days like this & giveaway winner

South Dakota photography

While this homestead looks nothing like that homestead, I can still feel the cold chill pushing through crevices and cracks and doorways. These wood floors don’t help with the bitter winter, but I choose ambiance over my physical state to some degree.

South Dakota photography

old farm house




It’s days like this I leave the tv on for a bit of noise, otherwise it is so unnaturally quiet.

It’s days like this I bake cranberry muffins to keep my hands busy and purposeful.

It’s days like this it seems the furthest this world goes is out to the gravel road over, where the geese gather most often.

South Dakota photography

It’s also days like this that I remember why summer is good…

South Dakota me

why fishing with my husband makes me want to take a swim with him… alone. (smiling)

South Dakota photography

and why the sun on my face is as effective as hug.

South Dakota farm

It’s days like this I dream happily of a brighter tomorrow, while devouring cranberry muffins.


Also, congrats to Sandhills and Cowpatties for winning the letter opener! Please email sdcountrywife@gmail. com with the sending address.

Thank you all so much for taking part in this giveaway with me and checking out our shop.


37 thoughts on “days like this & giveaway winner

  1. Oh, that house…I can’t get enough of those pictures. The lathe, the old joists under those splintered floor boards…but yes, it looks so chilly–I can practically feel the wind coming through those holes!! love the “hug” from the sun!

  2. Oh my goodness! We have a sad old house on our farm. It still has some windows and the floor is in somewhat better shape, though buckled in one room. All the lathe and plaster is gone though… Sad that so many people left the land as farms got bigger, leaving houses that decay with years of neglect.

  3. thanks fer the shot at the letter opener , the stores is fabulous , the words and pics always touch my heart , as we long for those times and places , keep tickling the keys with yer prose , keep warm !!

  4. That first photograph is jaw-dropping. And while it looks cold out there, it also looks as though the world is doing what it’s supposed to do, through that window.

  5. Great pics! I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the “Awesome Blog Content Award”. You can find details of the award on my blog! Congratulations…hopefully you’ll get even more traffic to your blog from this.

  6. I love this! Motor Man and I recently had the opportunity to go inside an old house that was being taken down (to be relocated), and my pictures are similar to yours. I’ve been working on a post about it, but just haven’t finished. This will inspire me…although my content won’t be as special as yours!

  7. These photographs are amazing. Wonderful work! I would love to have them hanging on my wall so I can dream about non-city life. I take any chance I get to visit the country and photograph old barns, fields, etc. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful stuff!

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