still the same: now and then

As I sit here typing, it is sunny and 49 degrees outside. This is strangely good.

And like cattle to the trough, the pups lined toward the south side of the house to spend the day on the deck. As much as I love my furry creatures, it’s nice to have them out of the house for a few hours. Parting and the heart growing fonder, as they say.

Looking back a year, January 2011 sang a much different tune. I was hosting my first Norwex party in hopes of selling enough items to claim the coveted mop. I did, and now my wood floors, they do shine.

However, I had to have the first date rescheduled because of a blizzard. Not so this year.

I also had another weekend like this, which reminds me while the weather can change, some things stay the same:

  • I still love Saturdays with Country Man, when he does chores on the farm:

South Dakota tractor

  • I am still desperately trying to find creative ways to workout in my home:
South Dakota pup

and one and two and three and four, and one and two...

  •  I am still hoping and praying my tropical fruit trees keep on fighting through South Dakota climates:
South Dakota tree


South Dakota gal's Bowie

Too warm for a coat today. Maybe tonight...

  •  We still have black Kitty around the farm (she hasn’t been run over or become mountain lion meat):

South Dakota Kitty

  • I am still boozing a lot to help my husband with his side work:
Deer & Dear wine rack

Handcrafted wine rack

Yes, some things stay the same. Most of the time it doesn’t, but  a 50+ degree day in January?
I’ll take it.


PS. Actually, these were my neighbor’s bottles. I just wanted to sound cool.

PPS. “COOL”, according to youth group kids, means: Constipated, Overrated, Outdated, Loser.
Now I need to come up with an acronym meaning for “EPIC”.


37 thoughts on “still the same: now and then

  1. Haha! I had no idea that saying someone is “cool” was so rude. Duly noted.

    Also, I’m totally loving your pomegranate tree! I’ve never tried to grow something so “cool” <–traditional meaning this time. 😉

      • My middle-schooler clued me in on the new meaning of ‘cool,’ but I told him that when I use the term to just translate it to the old meaning. I can’t keep up.

        Maybe I should come up with something for S-I-C-K so I can have my own meaning for slang I’m tired of hearing……

  2. Isn’t it amazing how some years can change so much, and others…hardly at all? When it rains it pours, and when it doesn’t rain…one can take a deep breath and enjoy the expanse of soul to wait in!

  3. Workouts at home… I LOVE Kettlebell (though I went to a trainer twice to learn proper technique so I didn’t wrench my back). They’re nice and compact (just make sure pups/cat are not near you while you swing). The only downside is that the initial investment is kind of steep. But a FUN at-home exercise. I actually take them outside so I don’t smash my kitties. The wine holders are EPIC ;-).

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