Bohumbug, Books, and Bowie

Bohumbug, I say. I am not yet in the Christmas spirit. While the weather has been beautiful, around 35 degrees average, the lack of snow has dampened my Christmas mood. Around this time last year, I was doing this. And that. And this and that.

This December has been quieter, calmer, less white and more September-like. I’ve done the bargain shopping, buying  books for my father, clothes for my sista, knitting a prayer shawl for my mother, and finding other little nuggets to wrap and gift for Christmas loves.

South Dakota photography

Growth of the Soil

I also bought myself a book, Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. I learned of his work after googling author Jan Karon, one of my favorites, and reading her response to a question on what her favorite read is.

Growth of the Soil has been an excellent adventure so far. It’s the story of a couple, Isak and Inga, who live far from civilization and must find ways to keep themselves warm and fed, by way of farming and gardening and livestock. Isak, a big ugly brute, and Inga, a homely, large woman with a harelip, find love and peace from living off the land.

Highly recommend it to you or the reader in your life.

Growth of the Soil

This is my December. Reading. Online shopping. Greedily ready for the new year.

Thank goodness the company is sweet.

South Dakota photography


South Dakota photography


31 thoughts on “Bohumbug, Books, and Bowie

  1. I was wishing for a small skiff of snow, which sparks off my desire to smell candy canes, to make cookies, and the hot cocoa mix. The desire to drive thru our local park watching the glow of the lights on everything…and to stop and to sing praises to God.

    And then, this morning, when I am busy and need to drive an hour to pick up one college student and to deliver a kitten, which is way too young and rather underweight needing special care for which I was unpreparted…

    It began to snow…first thought was YAY! and then oh sh*t, please don’t snow when I have to drive for a couple hours God. (frowns at self here) The snow did stop and the child bits of me are sorely disappointed. I do not know how you feel about the religious side of the holiday, but I just put on my cd called….Glory in the Highest: Christmas Songs by Chris Tomlin.

    If you don’t mind using up paper…perhaps some cut out snowflakes hanging on peppermint dental floss from ceiling or stuck to windows?

    psssssst….it is almost the solstice and then the light will grow daily!!!

  2. I’m never quite thoroughly ‘up’ for the season until a whole bunch of elements converge properly. A pretty common ailment, I suppose! Music is the thing that draws and glues all of the other elements together for me, so I’m lucky to be married to a musician!

    For you, I hope the right elements converge at just the right time. A great read in loving, cozy company like this has got to be an excellent start to the whole process!

  3. Bowie’s so sweet! Hope you get in the Christmas spirit soon — it took me awhile too. And we VERY rarely have any snow to bring on that mood.
    Looked back on your posts from last winter – gorgeous photos!

  4. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the unusually warm weather, but Christmas just doesn’t ‘feel’ like it’s only a week away. I am not ready! It was 50 degrees here the other day and we have zero snow, that might be why…tomorrow it’ll be 20 so maybe the cold will be enough to get me back in the spirit.

  5. The only Christmas decorations I have displayed this year are the pretty cards I’ve received by mail, and one lone red poinsetta on our dining room table…but I’m put instantly in the mood when listening to Handel’s Messiah or Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy…and remember how fortunate I am to have eyes that see and ears that hear…

  6. You should get to know “Crabby Old Fart!” I am expecting a Christmas post from him soon!
    He will bring a smile to your face.

    Hopefully going out and buying gifts, listening to your fav music and the anticipation of friends and family for the holidays with get you in the mood.

    I am the Christmas queen and have pulled out all the stops this year even though it will only be the 5 of us and no parties. That’s just how I roll! Great post!

  7. Something struck me about this post. But it wasn’t the Bah, Humbug spirit or dampened mood, though I do hope you find your Christmas cheer soon. And it wasn’t the “Oh, my Gosh!” look on Bowie’s face, but I do wonder just what he was seeing that scared him so.

    It was, actually, this quote that got me: “While the weather has been beautiful, around 35 degrees average…” Seriously, Country Wife? Down here in Oklahoma, we don’t generally include “beautiful weather” and “35 degrees” in the same sentence. 😉

    Like you, Littlesundog and I are both avid book readers. The Growth of the Soil sounds like a very interesting read and one that, by your description, reminds me of the stories of Jean M. Auel’s “Clan of the Cave Bear” series. If you haven’t read any of her books, I would recommend you give them a look-see – great books for curling up beside a warm fire. I’m sure you can find many reviews online.

    And a very Merry Christmas to you and the Country Man!

    • Yes, 35 with the sun in December… very nice! Last year this time we were hovering around the 0 or negatives.

      Thank you for the book recommendation! I hope our little library supplies them. A friend told me about the Red River series by Lauraine Snelling, which I have put on my list as well.

      Hope you all have a great Christmas, too!

  8. I second the Clan of the Cave Bear recommendation! She did a lot of research on the details of the different stone age peoples and their way of life. I have to admit that the first one was my favourite, and I felt the quality of the books went a bit downhill as the series went on and I haven’t read the latest one that just came out a few years ago. But this was one of my teenage favourites, along with the VC Andrews Flowers in the Attic series.

  9. Thanks for the tip on the read! I love Jan Karon. I’m currently reading At Home in Mitford for like the fifth time. I always say that reading the Mitford Books is like going on vacation without spending the money. 🙂

  10. Sweet company. My daughter put a Christmas kerchief around their black lab’s neck. I was surprised that SIL didn’t protest and even called it festive. Thank goodness for daughters. When they were here for Thanksgiving they put up the tree (I did do the lights…yay me), and decorated.

    • We went for a long, long hike with some friends yesterday, and in the valley of trees, there was some snow! We all got excited and said we should have Christmas down here. Now that we are traveling for the holidays, I hope it doesn’t snow!

      Your local library is bound to have the Mitford series. So good!

  11. Thank you for recommending Growth of the Soil. I love to find uncover authors who are new to me. I recently finished State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. It’s quite an adventure – all the way to the Amazon jungle.

    Bowie is looking particularly cute. Is that a new haircut?

  12. It’s been unseasonably warm here as well and somehow Christmas doesn’t seem like it should be next week. I’m hoping for emergency spirit to engulf me last minute. Otherwise, I may feel as though I missed out this year.

  13. Jan Karon is one of my favorites too! I loved her Mitford series and still reread those books whenever I feel overly stressed. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m going to find that book too. 🙂

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