Guest Post/Tell-All: Bessy the Cow

South Dakota photography

Hello friends!

This is Bessy the Cow, reporting live from my South Dakota farm.

The living is good here, but today sure was a cold one. I guess a girl gets use to that, though.

Besides the cold to concern me, the lady who occupies this place keeps talking to me, and I’m a bit worried about her mental health. Me and the other cows, we think she’s off her rocker, if you know what I mean.

Really, it’s not that she talks to me so much as how she does it. She walks up real slow with that flashy contraption in her hand, smiles, and her eyes get all big, like a hungry man being handed his steak. You see why it disturbs me?

Overall, she’s not so bad. Farm life isn’t so bad, either.

South Dakota photography

Anyway, enough of her. You’re probably wanting to know more about my day. Well, life as a cow is rather easy. On a busy day you’ll find me chasing coyotes and smaller annoying carnivores, and on a normal day I prefer to stand in the same area grazing. This is stereotypical, I realize, but true.

South Dakota photography

Sometimes I do try to go outside the box, to challenge the social norms that restrict me, but rarely I do. I find these social expectations safe. My friend Norma, however, is a different story. Would you like to see?

South Dakota photography

She’s crazy, that Norma! Not only did she break out of her pasture and walk right into the woman’s garden spot, but she made cow chips while the lady looked on with the flashy contraption! And then went to on to bellow out all kinds of profanities!

Oh my, Norma is a wild one. She’s what they call “anti-social”… “passive-aggressive”… “unpredictable”…

Well, this is all I have for today. I hope your December is going well. If the lady asks me to write again, I will!


Bessy the Cow


52 thoughts on “Guest Post/Tell-All: Bessy the Cow

  1. Pleased to meet you, Bessy! Look forward to hearing more about your life on the farm. Or maybe you and Norma will have some adventures in a Thunderbird convertible. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi, there, Miss Bessy! Nice to meet you. Thanks for teaching us about life from a cow’s standpoint. Watch out for that Norma – like my friend MJ says, there’s one in every crowd!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. For some reason I have a thing for cow stories. I followed that Yvonne cow story until she was taken to sanctuary. Cows are fun.

  4. Hi! I am visiting from She’s a Maineiac. What a great way for me to wake up in the morning! I love seeing your rural setting and the cows. It’s relaxing in a funny way.


  5. Please let us know when Bessy or Norma jump the cattle guard, the fence or just break through a bad part of the fence. I bet that crazy lady acts crazier and can get some really good pictures of herding them back where they belong. Watch that Norma. I see some future posts here.

  6. Hey Bessy, don’t be too hard on Norma, because from here, it looked like she was only trying to help out by fertilizing the garden for the lady with the flashy contraption thing. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have friends who can think outside the box. πŸ™‚

  7. I loved this. I like Norma’s gumption, she should have her own blog. In the large herd of cows in my backyard, there isn’t one Norma. Although, one day, I kid you not, all the cows were laying down in a circle but one cow was standing up, like he was giving a speech or something. (I think this was around the same time all the cows ran around the field suddenly)

    • haha, oh dear, be careful! Terrorist cows are the worst.

      PS. Sorry about my wrong advice regarding twitter and WP. After I published this post, I realized they changed it a lot and no longer have shortlinks as far as I can tell! And here I thought I was being helpful… things are always a changin’!

  8. Hee what a cute idea! You probably don’t need me to spell it out for you, but I have a thing for talking animals. And talking FOR animals is even better. Those cows are gorgeous!

  9. I love this post. I raise cattle as well and know exactly who these two characters are, because we have them as well! Thanks for the smile and uplift you gave me this morning with this post. Love all your posts!!

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