and peace returns

Some mornings are like a deep breath of fresh air. Today is one of them.

South Dakota buck
I don’t know what it is about today that is so good, but it is.

The weather is turning colder, colder, and this means the dogs are inside more. The cold means sickness, coughing, sneezing, and sleepiness, all of which have been a part of my past few days.

As it was for the group of women I met with as we sat around the campfire eating hot dogs and something called Hobo Pies (according to a former Michigan-dweller).
I burnt mine but still ate it.

South Dakota fire

But awaking to this golden dawn – following the steps of a predictable routine that leads me from the bedroom, where my untamed hair sadly snarls over my face and I blindly search for a hair clip to see, over to the coffee pot, and finally to the chair to rest – I find peace.

South Dakota buck

It’s hard to describe that soul-ache that thieves our peace, but that was me a few months ago, and I am so thankful it is back. With peace and joy missing, a layer of mucky dirt robbed my vision.

A vision that presented setbacks or trials as impossibilities, of dreams hopeless and hope dead. It’s a terrible feeling.

South Dakota buck

I’ve come to learn we must actively pursue our happiness and joy. It doesn’t happen for the idle.

So I read, I make phone calls and I make meetings…

…I enjoy walks with those wiser than myself.

I step outside my box of comfort and pursue the treasure that is Joy with all my might.

South Dakota buck
Because that type of Joy only lends itself to the seekers and the hunters…

South Dakota coyote

… this is what I am discovering, uncovering.


69 thoughts on “and peace returns

  1. So well put! Thank you for this reminder! Joy is here, all around us. We must be mindful and recognize it is here for us. And seeking it out fulfills both us, and others that we meet on our search.

  2. Absolutely true, we need to savour every moment and engage the pursuit of happiness. Lovely that you are such a divine area. must be good for the soul, those wild animals so close.. c

  3. I feel at peace just reading your words and looking at the photos of the deer.
    I like the little surprise at the end. I was expecting another deer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. So beautiful as usual! The photography on your trail camera is most excellent (and was that a coyote or a wolf? So gorgeous and so much bigger than our coyotes in AZ – if that’s what it was).

    I especially liked your comment “we must actively pursue our happiness and joy. It doesnโ€™t happen for the idle.” That is so true. It’s easy to let ourselves get down, but takes true strength to get out there and lift ourselves up. I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

  5. You are an inspiration. With your beautiful words and pictures, you’ve conveyed what all of us truly want out of life. I hope you always can find that peace and happiness. I’m discovering (again) that it lies within…my power to take in every bit of joy in the moment.

  6. Very nicely done with the words and pictures. The shot of the coyote at the end is fantastic. (Or, is it a wolf?) I am glad you are finding the joy again. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to locate and easily misplaced.

  7. How is it that we can go from having peace and joy to having them be missing, and not even notice the leaving? I am glad you have yours back. THe photos, as always, are lovely.

    I have made a great many hobo pies – they are quite popular with campers in Michigan, and I imagine other parts of the midwest. My granddaughter comes up with amazing “fillings” recipes (cream cheese and crab being one of those).

    • I am always in AWE of the trail cam photos. Wow. The coyote had me completely giddy.

      Yes! The hobo pies! My former MIchigan-native friend called them that, and I made a blueberry pie. It was tasty, but I made a huge mess, haha.

      Anything filled with cream cheese sounds superb ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good to see you, K8e!

  8. Beautiful! I love this. “It doesnโ€™t happen for the idle.” I completely agree. I’m so glad you’re experiencing joy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, what the heck is a hobo pie? I’m picturing a sort of pastry turnover filled with meat. And getting hungry.

    • Thank you so much, Julie! This is how my hobo pie was made: two slices of bread, buttered, and any type of pie filling in the middle. Slap them together and cook over a fire pit (turning often, my mistake leading to a burned pie). I had a blueberry hobo pie, and it was tasty. But to be honest, I would have rather had a third hot dog ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Don’t you wish you could nail peace and joy down so they don’t ever get away? I think they’re always there, but sometimes we can’t see them, and we get worried they won’t come back. Glad they’re with you now. Beautiful pics, as usual……

    • Oh, you are so right, Lynne. I believe peace and joy are always there too, ready for the taking. But I choose not to see them because my focus in on the obstacle. And it feels sooo good to have them back. It was a long few months of searching, but thankfully included some beautiful moments.

  10. You are so right. True happiness is a journey, a process–not the end product or a static thing. Contentment can only feel real and solid within that.

    And a wonderful trail cam doesn’t hurt! What lovely photos!

    • I love our trail cam finds! I find those with a true hidden joy have it deliberately so, and it didn’t come without making decisions based on wisdom as opposed to fleeting feelings. When I make decisions based on emotions, I tend to lose peace. Hmmm… still learning in this journey ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for stopping in!!

    • lol, well, here’s how I made my hobo pie: take two pieces of bread, buttered on the outside, take your choice of pie filling and place it between the slices, and in it’s little iron holder heat over the fire. Messy, but tasty! I guess it was named that because there are known to be a lot of hobos living in Michigan who make their food this way.

  11. These photos delight me! In my new novel, a young buck and a coyote make brief but highly relevant appearances, and when I saw your photos, I felt like I received affirmation!

  12. So very true. I have gone through times where peace seems to disappear and the days seem to be a continuous gray until I say to myself “Ok enough” and then I get busy again with daily life stuff and all of a sudden I am full of joy again with peace all around me. Sometimes the step of faith we take in those gray times releases the peace again:)

  13. What gorgeous writing! I always told my students, many of whom came from very difficult situations, “Sometimes, the only thing you have control over is your attitude.” You’ve said that so elegantly, and more!

  14. “Itโ€™s hard to describe that soul-ache that thieves our peace, but that was me a few months ago, and I am so thankful it is back. With peace and joy missing, a layer of mucky dirt robbed my vision.” —genius! I love your writing style and message. Keep on fighting the good fight sister!

  15. Joy is all around us as long as we are willing to look for it. Love the shots of the deer! We have been enjoying a buck down the road for a couple of weeks, see him while crossing the road. He is huge and majestic (kind of rooting for him to win over the hunters in another month!) and a lovely creature.
    Enjoy your joy wherever you find it.

  16. What a beautiful buck! And a gorgeous coyote! There was one hit on the highway by us a few days ago. I was having a moody, emotional day and cried for it. (I was missing my Freya dog rather out of the blue).

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