Quick! What makes YOU smile?

Good day to you, friend!

Between a busy week and an even busier Saturday, I wanted to slow down and share a few small treasures I encountered throughout the week. Small moments that made me smile.

Here goes:

1.  Country Man’s Dog

South Dakota dog

2. A field mouse I rescued from one playful black kitty. You’re welcome.

South Dakota mouse
3. Shucking popcorn (and then eating it!)

South Dakota popcorn
4. Driving around the countrysideSouth Dakota gal

5. This unlikely farm dog.

South Dakota dog

My pup walked over two miles through a newly combined corn field with me, jumping over row after row of broken stalks, digging out her own burs just to keep pace. She is a great farm dog companion, and sleeps well at the end of the day.

What simple things in life make you smile?


52 thoughts on “Quick! What makes YOU smile?

  1. More info about the popcorn, please! Is it immediately ready for popping once you’ve shucked it? I had no idea it was a different corn to sweet corn.

    Lovely light in that last photo.

    • Once it is dry, it is ready for popping. I picked all the popcorn (the link to the popcorn in the post will show that), and my husband shucked it. To keep things clean, we use an air compressor to blow off any lingering shells and corn dust, and then bag them up and store in the pantry. I didn’t realize popcorn was different, either, until we started gardening!

  2. What a great post!

    Today the things that make me smile:
    The feeling of warmth in my hands while holding a hot cup of coffee while standing outside in 25 degrees waiting for my son’s soccer game to start.
    Watching my kids drag out the sleds in preparation for tonight’s big snowstorm.
    Raiding some of the Halloween candy stash early…hehehe

  3. Reading fun blogs (thank you), the smell of coffee drifting from my little Keurig, tucking in with a good book and a glass of red wine after an extremely long, exhausting week and the boys are all snug in their beds.

  4. What a lovely life you seem to have, could do with a bit of that now, the beautiful countryside, and a few simple pleasures. Great pictures, I have a little dog just like yours!

  5. I have a Japanese Chin who is the best ranch dog I could ask for! She’s fearless,ferocious and a natural watch dog. Most of the time she loves sunning herself on the front porch. Pets and farm animals are great… fun to observe!

  6. What made me smile today:

    Snuggling with the hubz; sleeping through the night (FINALLY), coffee, Pandora radio, looking at pictures of my grandchildren, and cleaning my office (FINALLY).

  7. Your life seems so wholesome and healthy. I’m glad you recognize the beauty of it and share it with us! The popcorn reminds me of some we grew as children. We found it in Cherokee and it had kernels of different colors. When it popped it was bright white except for the speckles of color around the husk. Nice memory!

  8. The smell of apple pie baking in my oven, as I sip tea, finish a painting and watch the gently falling snow from my kitchen window. I finished all of the barn chores early,battened down the hatches tucked the young animals safely into the barn…(we are expecting quite a bit of snow and howling winds) …now, I can sit, relax and wait for the pie to be done…(smiling hard)

    Enjoy your day and your dogs.


  9. Seeing my dogs and cats play outside in our backyard today made me smile. I love seeing them having fun in “nature.” It does make me wish we lived on a farm. I think they’d be in heaven.

  10. To me your articles make me laugh!!. 🙂
    My name is Karen (Phoenix, AZ) and I’m now living with my boyfriend “Rafa acmewolf” on the mountain in Valencia, Spain. I am a city girl but now I have to live in the countryside. Rafa told me of your blog and others and I am happy to read your adventures. xoxo!

  11. Actually many things make me laugh but my boyfriend “Rafa acmewolf” always makes me laugh. He is fantastic! I am officially his girlfriend!! from today! but it makes me feel happy.

  12. That bedraggled mouse is too cute!

    The simple things that make me smile?

    My children running to me when they get off the school bus. Finding both socks after laundering. When my chickens snuggle in after I pick them up. My husband.

    Happy Halloween, my friend!!

  13. Thanks for sharing these pictures, because they made me smile, too! And of course, Uncle Jesse is probably the #1 daily-smile-inspirer (hmm, I think I just made that word up, and hey, making up words makes me smile, too!!). My morning coffee (Newman’s Own extra bold – yum!) DEFINITELY makes me smile.

  14. Watching Sugar slowly gain weight, the new house we’re in the process of buying (away from the city), seeing my children grow, dogs playing, horses grazing. Well, those are just for starters. 🙂

  15. Hmmm, simple things that make me smile…

    My Kid’s laughter.
    The scent of a roast in the oven.
    Fresh baked bread.
    The ping of jars sealing after processing.
    Laundry dried out on the line.
    A cup of coffee.
    The cat snoring.
    The dog snoring.
    Freshly cut grass.
    Tomatoes in the garden.
    Carrots. (Because my Kid loves them!)
    A trip to the fabric store.

    And so much more!

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