Why do I blog? Why do you?

I’ve been thinking on this a while now.

Initially, it was inspired after leaving a job that taught me well, specifically social  media. The driving was an hour day; not much for some, too much for me. And too much for the deer I hit. And the car I tearfully parted with afterward (loved that old blue car).

My hope was to share life on this South Dakota farm. And not just that fancy stuff, either.
Unfancy parts of life, like:

The challenging
The cold
The melancholy
The numerous uncertainties

The soul-aching moments that hurt to write, are hard to share, but always worthy in the end.

Since that time, I’ve come across a multitude of blogs with the same farm-life intentions, the same sweet cow faces,

South Dakota calf

Can you come back after dinner?

the endless beautiful skies.

South Dakota trees

Pretty, pretty skies.

And lately, this leaves me wondering… where do I fit in?

Or better yet, how do I stand out?

South Dakota tree

I’m sure many of you can relate.

So as I think about where in the heck I am going with this thing (since I ain’t leaving), I hope you will stay with me while I revision, rethink, and avoid the stink of staleness. I hope you stay, because you’re really liked here. You keep me sane most days.

South Dakota sky

If you feel like sharing, I’d like to know… why do you blog? What made you start in the first place? Have you found it worthwhile?


138 thoughts on “Why do I blog? Why do you?

  1. I love your blog. I hope you keep it up. It provides for the rest of us a moment to stop–a moment to let the clock move faster than we do–while we read about a simple life and feel what you feel as you live it.

    I started blogging because I’ve always liked to write. No, needed to write. My thoughts drive me crazy until I get them out and make peace with them. So one day I thought, if I feel like this is important enough to write about, maybe it’s interesting enough to read about. Let’s find out…

  2. Nothing wrong with revisiting and revamping, but definitely keep writing!! I started blogging because I needed an outlet for all the conversations I have in my head daily. Even though I USUALLY don’t share those in my blog, I’m able to share a part of myself that my children just don’t “get” yet and my husband just doesn’t “hear”! 😉 And it allows me to feel productive! Kinda.

  3. As you probably know, I just went through this dilemma and posted about it on my blog. My readers helped me come up with an answer. I blog because it teaches me what I need to learn. If others can benefit too? That’s all the better…

    PS. Your blog is the only country blog I read.

  4. There are those days I wonder the same thing… is it worth it? I started blogging because I’m a writer and people to read what I write — while at the same time I wanted incentive to continue to work on my novel. Blogging has really helped me get into a daily writing habit and also helped me meet other writers and bloggers. And…since I started blogging (8 months ago) I’m happy to say I finished the first draft of my novel!

    I think you offer a fresh and different voice to the blogs I read — and I’m always impressed by the wide variety you provide! I think we all grapple with these things from time to time as bloggers…

  5. Blogging is a mental discipline. You can either blog or watch TV. TV watching is passive. it turns one’s mind into a couch potato.

  6. What a great opportunity to rethink. Go for it.

    As for me, I started blogging ostensibly to force myself to write more frequently, and as a way to be able to tell the stories I’ve told so often in person to new victims, ahem, readers. It did coincide with our Cable TV’s addition of 12 million sports channels allowing my husband to watch any team play baseball at any time, so it was a blessing!

  7. I actually started my blog just as a way to record our everyday “adventures” with our new puppy. Kind of like a little puppy diary so we’d never forget all the silly, funny things she does. But now I’ve met so many wonderful people through blogging that it feels more like a daily neighborhood chat, and I really love it. We learn from each other, laugh with each other, and share each others sorrows. It’s so much more than I originally envisioned!

  8. It’s funny I read this today. My introverted self is screaming to retreat into a dark corner somewhere. You’re right about

    “The soul-aching moments that hurt to write, are hard to share, but always worthy in the end.”

    You’ve inspired me to keep going.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  9. You have a lovely blog and I am glad you are keeping at it. Always good to think about ways to keep fresh, I think. I started and continue to blog because I enjoy writing and this is a nice way to communicate with others who like to read and write. And, of course, there is nothing like the buzz one gets when you push “publish.” It keeps me on track and sometimes others seem to enjoy it too! Good question to ask, so thank you.

