A Shift in Balance

Country Man is Wyoming hunting, and I have been on dog doody. Duty. Part of this responsibility includes taking his dog for a run through the alfalfa field while I ride four-wheeler.

Life is rough…


With Country Man gone, a faint shift has taken place. Something has tilted, creating a consistent force to go off balance. The way things were are not so anymore.

For example, since his departing, his dog has not eaten once in three days. He’s on strike. Or he recognizes the shift and food has lost its charm.

You see, each morning when Country Man and his dog head to work, old dog gets a seven mile ride in the back of the pickup, a favored routine. And then, upon arriving, an 85 year-old woman lets the dog into her home and feeds him cookies and crackers throughout the day while they watch Dr. Phil and Oprah reruns. He misses his friend. He misses the goodies. He misses the drama of daytime TV.

Compared to her, I’m a mean ol’ heifer… because with me, there are no treats or TV, but bland dog food and exercise. I must be a tough love kinda gal, or so I say to justify his self-pity.

Another shift, you ask? Well, as old dog waits patiently for the normalcy of his latter days to return, his furry foes are enjoying the relaxing break from running up trees and fighting off the big bad black monster.

South Dakota coons

The black terror is gone? Something is amiss...

Coons and deer alike are confused as they begin to turn on one another…

South Dakota coons

I'm a black belt! I'm a black belt!

The shift turns friends into enemies…

South Dakota deer
… and stirs up the pack mentality upon typical loners…

South Dakota coons

And the gang grows...

Yes, something is amiss, indeed.

Come home, Country Man.

Country Man apples

Things just aren’t the same without you.


40 thoughts on “A Shift in Balance

  1. Oh that little pack of furry animals.. I love them! Sometimes it is nice to have a wee time apart though, makes the heart fonder and all that! Hope that dog does not lose too much weight though! c

  2. I’m hoping your hubby will be home soon, so old dog will start eating again! Maybe you should take him to visit his friend, so he could get some cookies to hold him over!

  3. Big dogs need their special friends that feed them special treats. Hope the hubby comes home soon and everything returns to normal. you could always let the old dog sleep in your bed and he might be a little happier.

    • They do! But this 85 year-old woman is a bit forgetful, and I worry she’s going to OD him on chocolate or something. Hopefully this detox time will help his system out. And as for sleeping with me… you’d have to see him to know why that would be the grossest thing. He is a farm dog, through and through.

  4. So sweet that you miss your hubby so much — I love how in love you two are! And the photos are pretty incredible. What a bunch of critters up there! Enjoy your solitude and Country Man will be back before you know it!

  5. I hope Country Man comes home soon! I know exactly how you feel, and I’m the same way with Uncle Jesse (our dog) – luckily he doesn’t know the taste of cookies!

  6. I hate it when Bob is away. He has only been gone four times in our married life, but each time was an eternity… Guess I am spoiled, but I just can’t sleep when he is not there. ~ Lynda

    • Very spoiled! My husband leaves on an extended trip once each year. The first year was challenging, but I think the combination of his type of work and hobbies has helped me adjust to him being away. As long as he comes back home safely, I can make it through a few days without him 🙂 Thank you for stopping in!

  7. I smiled when I read this post. I was home alone at Evansridge with my two cats, when my husband went to the West coast to comfort our good friend who lost his wife suddenly. I think because we were both in shock, missing him didn’t seem quite appropriate under the circumstances. Yet, those same circumstances made me realize how tenuous our hold on life is and I found myself counting days until he returned. Great post on relationship logistics and how the changes can challenge us.

  8. I’m sorry that you and the dog miss your husband, but those pics are cool. Especially the gang of racoons. I’ve never seen so many together. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen one that’s not rabid.

  9. Wow, so fascinating! I know what you mean though. Isn’t it funny how the dogs know something is amiss when the spouse is missing? My dogs won’t leave the front window for hours because they’re waiting for him to come home. It’s so sad to watch.

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