on. Since then it is a practise I have adopted. A joy shared is a joy doubled!! Love the knitting; what ae you knitting?

  8. I’ll have to check that book out! And by the way totally agree on the tomato thing! I love the homegrown ones we have at our place. So once winter comes I dont know what to do 😦 We freeze ours, but thats really only good in chilli, tomato soup, and to roast meat in. This cold weather will be the death of me along with my tomatoes!

  9. This is very cool! (And I’ve definitely jumped on the vlog bandwagon and think you should, too. If you vlog as well as you blog and photograph, we’d be in for a real treat. …No WordPressure*, of course ;))

    P.S. – Night freezes already?! 😦

    *my new word. I expect it to catch like wildfire.

  10. I love the idea behind the share-away! Can’t believe it’s already time for freezes! And I’m so envious of your tomato crop! Due to the Oklahoma drought, we got nothin’!! (I too refuse to buy tomatoes from the store – I’m spoiled to homegrown)

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  12. My tomatoes are having one last fling, but they really are tired looking. And I agree, it will be sad to have to buy store bought in another few weeks…

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