  10. Where would you put all those gorgeous photos otherwise? And who would listen to all the tales about country man (who in my case is a Tuscan native)? And gosh, my cats are relieved I’ve finally found somebody else to talk to!

    Keep the good work up and keep us posted about any developments in the shoe department. Always like to look at a pair of high heels in a vegetable garden.

  11. Yes, continue to write! I can’t really put my finger on why I started a blog – I guess I had been reading some other blogs, and just wanted to share some of my pictures and some of my life with others.
    It’s something I enjoy, and I intend to keep it up as long as folks are reading.

  12. Oh such a good post. Just recently I wrote one called “Reclaiming My Voice” …it was thinking about why I started blogging in the first place and the sense I recently had of losing my voice, of worrying about what others think far too much and being paralyzed in the process. So why do I blog? I began blogging to be a voice of communicating across life’s boundaries. My whole life I have felt like I’ve lived between worlds but haven’t been able to find a voice that articulates both. This has been a medium by which to explore some of that and in the process draw others in. I’m in my 11th month and am so glad I started but recognize that I’m still very much a novice and some days I got nothin’! Thanks for this post and being able to reflect through comments!

  13. I often wonder why I blog. I’m not isolated, either geographically or socially. I have other outlets for writing, and other areas of creative expression at my disposal (I paint). In the beginning, I had a fantasy of writing humor for boomers and getting it published. Little did I know the wealth of outstanding writing that was already out there (people like you, for example). Then, as I began to accumulate followers, I had another fantasy, that of being a super blogger. The first couple times I was freshly Pressed, I thought “This is it, the breakthrough.” But then I realized that the spike disappears immediately and I was destined to go back to being a blogger with more than a few followers but less than many. I’d like to say I blog for the passion of blogging or for writing or for being a part of the vast community of bloggers. But I can’t. All I can say is that today I choose to blog,

  14. Your blog stands out to me. I understand the feeling of staleness though. I’m not quite sure sometimes why I do it, but it is a part of me now, and I think the challenges you feel with it sometimes are what help you grow. It’s a fabulous journey, and I look forward to reading more of yours, all the way from my beachside life here in Australia. xx

  15. I so enjoy your blog, partly because our lives are quite different, and partly because despite those differences we share a similar outlook on life.
    I started my blog originally to chronicle my experiences riding the NYC subway. After a couple of years, I felt I’d exhausted the topic.
    As it turned out I’d visited Walden Pond and became terribly inspired by Thoreau and his ideas. I decided to shift focus to writing about experiences that were closer to home.
    Now I’m shifting focus a little bit again to focus on my Shine posts – highlighting people who are following their passions and changing their community. I’m enjoying that immensely.
    (Let me know if you know of anyone to feature on Shine.)
    They always say, write what you know, and you have such a beautiful way with words. I hope that you continue to express them here in some form or another.

  16. Glad you ain’t leaving because I ain’t done reading what you have to say 🙂 I started blogging mostly as an outlet when I became a stay-at-home mom. I was used to the interaction, the creativity that went along with my former work, and missed that. Funny thing is blogging has turned into something bigger than what I intended it to. It makes me a better writer, a friendlier person, more educated and more understanding. I’d say blogging has opened my eyes and put me in a place to potentially open the eyes of others!

  17. Love your blog. I too had a long commute (one job was 90 minutes each way, the next was 45), nearly hit deer and dreaded actually doing so, and may have to give up my beloved car soon. I started blogging because I’m a professional writer/PR person and I was hoping it might lead to some freelance work or even part-time telecommute employment, or at least look good on my resume.

    I also love cows, especially baby cows. 🙂 Thanks for the cow photo!

  18. Does it need a defined theme?? Yes you have accomplished all you set out to, but you have also ( and are) uncovering parts of yourself. I smell growth here. Life is about change and growth. I relate. Continue as I enjoy my journeying alongside you as you stretch and grow. I am sure I am not alone in recognising parts of my own jounrey in your gifted communication. Maggs.

