An Unseasonably Strange November

November is not a favorite month of mine. Specifically Thanksgiving.

It’s cold, the days are shorter, and the pressure to be thankful on one day is mind daunting. What about the folks who have cultivated an attitude of gratitude the other 364 days of the year? What about those with family states away? And those who are trying to eat healthier coming face-to-face with temptation (mashed potatoes and stuffing)? Bohumbug!

As you can see, November and me, we are not BFF’s by a long shot.

It’s fair to say I wasn’t intending on joyfully greeting Turkey Day…

South Dakota hunting

until, that is, for some reason, it joyfully greeted me…

South Dakota dog

It began like any other South Dakota day. A cool morning of baking bread while wearing a cardigan turning into 75 degrees and a white tank top…

wait, now that’s not seasonable, not a darn one of it.

South Dakota hills

Enjoying a meal with family and not going back for seconds or desserts…

not what I would consider a seasonable decision on my part.

South Dakota hunting
Swatting flies (unseasonable!) away as we hopped into the pickup, driving over yonder to watch deer in rut and search for those beautiful big horns.

South Dakota scouting

Walking up and down hills through thick prairie grass without one complaint from a green-eyed lady… quite unseasonable indeed!

South Dakota hills

After tight-roping the large clay hill, we sat for hours not speaking, not thinking.

This, perhaps, is the most unseasonable of them all. Mind cleared of thoughts… only watching a buck follow a doe around, back and forth, back and forth.

South Dakota photography

Only sitting and watching as a coyote grazed, soon spooking a different buck and doe out of their bedded area.

Taking a few moments of contemplation as to whether he was the one we came for…

After passing him up, it began to turn dark, the weather chillier as November plans to return to normal climates from today on.

South Dakota photography

Yes, it was an unseasonable day on an unseasonable holiday during an unseasonable November month. A day with little expectation but simple blessings to remind me a even a dark time of the year can have its bright moments.

South Dakota photography

November, you surprised me.

I promise I won’t forget it.


43 thoughts on “An Unseasonably Strange November

  1. Every day carries with it the quiet surprise of gratitude and magic. Most of us have to actively still our minds to open ourselves tothe possibility in busy locales and lives. I am grateful for your thoughtful and careful capturing of simple magic! Maggs

  2. A nice warm sunny day… how I would certainly enjoy that here about now! I guess Thanksgiving is a time to reflect at any rate – maybe just in case one’s forgotten the value of having an attitude of gratitude when being thankful for what we have often goes overlooked. I wanted to say I find your posts just get better and better as I read through some of them – the broken glass jello recipe, a pretty fantastic one I meant to prompt you to be sure and add a photo of the finished product then I noticed your reference to it on to another social network site.
    May the sun shine on more good days for you all throughout the holidays on into the coming years.

  3. Although I’m many days late, thought I’d return. Love the pic of the close up view of the grass atop the hill overlooking the river valley. More importantly, glad you found peace on this day.

  4. Sixty degree temps with family on the patio after a big turkey dinner…my Thanksgiving day here in southeastern Minnesota was lovely, just lovely.

    Glad yours was likewise in Dakota. I always know that whatever your weather, it’s coming my way.

  5. Such a beautiful post!! I love LOVE the photographs, with the sky so insanely blue and the grass so gloriously gold … and I was really moved by your sentence, “I wasn’t planning on joyfully greeting Thanksgiving …until, for some reason, it joyfully greeted me.” Isn’t it remarkable how sometimes when we least expect it, the beauty of this planet can just completely knock us out of our expected routines and responses and hand us peace & joy?
    I really am so grateful you shared this with all of us!

  6. I liked your photos. I am guessing those photos were taken in west river South Dakota. I have hitchhiked through South Dakota many times. There are so many beautiful places in South Dakota.

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