Light in the House

First thing when I wake in the morning, I open up all the shades to let the light pour in. Sometimes the light shines, sometimes it doesn’t. Today, it did.

South Dakota moth

It makes my heart happy to believe that while I do other things, the light is cleaning the home for me. I imagine all the creatures of the night scurrying at the hint of rays exposing their secret places. As they escape for cover, the light finds them too soon, and then *poof*… just like that, they’re gone. I can wipe my hands and call it a job well done.

South Dakota moth
Of course, I know it doesn’t work that way. If only it were that easy.

And with the dusty haze that sits long after semis and trucks carrying this year’s harvest pass by on gravel roads, there is more to clean than usual as it settles in homes.

Into my home most of all, or so it seems.

It’s time to clean this homestead myself. And it may take a while.

South Dakota moth

Thankfully the light shows me what it is that needs cleaning.


23 thoughts on “Light in the House

  1. Not sunny here today…..but, I like the light too. When hubby and I built our house we had large “picture” windows not only in the living room, but one in the kitchen too.

  2. I don’t even have curtains on any of my windows, and yesterday evening the low evening sun popped out for a mo just to show me how truly grubby those windows are. Must remedy that before it freezes! i have time i think! c

  3. This post and the comment’s left both remind me that it won’t be long and it will be time again to take the screens off, wash them, put them away and then wash windows before it begins to snow here. Oh how I wish all this rain we are getting here in NE Michigan WAS snow! I bet if it were cold enough we’d be 5′ deep by now and we’d actually get to play outside – dirty windows or no.
    Happy Cleaning!

  4. And that’s exactly why I keep all the curtains drawn!! Besides, how can I find time to clean when I’m so busy exploring the depths of denial? Anytime you care to join me – I might even let you bring your camera. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I just spotted Charlie Sheen.

  5. There is something about the autumn light, there is a pinkish-gold hue that bathes the buildings in the city at just the right angle to make them twinkle and sparkle. It’s so inviting and fills me with warmth.

  6. In Oregon, we had a huge, 3-story house. The south facing walls were filled with windows on all 3 levels. We didn’t bother with curtains, as we were on a mountain with only vineyards for neighbors. I really, really miss waking to the sun each morning and going to sleep under the moon.

  7. Beautiful light shining in your house. We have dust everywhere because of bean and corn harvest and no rain for almost two months. We live 1/4 mile from a gravel road and when the semis go down it hauling grain, we get a cloud of dust hovering over our front yard, but at least we have something to harvest when many in the US don’t this year and we are thankful for that.
    Have a great week.

  8. I love the light! That is really the only thing I dont like about fall and winter–there’s less of it! Though, when it does come in brightly on a cold day, it’s all the more special for its absence!

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