  19. No matter what direction your blog goes, I will always stay. I always look forward to getting a glimpse into your world with your gorgeous pictures and words.

    Why do I blog? Well, I never understood blogging and avoided it for years. One of my friends had a blog and convinced me to sign up to wordpress over 1 year ago. I wrote my first post (I think you read it!) and it was pretty lame because I had no intentions of actually making it a habit. I had two readers then so I felt like I was just writing a private diary of sorts at first. Then I slowly started reading other blogs. I was constantly amazed by the writing talent out there and wanted to be a part of that community. This is the main reason I still blog today: to share with others, (like you) and connect with our personal stories of humor, joy and sadness. There is nothing like the feeling of writing something straight from your soul and having others say “I get you!”

      • Thanks for the sweet comment–you’ve really made my day! I have never seen Once Upon a Time. I’ll have to check it out now. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got slammed with about a foot of snow so it’s a white Turkey day for us! Hopefully all the sledding will help burn all those calories we’ll consume, hehe.

  20. I can’t answer as to why I blog. It might be something I don’t want to look at right now, or will need therapy after I do. But, YOU should blog. And you fit in right where you are. Just continue being you. We’ll continue to love you as you are and as you change.

  21. I wouldn’t change a thing. I LOVE your blog! I love your photos, your writing, your presence. (And boy have I been through the whole deer thing … in fact, three days before my car was moving with me to Arizona. Poor bambi, and my poor car.)

    I think rural living offers so much, and since so many people can’t live rurally and experience the happiness and hardships you experience, you’re giving them a glimpse into a world they otherwise wouldn’t see… And you do a damn fine job of it.

  22. I think I started my blog partly because I wanted to write again and partly because I wanted to connect with others who share some of the same traits I have. I keep blogging because I learn things from others and I like the sense of camaraderie.

    I love your photos and your description of life in the Dakotas. Coming from Ohio, I can only imagine the flatness and all of that snow out there!

  23. I always enjoy reading your blog. It is fresh and open.

    I started blogging…why, exactly? hmmm..I had recently asked myself the same question, (probably when I started this month long self challenge)…My reasons are many: photos needing to be shared, stories I needed to tell, always for the animals I keep, and the life they help me live, or just a creative outlet perhaps? All of the above..almost certainly.
    One thing I am sure of; I did it for myself first; if my posts appeal to others..then it makes me smile really hard!

    Keep blogging, it suits you. 😉

  24. I wish you luck as you rework your blog!

    I always avoided writing a blog because I couldn’t find my voice. But, when I stopped trying to be someone else, the thoughts and words just came. I don’t know how good it is or how original but it’s fun for me!

    I hope you find your new voice soon! I quite like keeping up with your blog.

  25. I’m a passive aggressive blogger. I blog to clear out the thoughts I can’t put a voice to without upsetting my world. It’s my therapy.

    Why did I start blogging? My husband “inspired” me. He didn’t like that I’d “post angry” on FaceBook because I was washing my dirty clothes in the middle of the street. He’s not much of a reader, so a blog is pretty safe.

  26. First of all, I really love your blog. You might not feel like it, but I think you do have a niche’ in the blogging world. You are able to write with insight about the country life, the beauty and the hard work. Your pictures are both fun and gorgeous. I look forward to continuing to read!
    I started blogging back in 2006 as a way to journal….put my thoughts out there, and find like minded people. I talked about motherhood, politics, religion, humor, and the day to day grind. Over time I found myself writing more and more inspirational types of postings….. It eventually became more of a faith-based blog. I have met so many wonderful people through blogging. Honestly, blogging helps me feel like I am not alone. I truly enjoy it.

  27. One of the very reasons for blogging is that it *is* such a flexible medium, and can roll along with us as we see a need or feel a desire to let it mutate and grow in tandem with our lives. Kudos to you for following that flow!

