the thanksgiving of a weary soul

South Dakota sky

A faith is challenged, and family still gathers.

Like warriors wounded, scars bleed beneath thick chaffed leather.

Is this why the holidays scream hard and stressful?

South Dakota scouting

We collect to celebrate a time rooted deep in faith, a faith not completely accepted by many.

Beliefs collide. Nonbeliefs collide. Unattended belief systems confronted.

Children plea for answers, the hopeless for hope.

And somewhere along life’s journey, sight has been lost. The ugly accuser cries loud:

doubter… doubter… doubter.

South Dakota shadow
But the battle continues, to reconcile the pain with the beauty…

The hope with the disappointments…

The joy with the illusion of joy.

The spirit… stubbornly persistent, endlessly seeking, and constantly pursuing. A truth seeker.

South Dakota sun

Yet somehow, among the mix of chaos and loneliness and unanswered questions, joy exists.
Joy from a life lived fully present, fully alert, and full in truth of the right now.

South Dakota gal

South Dakota husband

Let this be a season of simple truth. To not feel guilty for a thankless heart today, but of releasing what is real right now. Uncertainty… anger… dissatisfaction… longing…?

The thanks will surely follow, the giving will freely flow.

South Dakota sky

And may this be the best Thanksgiving our soul has ever experienced.


53 thoughts on “the thanksgiving of a weary soul

  1. Wonderfully and beautifully put, Country Wife. Your pictures tie nicely with the sentiment, too. (As always) Happy Thanksgiving.

    Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. -Charles Dickens

  2. You wise woman you. “Joy from a life lived fully present, fully alert, and full in truth of the right now.” There in lies the answer: fully…fully…full.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours this Thanksgiving Eve.
    May we be grateful for so much.
    Your last post lingers…Why do I blog? It keeps me engaged fully.

  3. There really is no mystery about the pain, uncertainty, struggles and doubts in life. These are times of growth, and experience… to gain understanding, leading to compassion and love. I say this time and time again… how can we know who we are, unless we know who we are not? You are a wise woman… much wiser than I was at your age. Your gift to us is sharing your experiences, and rejoicing in the beauty of it all. You express scars of being wounded, but carry the strength of a great, young warrior!! Happy Thanksgiving dear friend!

  4. Stunning photos, I am a painter in Central France and am always on the look-out for skies like this. Have been enjoying your writing for a while now. Happy Thanks Giving to you and yours from France.

  5. Your words really helped me today. Just beautiful and raw. Thank you so much for sharing them. I read this today feeling very out of sorts. I’ve been feeling blue and missing certain family members. For me, Thanksgiving can be a reminder of what I’ve lost, so it’s always a struggle to battle with that pain, sadness while at the same time I know I need to focus more on the simple joy of being here now with the people I love. Thanks for writing about these mixed emotions so eloquently. You have this uncanny knack to get right into my head! I wish you and your family many more moments of pure joy and appreciation of the present this holiday.

    • Thank you, Darla! Always good to hear from you. I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving day, and that you were able to reflect on those you are missing. Also, like many of your blogging friends, I hope you were just joking about taking a blogging break. But totally understand if you do. But still hoping you were kidding.

  6. Blessed are the peacemakers indeed. You among them! What a timely reminder and well-spoken gift to us all. You and your warm and generous heart are among the blessings I will happily be Thankful for tomorrow, as always. A joyful Thanksgiving to you and yours, dear lady.

  7. Beautiful and poetic. I have always remembered the all time saying that gratitude is the memory of the hide…. The faith you so beautifully describe in this poetic utterance is fragile, and the more it is challenge, the more we seek creative ways for its expression. Simplicity has its challenges, but beyond it, there are threads that link us, one to another, to “collect and celebrate” I love your posts. Even if I hardly comment…..

    There is a vast beauty, flowing from the simple soul of a simple country woman.

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  9. Beautiful imagery, and a welcome, heartfelt sentiment to match.

    I’m sure there are those who would (and do!) accuse me of naivete, but I’m of the firm belief that a sense of thankfulness isn’t necessarily predicated upon having someone/thing to be thankful to. Sometimes, recognition of our good fortune is enough.

    All the best.


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