let us take a walk together

Come along for a walk, won’t you?

South Dakota photography

Open the door and slide on in, to begin our journey to another place in time.

Over the land of bales and golden grass, down the long-winding path beaten by the roaming cattle of the hills.

Come along for a walk with us, will you?

To the place where mule and whitetail deer find respite, where they hide to grow their ivory horns strong and proud.

So you know, the path is a bit bumpy…

Come along for a walk with us, will you?

… but it will be worth it.

Worth it to walk along side history, where fresh opportunities awaited longingly before new Americans.

Come along for a walk with us, will you?

Where families, young and old, danced along the water’s edge, now disappeared by time.

Come along for a walk with us, will you?

Where dad and mom taught children thanksgiving and hard work, appreciation for the bright future by reminding them of their past.

South Dakota photography

And now we step over stories, stories of lover’s and secrets that we will never know here on this ancient earth, because they have followed the lips that spoke them to no one…

…yes, the secrets linger still, in the air heavy and quiet while the water laughs softly.

South Dakota photography

Oh, to know the secrets, those whispers behind small sturdy built homes…

South Dakota photography

These things we may never know…

Now, the day is growing colder, and it’s time to go home.

South Dakota photography

Yes, it’s time for our desperate souls to go home and rest and enjoy.

South Dakota photography

Thank you for coming along with us…

Thank you for accepting the invitation to take a walk with us...

…I hope we do this again soon.


43 thoughts on “let us take a walk together

  1. So beautiful, this landscape and your words. I love those abandoned “shack” houses and old barns. I wonder who lived, loved, played, cried, and was born, grew up, and died there. These days when a home or farm is lost to foreclosure or abandoned, I have seen several demolished — house, barn, sheds, and silo. I understand, but hope we don’t lose all of our rickety old wooden buildings in the rural landscape. Along one rural highway a couple hours away, a two-story old house that has only its dark wood siding and roof has been turned into folk art, with a flag painted on its side, a wagon wheel propped against its front, and geraniums in half-barrels flanking what was its porch.

  2. Thank you my friend for sharing your gift of creativity — touched my soul once again. You always manage to surprise me. Love you.

  3. Just loved the walk; thank you for the invite.

    Those old homesteads, they haunt me still. I love how some still stand so tall and proud even though their loves have long since gone.


  4. I would love to lace up my shoes and take a walk on this lovely landscape. I’d pack a lunch, take pictures, admire the wide open sky and shout out words of appreciation to the universe!


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