  28. Ha. I just took a break from blogging because I had to figure that out! My problem is I have SO. MANY. INTERESTS. I have a ridiculously hard time focusing :). But my break helped, and now I feel like I enjoy blogging again.
    I’ve also really enjoyed ‘meeting’ people via my blogging and theirs. Most of my friends haven’t started their families yet, so I love the support and community I find online…Yay blogging!

    • That’s a good point. Living in a small town, it’s hard to find people in the same stages or walks of life as you. Blogging has given me the opportunity to connect with people of all ages and locations who happen to be moving along the same path. It’s been a blessing. Thank you so much for stopping in, gapgrad!

  29. I think you’re brave for writing about the melancholy. I like your blog because it’s real. The isolation and, sometimes, loneliness is what inspired me. That and I’m never really at a loss for things to say or talk about. Blogging actually helps keeps me positive because there are also a lot of good things about living in the country and writing seems to help me come to those realizations. Agriculture gets a lot of bad press, too. I want to be something positive that offsets that. I also have an unexplainable aversion to talking on the phone. The blog keeps me from having to do this as much.

  30. Wow look at all of those responses. Keep going. Take a break if you need too. And you don’t have to be too defined. Just be you. I have all of my Jello in the fridge setting up to make the Broken glass Jello tomorrow to have at an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  31. I blog as a way to motivate myself. Also, it’s nice to challenge myself to use my storytelling skills. I’ve always loved writing, but for some reason could never get it together to journal or write for fun. I started as a challenge to myself. To see if I coul stick with it, tell my stories, usher in change. I stick with it because it is an interesting way to document my life. Already I have done so much that I may not have without my blog pushing me. I am learning about myself in the process as well. I do see where one might need to refresh their focus every so often, though. Keep up the great work! Your blog is beautiful! You are brilliant at photography.

  32. I started my blog because my parents got il. I needed somewhere to ‘write’ my feelings down and I’ve never been a pen a paper person so the blog got started.
    My dad has since died but I’ve kept the blog going, it’s mostly photos and day to day things. I enjoy doing it though and even if no one reads it I would still continue it.

  33. I think we all feel like we want to challenge ourselves a little more with our blogs. When I initially started blogging I had just returned from a writing school and didn’t want to lose the momentum of writing every day. But over time, I stopped trying to get a blog out every day, and have been attempting to make the ones I post as good as they can be.

    Your blog definitely has its own niche and I think it is lovely just as it is – as all of the readers and commenters have already said. Keep up the good work.

  34. Oh, you always find a way to ask the big questions in such a quiet way!
    I started my blog (could they find an uglier word for what is such a friendly means of communication??) as part of a daily practice of writing & giving away money … boy, was that popular! When I ran out of money after 365 days, I found that I really just liked connecting with other people — like beautiful YOU, country wife — who were bearing witness to their lives, and open to sharing the journey with others. I love that your readers are from such far-flung places all over the globe … and that is a big part of the beauty of blogging for me. It allows me to share my thoughts, ideas and feelings with people who have much different lives than me … and yet I feel our common ground and enjoy so deeply the joys, sorrows and challenges we all share. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

  35. I blog because I love to write creatively, and I’m too honest for my own good sometimes. My friends, and family often laugh at my enlightenments or little life epiphany’s so I thought maybe others would too?! I also am really interested in the publishing world, and want to be a part of it in anyway I can. Whether it’s internet, books, magazines, directories, and so here I am. I have my blog on my resume, and it’s just something to keep me going. Share life lessons with those I love and strangers too.

    Plus doing this master’s program where writing is more strategic, and to be graded. I need an outlet other than my journal. I want to be heard.

  36. Wow this is so touching & that beautiful cow is so lovely. It reminds me of the animal abuse that goes all around, I just witness some yesterday it was horrible that is another story. But I enjoy all the wonderful images you have posted there is so much light in them! 🙂
    Take care my friend.

