a little something for your home (read: giveaway)

Good morning, good lookin’s! Winter has finally hit us here in South Dakota. My dog, she keeps whining and I think the cold is to blame. She goes through these bouts now and then, and I might relate. So I don’t judge, but simply pat her husky bottom and say I understand.

South Dakota pup

In other news, you may notice a page to the right has been added called Our Shop.

It’s a little etsy store featuring our fine handiwork, and I am excited to share it with you.

Deer & Dear Designs
We have a few items available, and more will be added in time, such as knitted items.

prayer shawl
Country Man is a talented one, and since I cannot shout it out from the rooftops, I will here.

South Dakota gal's husband

He works hard, and when he’s not farming or chasing cattle, he’s hunting. In the spring, he shed hunts. Sheds are antlers that deer have dropped to grow new ones, and this is what he uses to create items.

Here are some of the ivory antler creations thus far (click on photos for more views):

South Dakota candle holder

Candle Holder

South Dakota knife



South Dakota letter opener

The Giveaway: A Letter Opener!

To enter for you chance to win this letter opener and have a piece of South Dakota in your home or office, please leave a comment below. If you feel led to share this with your friends, I’d be mighty grateful.

I’ll draw a random name by Monday evening. This is open to any and everyone, so don’t be shy!

Hope you have a superb weekend!


104 thoughts on “a little something for your home (read: giveaway)

  1. This is a wonderful idea and I would love to have a piece of ‘South Dakota’ in my home in Atlantic Canada! I have the perfect spot on my desk for such an item, and even opening bills wouldn’t be as much of a chore if I had that gorgeous letter-opener to use!

    Hope you get lots of comments on this post and I look forward to seeing who the lucky will be. Have a great weekend, too!

  2. My seven year old, appropriately named Hunter, has taken an interest in antler art. This past weekend he and his Dad made two antler walking sticks! He would LOVE the letter opener and I will most certainly share your husband’s talent with my little one!

  3. Congratulations! I will check out your store. I have been an Etsian for a little while and love the creative energy in Etsy. Much success to you and to the Countryman.

  4. Congrats on your entrepreneurship and Etsy shop! I LOVE Etsy. Tell Country Man his antler art is beautiful, especially the candle arrangement. And I look forward to seeing your knitted creations. My mom’s side of the family knits and crochets, so I’ve always loved the look and feel.

  5. Don’t enter me in the drawing. I’m sure someone wants the letter opener more than I do, but I did want to say, “Wow, Countryman does great work.” We’ll be looking for shed antlers at our place this spring. In December, I stumbled across the full skeleton of a deer, probably down near our stream for a couple of years. No horns though. My husband made his first knife last fall and while interesting it’s nowhere near as beautiful or useful as the knife in your post. When I first found your blog I read through most of the archives and I remember the post about looking for shed antlers and the one where you posted all those pictures of city dress shoes in your rural surroundings. Your posts (and your Etsy Shop) definitely feed my brain as I wander our woods and meadows.

  6. How fun!! My brother and his family “shed” hunt so I can relate to this – the word your hubby has done is beautiful. What a creative way to use what nature’s offered 🙂

    Consider me entered in your drawing!

  7. This is the honest to gosh truth. But yesterday I was telling my husband, “I really need a letter opener.” (Envelopes are shredded by the time I get them open.) Today I check out your post and what do I see but a letter opener.

    Anyway, congrats on opening the shop. Always wonderful to see the talent out there.

  8. Ah, your stories of Country Man’s shed hunting have me anticipating the spring in these parts! I found a HUGE shed a year ago Sunday when I was trailing the last buck of the season taken with my crossbow. Unfortunately, the rodents had way too much time with it. So I am determined this year to get out in the spring and beat the little boogers to the punch!

    Please feel free to enter me twice ! 😉

  9. Well, I must admit that I’ve never heard of shed hunting, so before I got to your explanation I had this picture in my mind of someone hunting for little sheds, as in tool sheds…duh! You can tell I live in the city, eh? Anyway, Country Man’s work is beautiful!

  10. A wonderful idea for you and Country Man to open this shop. You both are so creative. I’m so impressed at how you can dream up items and them make them with your own hands. Beautiful and useful too!

  11. How talented you both are and good luck with your new shop, designs and give-away. I think it’s great that he’s making beautiful things from what he’s found and/or catches etc.

    It has just turned chilly here in England too though we’ve yet to see snow. I’m not sure I’m ready for the cold again as it’s been lovely and mild this winter.

  12. That’s really lovely….would love to win. BTW is there a secret to finding sheds…got plenty of deer around here and i spend a lot of time in the woods of New England, what can you recommend?

  13. WOW !! just found yer blog , just love it the things in the shop are outstanding as are all yer pics , can’t wait to read yer stuff , keep up the great work and keep bundled up !!!

  14. Wonderful creations, down here in Texas we gather sheds as well and make pens, letter openers, knife handles, and other as well. Nice collections!

  15. I once found an antler shed (just half of it, though) when I was helping drive out deer in WI. It’s so incredible that they lose those every year, and they grow back one size bigger. I think it’s great that your husband is turning the sheds into art.

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