spreading the Valentine’s Day love.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s true colors are shining bright. So bright, in fact, that I was nearly blinded into shock after reading the flower shop’s ad from our small town paper: $75 for a dozen roses.


This was the first time I asked Country Man not to buy me flowers and sincerely, wholeheartedly meant it.

Though finances may be tight for many these days, and advertising only serving to remind us, I can testify we are so very fortunate in so many ways. Nothing is perfect and some days are harder than others, with a few days beautiful but most simply good, so much that it’s almost comical.

Yes, life is swell.

With that said, this Valentine’s Day I took it upon myself to revive the ten year-old in me and wink at the 28 year-old frugal gal, too, by taking the handmade route. Rather than spend a whole $3.95 on a card, I made one with my own two hands.

So today I am going to share my 20 minute card-making process with you, and in hopes help to make Valentine’s Day a sweet, thoughtful one for you and yours. And if you don’t have a romantic Valentine, I can assure you there is someone who would appreciate a card.

To Make A Card

First, find a printable image to use as your card cover. Thanks to the talented Middlest Sister, I found mine:

The Middlest Sister


The Middlest Sister was kind enough to consider the not-so-festive this Valentine’s Day. I chose the dove and bee as front-and-back, but will keep the fowl around for another time.

Second, I grabbed a few magazines:


Redbook is my “McDonald’s for the mind”, as my father calls easy reading material. Or as I like to call it, “help a band member go on a trip” magazine. And, I do like it. A Redbook and a bottled Coke together, now that’s my idea of a nice Sunday afternoon delight.

Now, it’s time for cutting and pasting. Redbook is filled with Valentine’s Day keywords, making this a quick project.

Simple! Once I finished creating the message for his eyes only, I found the Soul2Soul perfume sample in my magazine and breezed it across the pages. Thanks, Faith Hill. You smell nice.

Well, I hope this helped you save a few bucks, or at the very least from a last minute Valentine’s Day pinch.

Before I go, I’d like to share a couple ideas to consider this Valentine’s Day:

Other than the great ones above, have any clever Valentine’s Day ideas to share? I’d love to see them!


58 thoughts on “spreading the Valentine’s Day love.

  1. I like the idea of a handmade Valentine card. Cards here range in price from around $4.50 up to $12.50 and more, so if I were to send a valentines card I would follow your instructions and make my own.

  2. Awww…this is adorable. A card to cherish!
    Flip over a regular Valentine card at the drugstore. Yesterday I priced several at 8.99, 7.99 and 6.99. I have never seen cards break the $5.00 mark until yesterday. Yikes!

  3. Cute! I’ve been getting in touch with my crafty side lately, so this would be a good example for me to follow.

    Also, “This was the first time I asked Country Man not to buy me flowers and sincerely, wholeheartedly meant it.” I feel you on that one – I did the same and my poor boyfriend is still trying to figure out if I meant it.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  4. My hubby & I aren’t real big on this what we call “invented” holiday.. But I become more and more tempted by those heart-shaped homemade marshmallows I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest! Seems like a good way to meet society in the middle 🙂

  5. Cute! I’m always worried my homemade stuff will look like…well, like I’m still in 3rd grade. But yours came out super cute so maybe I will try it!!

  6. When I was married I made many a homemade cards.. He loved them and last I heard still had them in a shoe box 🙂
    Great idea to share and HVD!!

  7. I love handmade cards — beautiful! However, when my kids were little, one year when my daughter was in 3rd grade we decided to hand make cards for all the kids in the class. Very stressful experience making that many cards…. still to this day, my (now-college-age) daughter prefers to make gifts instead of buy them — I love that!

  8. HI there–I echo the other Suzanne’s feelings about Valentines Day, but you have inspired me to make cards with my kids–it is a perfect compromise and a great way to say, I Love You.

    Happy V Day!

  9. As we are expecting our little girl any day now, I believe our romantic Valentine’s might consist of a foot rub and numerous episodes of Downton Abbey. It is amazing how even these simple things mean so much when you stop to appreciate them; thanks for the great DYI card ideas. I might have to make one myself!

  10. Something made with your own two hands is infinitely more wonderful than any store bought card – at any price!
    You’re so creative
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Country Man.

  11. I love the idea of a homemade card! Anyone can pick up a card at the store, it takes much more thought and planning to create your own!

  12. My new grand-daughter, born Feb 8th this year, decided to be born very close to Valentines Day. She doesn’t like cards yet but perhaps in the future I can teach her to make one for her daddy 🙂

  13. Lovely idea though I did wonder where ‘you are fowl’ came in, at the end of ‘lovey dovey’ and ‘beary kind’. Thank for the clarification on that :).
    My children always made cards themselves, they are all grown up now but the habit still stands. My younger one especially does her own illustrations and writes her own messages, beautiful ones from the heart. I was always a Hallmark person, spent hours on choosing the words which someone else had written which would match my own sentiments, but i am proud that the girls have taken a more personal way of expressing their feelings.
    We too often take the material way out as it is easier and takes less effort. I have all the cards saved, from scribbles when they were small to beautiful poems now when they are grown up.
    One of my friend’s husband surprised her on her Birthday with flower pots outside her kitchen window. Another friend in Africa had a whole rose garden at the back of the house, just outside her kitchen window. It was amazingly beautiful I can imagine what a delight cooking in that kitchen must have been. I hope the personal touches in the card making will become a long tradition for both you and your readers.

  14. So then, even though I did not get a $75 bouquet of roses, I did receive an arrangement of daisies and carnations interspersed with babies breath on Sunday. My sister is a florist. I hope Country Man doesn’t take your “no flowers” advice as “no flowers ever.”

    I love that you created this homemade card for him. Homemade means so much more. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  15. Saw a commercial for soul2soul the other day and want to smell it..really the only way to say that. Believe me I tried to think of a better way!

  16. I am a non-believer in Valentine’s day. I have always told Hubby that I don’t need the trappings of one day form him to declare his love. He does so every day in all the little things he does. Still, he tries and tries to swing my view ’round to wanting something for a Valentine’s gift. This year, I said, if you must, buy me a goat. Or a tree. But no flowers or chocolates, or decadent stuff I just don’t need. I made it easy and gave him the catalog, with the preferred items marked…http://donate.worldvision.org/OA_HTML/xxwv2ibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?lpos=top_drp_WaysToGive_Gift+Catalog&go=gift&&section=10389

    He gave our Daughter a rabbit, and he gave me a sewing machine. That, to me, told me he loved me, more than any of the “expected” trappings of Valentine’s day. 🙂

  17. “Thanks Faith Hill. You smell nice.”


    Love your sweet card and I bet your man did too. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, my beautiful friend!!

    PS: Just waiting for my ship to come in.. some day I’ll buy a pair of those antlers.

  18. Thanks Country Mans Wife for acknowledging my fiction writing contest. The winner was announced yestereday …

    I love making cards….I like to use a lot of the photos I have printed out over the years – back when they weren’t all managed digitally it was great to have hard copies of Out-takes that inspire some pretty funny highly personal inscriptions for cars. Roses here on the Public radio station went for $150 donation…I asked my simple guy not to get them, either.

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