  37. Somethimes I too resent the rural life having lived in the ‘big city’ for most of my life but I expect it would be hard to go back to that. I started blogging well ‘keeping a diary’ because I got a little bored in he evenings particulary in the winter and became addicted. I like to look back and see what happened the same time last year and the year before that etc as the passing years make me have ‘blonde’ moments preferable to saying ‘senior’ moments and no I ain’t old just 54 years young (and of course it is only a number and you are as old as you feel eh!) ps love your blogs girl x

    • Thank you so much! And no, 54 years ain’t old at all. While I love the country life, and I was raised in a small town, farming is such a different way of life, you know? The odd hours, the harsh cold and endless cattle work, growing as a woman in faith and relationships, it’s all so… hard sometimes. Which makes me very thankful for this blogging community and wonderful neighbors.
      Thank you for stopping in!!

  38. Whatever you post in the future, you know I’ll be here reading and loving it! You are one of a kind and your blog captures your beauty, sensitivity and uniqueness! 🙂

    I started a blog to work on my writing, but have found that now I really use it as a way to connect with other writers!

  39. I follow your blog because it is so well written and you share deeply. I suppose you can say that you are “like everyone else” but really, if a thousand people looked at the same view, each would tell it from their perspective, and none will see the same thing, nor choose to tell it in exactly the same way.
    As for me, I began blogging initially to keep contact with my friends and family after we moved from California. Over time it has became a place of self expression, sharing, and photography of same. I spin tales about my animals and the creatures I find here and share those too. I like to write. So, it was initially supposed to be just about my “Life on the Farmlet” but it has evolved into a place for me tell about the many facets of my life and experiences here in Alabama. It brings me closer to my friends, but it also brings me new friends… and they too have stories to tell! ~ Lynda

  40. I love reading your blog, even though I don’t often comment. Your stories and heartfelt thoughts are lovely and encourage me to reflect on my life and how fortunate I am. My husband and I recently returned from teaching overseas and have started our own small farm. Our hope is to be sustainable. It’s wonderful visiting your blog and reading about your life and farm. Please do continue blogging!

  41. You have a great blog going here — it feels simple, clean, easy and comfortable. Sort of like walking into the house of someone you don’t know but then you instantly feel welcome in it. Love the pictures and writing, too.

    I started blogging because I had so many childhood stories and reflections that I’d tell over again on request and eventually I worried that, egad, what if I forget these someday? So I figured blogging was a way to help preserve them. Plus I’m a nostalgia junkie.

  42. I’ve been wondering the same thing about myself lately. The best I can come up with is that writing for an audience (versus journaling or working on never-finished novels) just fills some need in me. Maybe it’s the feeling of connection I get when someone comments on one of my posts or when I see a bunch of other bloggers blogging about the same Big Questions. Whatever it is, every time I think I ought to quit blogging, I come right back to it. Or maybe it’s just that sometimes the things I see seem too beautiful to keep to myself.

  43. I simply keep a blog to keep my students informed on their homework and to cover my tracks when a parent blames me for their kid not practising.

    And yeah; “what she said”. 🙂

  44. Thanks for writing this post. It’s so interesting because lately, a couple of the blogs I follow have wrote about things that have been on my mind lately. Where do I fit in in this blogging world? I think you’ve given me the motivation to really put it out there as well and see what happens.

    I blog because it gives me a sense of creative release. I didn’t know how much I love writing until about 4 years ago and blogging gives me something to look forward to. It allows for me to express myself in ways that I probably wouldn’t otherwise.

    I love your blog because I feel like I relate with much you discuss, especially the things that are hard to write about and put out there.

    Wherever you end up going, we will all be right there beside you!

    Happy blogging,


  45. I blog because I find it is necessary to share my ideas on some type of outlet. I need a valve to release all of the pressure inside my head. If I didn’t write it down anywhere, my head would pop.

