Wander this world not alone

A pair of shoes can speak a lot about a woman. Like most of my female companions, I wear all sorts, as one does hats in the roles of life. My various styled shoes have taken me through my first steps, first dance, ballet lessons, sports, campus life, down the aisle, and now to a land far, far away. Each pair represented the place I was at in life, whether sashaying across the dance floor in a pink tutu or walking towards the man who would become my husband.

As a one time “city” (for South Dakota) girl, these old high-heeled shoes now wander a different path … and usually only graces the outdoor world once a week on Sunday, if the weather is accommodating. Which is rare, by the way.

Looking back, I am not sure these shoes expected to enter a world like this.

South Dakota gal's shoes

Into the earthy, tilled ground where I watched the fruits of our labor grow … and end with autumn.

South Dakota gal's garden
South Dakota gal's garden

To reach up for choice pick of sweet, crisp apples …

South Dakota gal's garden
Offering a boost to jump on bales, and then proceed to run across, that much closer to the sky …

South Dakota gal's shoes

My shoes have guided me through fields of cane to flush pheasants, only to pray these out-of-state hunters know how to hold their excitement long enough to run a shotgun …

South Dakota gal's a helper

I’ve went round and round this place, running from my pups as they chased my heel …

South Dakota gal

Shoes have taken me into sticky situations – and out, plenty of times.

South Dakota gal

I’ve driven a tractor to lighten the load for my husband …

South Dakota gal

And kissed him goodbye to this morning sky …

South Dakota gal

Yes, these shoes have taken me places. But for now, the shoes have been replaced with bare, calloused feet to dig beneath the dirt and flutter through the grass. And when I need something for this country life, I have a new pair to throw on.

South Dakota gal

I think I’ll be wearing these shoes for quite sometime – wherever this life takes us.

South Dakota gal

I first published this last October, and wanted to resubmit it again. It’s just so timely.

Thanks for reading (again, for some)!


46 thoughts on “Wander this world not alone

  1. Loved it! So enjoy your sense of art and story. In fact, you’ve given me an idea for a book, thinking about where your feet (or shoes) have taken you. I feel sorry for people who lack imagination or creativity because there are many adventures out there to experience, even the simplest things such as shoes. Theirs must be a lonely, small world. Thank you for sharing your world through creative eyes. I love your imagination!

  2. That was awesome. You are so imaginative. and may I say that is stunning pair of shoes.. What size did you say you were?.. i wear gumboots most of the time and all my heels cry out to me from the dressing room! Pick me Pick me! c

  3. This is a lovely post, I’m glad you re-posted it so that I could see it and smile. I’m so glad you have brought the fancy shoes along into your bare foot and boot wearing life. It’s a good thing to have some fancy heels for church on Sunday, even when you are living the country life. -kate

  4. I love your story and I’m glad you shared it a second time, as I had missed it the first…

    Now I seriously need to know, yes really, where on earth do you find such wonderful cowboy (girl?) boots with ROUNDED toes? I can’t live in pointy ones but need the sturdiness of boots. Thanks for sharing, Lynda

  5. So glad you reposted this! Very beautifully symbolic. I definitely see myself in both of those shoes! (Well, maybe more hiking boots than cowboy boots, but hey, we do have that barn, maybe I need a pair!)

  6. Thanks for re-posting this charming meditation on where and how we travel in life! I think both pair are pretty great, each having lots of character and plenty of possibilities built in!

    Here’s to wherever life takes us, shod or barefoot!

  7. Those heels are “sittin’ down shoes” as my friend would say. But those boots were made for walking. 🙂

    I’m so glad you reposted this. Sometimes life takes you down the most unexpected roads.

  8. I love this so much, even before I reached the part where you describe “calloused feet to dig beneath the dirt and flutter through the grass.” This Oregon girl loves the feeling of the bare earth under her feet, and smiles at folks who boggle at her son’s occasionally bare feet.

    Childhood for me was running barefoot through the neighborhood and launching myself off the swing to land barefoot in the sand. Bare feet mean comfort and connectedness to the earth to me, so that even when I do get gussied up for a rare L.A. evening out, I know I’ll never, ever be able to be comfortable in high heels–in any dimension of the word.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy wearing them. I surely do! But “enjoyment” and “comfort” are two very different pleasurable sensations. I love it most where they intersect, such as when reading a post like this. 😉

    • Thank you Deborah! I like how Jacqueline described heels as “sittin’ down shoes”. They sure look good, but like you said, it’s such a relief and comfort to fall back to where our feet find freedom – bare and outstretched.

      Oregon sounds like your “home”. I have a few friends living there now, growing up in SD, and it’s been an adjustment to the rain and lack of sun. I wonder if people can adjust to Oregon having not been raised in the state?

  9. I just had to post your link on my FB page with this story! I am quite sure all my shoe fashion-conscious small-town and country girlfriends will relate…

    These really are such fun pics; the shoes seem to take on a personality which is all their own, and since I wasn’t around to see this last year, I’m so glad you shared it once again!

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  11. So clever. I have never been able to walk in heels but they are so pretty. I tried on lots of fun boots today at Target but didn’t buy any. I would love to have a real pair of pointy toe cowboy boots but my heel is small so I think I would have to have them special made. I have never found any that fit very well.

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