finding your tribe

I find when the days are cold and the skies are dark, old nuggets of wisdom make their way into my mind, wisdom shared by people who weren’t trying to be wise, only speaking from their heart and it resonated with mine, in that moment.

One instance, sitting with a group of people, a young man shared his story of rejection by his father, wishing he could “do right” to earn him back. When I do this, when I finish this, when I have faith. A pretty woman in her late thirties with dark hair and tattoos puts her arm over him, and in the most compassionate tone, said you are good enough right now.

A sister friend. Tribe.

Her words reminded me why I wanted to be in this human field, of loving people, of listening.

Another memory resurfaces of a time when a good friend hears a friend call another person an unkind name, and she says, very simply, Don’t say that, that’s now how you treat people.

She did not intend to make an impression, but she did. People were listening. I was.

And through the weaving of simple moments of kindness like these, I begin to knit together my own tribe, people after my own heart, so to speak.

These are people who speak the truth in love.
They are bold.

They are people who make my heart ache in thanksgiving for their gentleness and grace.

I am thankful for these memories to take hold of in the moments they are required.
Such as today.

And that is why I find the blogosphere so valuable. Living in the country, finding “tribe members”, it is like coming upon a rare ruby among snow; you know her when you see her.

So to all my ruby friends (you), have a wonderful, beautiful, blessed weekend. Enjoy the moments.

We will be traveling to a place with snow. I hope. My Mother said it is melting.

Us in my stomping grounds a while back.


37 thoughts on “finding your tribe

  1. A wonderful post, filled with lovely thoughts and sentiments, as always. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. I hope the snow doesn’t melt too quickly so you can enjoy a white christmas! Merry christmas to you and all your family!

  2. You are wise to listen, ponder and then share (with your tribe!). We gather these pearls of wisdom along life’s path, tuck them away, to later share with other souls, making their way in this life. We all have something to learn, and something to pass on. What a lovely message you bring us today!

  3. Because you listened, because you passed on the ‘unplanned wisdom’ of compassionate friends, and because you see your tribe with eyes of inclusion and hope, I know that you *will* have the beautiful Christmas I wish for you and yours!

  4. We are proud to claim you as a member of our tribe.

    It snowed here in West Michigan last night – I noticed a glow and looked out to see the snow falling and being reflected in the Christmas lights … whee.

    Merry Christmas to you and Country Man!

  5. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts. We are also blessed to have so many wonderful people in our tribe.

    Merry Christmas to you and Country Man! I hope it’s white for you.

  6. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of finding your tribe: people whose intentions resonate within you. I appreciate the sentiment in your post.
    Wishing you and Country Man (and Kitty and Bowie!) a peaceful and joyful holiday.

  7. Your words and thoughts resonate, sister friend. You are beautiful inside and out. Happiest of Christmas’ to you and Country Man, from an Antipodean Sister of soul and word. May 2012 bring you joy, love and peace.

  8. I call it “choosing the family”, but it means the same. And I agree with you that it’s about kindness and you know immediately. It’s like a spark emerging at the very moment you encounter somebody like that. This kind of people has a certain tenderness of spirit, I cannot describe it better. With all the (handful of) people I’ve chosen as my family so far, it was like this.

  9. Beautiful couple :). I love this! Im a little late with my comment, but I completely what you mean…sort of like Anne of Green Gables’ kindred spirits…when you find one you hold on tight!

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