  46. I was a bit concerned by your mention of revising your blog, so I’m glad to see in your comments that you’re not talking major changes here. For me your blog is not like other farm blogs. The thing I most love about it is the fact that it’s written by someone who has not grown up in a farming environment, and this lends a freshness and newness to all your experiences. It’s interesting to read about your responses to countryside events as an outsider trying to integrate into this life. I enjoy the enthusiasm with which you throw yourself into every farming task and learn every new thing. You let your readers learn along with you. Your unfading appreciation of the beauty of your surroundings really comes across too, and your writing has a light touch that goes well with the photos. What you have right there is a feel-good blog.

    As for your question on why others blog, I started my blog after the death of a beloved pet. I did it as a reminder to myself of how amazing my life is, how breathtaking Scotland is, and how lucky I am to live here. My blog and photo-taking force me to really *look* at the world around me and not switch off to it.

    • No major changes! Didn’t mean to sound that way. Just getting a sense of change coming, but it might not happen for a while, maybe not at all. I really appreciate your sweet words, and for learning along with me. My family bought a whole new load of brown cows this fall, and I cannot wait to photograph their faces. I have a thing for the brown ones… 🙂

  47. I started my blog because folks on a writing form said it would be important for “building a platform.” I found platform-building the antithesis of what I wanted to do with my free time, so I started writing more personal and reflective things instead. I found that gratifying, and that the dialogue had on my blog and others’ led to a sense of community I’ve missed since having my son and having to stick a little closer to home. It’s that community that means I’m here for my long haul, however long that is.

  48. I started blogging to save myself and my marriage. I was in the depths of depression, and I needed an outlet. With the depression medicated and the marriage solid, I now blog to remain sane. Blogging provides a wonderful release for me.

    I am grateful for the times you visited, and I’ve enjoyed every post I’ve read of yours. Thank you for writing and sharing. I look forward to reading more of your ‘work’.

  49. I have been reading your blog now for quite some time an you have the ability to change someone’s day, rework their perspective, cause them to stand still in the moment. That is pure voice. No matter the ‘trimmings’ around the voice, it is the voice that carries the blog. We all tend to want to rearrange, change, fix, alter, whatever the term may be. However, your voice is unique and powerful. Continue to let it shine through. : )

  50. I for one am glad you blog. Living on a farm, I can relate to much of what you write about. You have beautiful pictures and make more understand farm life is not for the faint of heart.
    I started blogging to increase my writing skills while in school and now that I am out, it just seems right.

  51. Why do I blog? That’s a good question.

    Well the Vizsla blog obviously was inspired by the Lunatic, and is a way for me to share what it’s been like to raise her. One day maybe I will turn it into a book.

    The AKGInspiration blog was a way to share my art/inspirations with family and friends and it in turn it kinda forced me to make sure I was getting out to have my creative fix which in turn kept me sane. I go through seasons of ruts, but the community I have found on here inspires me during the seasons where I can’t create like my heart wants to.

    I think it’s good to sit back from time to time and take stock, and make sure you are not blogging simply to blog and keep readers… but that there is a real reason behind it. I do feel I have done better at this this year, hopefully it will continue.
    I have enjoyed your blog, it gives me a taste of a life I have often wondered about myself. I don’t know that I could hack the winters though.

    • You make great points, thank you for sharing. It’s always so refreshing to know we are not alone. Like CS Lewis once said, “we read to know we’re not alone.” Well, I think in the 21st century one could say “we blog to know we’re not alone.” At least that’s true around here many days!
      Thank you for stopping in, Anna!

  52. I started blogging because i was tired of those social networking sites like facebook, where people copy someone else’s thought & paste it on their on profile, as if its their own. So i just wanted a place, where i can share my own thoughts, with those people who can value them. It just gives me a space where i can spend sometime with myself & interact with those intelligent people who can respect those thoughts of mine & share with me their own thoughts.

  53. Great post! And one I know most bloggers can relate to. I cherish these virtual friendships because I know they are always there whenever I happen to get the time for them! They are like a good book that never has to end!

    I started blogging as a sort of online scrapbook to remember the good things/stories in life, knowing these virtual records will not be taken by fire or natural disaster.

