Walking This Same Road

This morning I picked popcorn.

I wore my gloves but realized I needed none because it was a perfectly beautiful morning to pick popcorn.

Picking popcorn in South Dakota
A perfect fall morning to be outside on the farm, with my animals who need no invitation.

South Dakota kitty

And it is the same last year, as it is today. The same rituals of picking and pulling and shucking and dirty hands and sun gleaming into my eyes as I reach for another apple.

South Dakota apples
And in this practice I find hope – hope of knowing that while everything around changes, and so much is out of our hands; empty hands that we look into and frantically search to fill with anything that will offer temporary distraction – that in this this fall garden, it is the same.

I can rely on a farm pup to follow me around, stay at my side… a farm Kitty to spur me out of thought when he leaps from hiding, making my heart race and lips smile.

South Dakota Kitty
And so it is, while I don’t know much about tomorrow…

South Dakota popcorn

…today, I will pick popcorn.


Congrats to share-away winner Julie of GoGuiltyPleasures, who was randomly selected to receive the next copy of Alice Bliss. I will email you shortly! Enjoy!


63 thoughts on “Walking This Same Road

  1. I love the picture of Kitty peeking through the corn stalks! And what a beautiful blue sky you’ve got – we’ve had gray skies and rain for a week and a half now! I’m ready for a beautiful sunny fall day!

  2. When you said you were going to go out and pick popcorn, little kiwi girl says .. what is she up to but you really did go outside to pick popcorn! so you take the dried corn off and POP it? Is it special corn?.. how wonderfully simple.. your garden was so full this year! c

  3. Wish I was feeling perky enough to pick. Alas.. my daughter gave us an anniversary gift to remember in the form of respiratory plague. I am sicker than I’ve been in ages. Thank you for making me think of something other than not being able to breathe – at least for the moment.


  4. What a lovely, deep sentiment! I love the rituals of a garden, and the sense that as long as we have sunshine, dirt, seeds, water and a strong back — we can make the same wondrous thing happen over & over again. We can grow something wonderful. THANKS for reminding me of the simple beauty of everyday life — as you do time & time again! (great photos, too!!)

  5. Hello there, Kitty! How cute, peeking out from the stalks.

    Love the bucket full of apples. Will you make apple pie or eat them as is?

    • Well, I am supposed to enter some pie contest this weekend. Although I know NOTHING about making a darn pie. Perhaps I will use the apples for that! Otherwise, we will eat them as is (and maybe with a little caramel 🙂 ).

      The apples in the bucket are for the deer. I picked them up from the ground this morning. The ones hanging on in the trees will be stored in the crisper.

  6. Gardens, from the very beginning, have been a place that brings peace…..
    I love your pictures.
    Just a quick question because I’m curious… Now, that autumn has officially started, how long do you have an autumn in SD? Like when does it start to get beyond chilly to really cold? Just wondering….since I’ve never had the privilege of visiting SD….yet. 🙂

    • Oh, good questions… I tend to notice weather changes according to our fall events. Pheasant hunting starts in late October, and that’s when the real bite in the air is noticeable. The winds usually pick up more, and it if you’re going to be outside, you’ll need ear muffs and gloves and tissues. Deer rifle season begins late November around Thanksgiving, and that is when I start to layer up a lot. But it seems to vary each you. How about for you?

  7. Love the Kitty between the corn stalks 🙂 I love reading your blog (still) as it reminds me of my childhood on the farm. We would be picking corn, digging for potatoes, and hunting for pumpkins if we planted them. Are you going to make apple pie with those beauties?

  8. Love the thought of kitty jumping out and making your heart race. I know how you feel. Cooler weather and the end of the garden is always a sad time but also filled with hope as you plan next year’s bounty. Hope you are enjoying this weather and working outside as much as possible before the next season drives all indoors.

  9. That picture of the corn is breathtakingly beautiful! I get totally lost in your posts!

    Also, thanks for “randomly” selecting me. (Just admit it. You picked your favorite blogger. Everyone will understand.) 😉

  10. Hi! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. However, to accept this award from me, you have to do nothing. Period. I thought, though, that you might like to see what I am writing about your blog in my post tomorrow:

    Country Wife’s blog is about her life on a farm in South Dakota. She is another young woman who has a knack for photography in a highly photogenic state and since she also helps her husband with their working form, she has a lot to write about. Her posts fascinate me and never disappoint.

    Have a great day!


  11. Ahhhh! This is how I feel when I read your posts. Like a breath of fresh air just hit me. 😀 The kitty peeking through the corn was adorable. This is my favorite time of year. I baked an apple pie last week and the smell was heavenly!

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  13. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your photos are great! How incredible it must be to be able to truly live off the land and pick your own food, instead of simply make the trek once a year, like we do!

  14. Your post made me so homesick!

    I am currently away from the farm at college. Fall is the hardest time of year. I miss the apple picking (and apple pies), harvest, the smell of soybean dust in the air, the smell of fresh corn stalks, staying up late with my father in the tractor…….

    Thanks for sharing. It’s great seeing other people enjoying this lifestyle. I can’t wait to get back to it someday!

  15. I really enjoy your writing style, the great photos, and the way you make a “simple life” sound like pure bliss. Well done!

  16. I wish we lived closer! I wish we could be real friends, but the blogging world will have to do! I love your post! enjoy the popcorn 🙂

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