  54. I love reading your sensitive voice. I can tell you are soft and I can tell you are subtle. I enjoy the climate of your place. I’m sure your blogging journey will evolve…keep writing.
    Why do I blog? First, it was to tell family stories in hopes that my far flung family would read them. But I found another community of family who reads them. The connections we have made gave and continue to give me great pleasure. I let my categories that wordpress has made possible help me categorize what I write about. It’s interesting that almost everything I choose to write about fits into those categories…blogging gives me a picture of my thoughts.

  55. CW, your sweetness and fresh perspective make you a favorite of mine. You have a beautiful way with words and photographs that cuts to the heart of what’s real, important and meaningful in life. I hope you’ll be blogging for many years to come.

  56. It’s hard to name one reason we blog. We’re told blogs will be more successful if we target one specific interest or demographic but many of us have so many different interests and reasons for wanting to write and it’s hard to stay within strict definitions.

  57. love your blog – not a frequent commenter, but you are on my blogroll and i am so happy you blog. i blog because my memory is for crap and i want the kids to know why they are in therapy later. ;o) JUST KIDDING. but, my memory is awful. ;o) happy thanksgiving!

  58. My passion is writing. I have to write. Every day. Photography has also become a passion and an integral part of my Minnesota Prairie Roots blog.

    When I discover an old general store, a country church, a quirky sign in a Main Street window, I want to share that with the world. Blogging allows me to showcase these often overlooked places that make life so interesting.

    The most important aspect of blogging is to remain true to yourself, to write what comes naturally for you, without expectations, to write with an honest voice. You do that and it is one of the reasons I follow you.

  59. You attract what you are. You obviously have attracted like-minded souls with an appreciation for nature, beauty, ugliness, contrasts of all types, raw and otherwise. I also love your blog, and from your connections, I have made more connections, which is what I think life is all about. It’s relationships that matter, physical, mental, spiritual, virtual, and multi-layering them across whatever dimension you find them. I blog because I was originally a FB junkie, with too much to say for small sound bites. And because a blog is something that people CHOOSE to visit and read, so I know that if anyone really wants to know what I think, they visit me at their own free will. Just the way I choose to visit yours!! 🙂

  60. I just posted my “about” page – it only took me a month or so. And it was because it took me that long to figure out why I was blogging in the first place. Blogging has been a great way to express things that otherwise get push aside in the push and shove of daily life. It’s an opportunity to compose thoughts and reflect on the day or life free of interjections from others (unitl the comments start rolling in, of course!). It’s also about sharing those thoughts and reflections, or laughs and trials with a community that is travelling a similar path. I’m so grad to be a part of it and thanks for a lovely post.

  61. About 2 years ago, I began Poems from Oostburg, Wisconsin. I wanted to give previously published poems a new life and say thank you to the editors of the various print journals. These are small press publications and are labors of love.

    Now I am amazed at the skills I am learning through WordPress, the wonderful people in this community we share, and the inspiration to keep writing and learning. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Blessings, Ellen

  62. I use my blogging as a form of therapy and also as a way of sharing food ideas and inspiration with people from all walks of life all over the world.

    Your farm and photography are stunningly beautiful no wonder you don’t want to leave.

  63. Pretty unanimous desire that you keep writing. Sometimes I save the posts just so I can spend a longer time reading and immersing myself in your stories. Otherwise I go away feeling underfed. This does however limit my comments, but my appreciation is always there.

  64. I’m new to your blog, but I like it very much and find it unique. I don’t read a lot of country life blogs, though, so perhaps I’m not the best one to tell. 😉 Anyway, to me, you seem to be a person with a kind spirit, an eye open to the wonders of nature, and an interest in reflecting on the wonder of life. These are qualities I miss with most people.

  65. Oh, and I started my blog because I had a lot of health problems and wanted to learn more about nutrition to get better, and document the journey along the way. I started sharing mostly recipes of things I cooked, but then I got to know other people on the blogsphere and I started to write about other things as well. Nowadays, my blog is an accumulation of my personal lalala, it’s not special or so, but it’s me, and that’s okay. 😉

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