cat goes bump in the night

Upon stepping onto the deck yesterday, two furry felines greeted me.

This is typical of them, and their way of hinting they want water. Of course, the two could easily find water anywhere, but when a girl domesticates farm cats, what else should she expect?

South Dakota Kitty

However, this greeting was not like the others.

Grey kitty, who we intended to call Coal but it never stuck, same as black kitty, walked up to me, his back leg useless.

It was also pointing in the wrong direction.

Rational me said: Uh-oh, someone is hurt. It doesn’t look so bad.

Inside me said: NOOOOOOOOOO! He has so much life left in him!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! Spare my sweet farm kitty!!! {insert dramatic, Oscar-worthy cry here}

South Dakota animals

Crisis-mode me appears collected on the outside, but in my head, it ain’t pretty.

As you can see, farm life has forced me to rely on my rational side, because, as we learned with the snake in the basement, when you’re the only one home, screaming doesn’t help much. Action is more effective and better for sanity.

Calmly squatting to the ground, I lifted Grey Kitty to my lap, scratched his ears, and evaluated his disposition. He bit me and purred, relieving my inner angst.

South Dakota kitty

A vet trip and x-ray later determined he will need surgery and pins. Maybe even a cast? Which sounds completely adorable, and warranted, if he must do things like break his leg. And for those who remember his story from when we first brought him to the farm, he’s quite familiar with the clinic and staff.

But when they see him and call him strangely mannered for a farm cat, I smile with pride.

South Dakota Kitty

As I wait for him, I wonder what on heaven’s earth he did to break his leg?

This farm Kitty, he’s been nothing but trouble since the beginning. But maybe I miss him some.

South Dakota Kitty

Just a little.


51 thoughts on “cat goes bump in the night

  1. Ohhhh…poor Gray Kitty…he is lucky to have you for his Mom…they can get into things in the country but he is a tough little guy and hoping he is as good as new soon:) Years ago we had a kitty named Kalamazo…he was a black Manx…and was tough and smart….he was an inside kitty due coyotes….so he got out acidently when we were gone…my poor Mom was feeding him and she felt awful…he disappeared for around two weeks and then one day he came home looking like heck….you cold tell he had been fighting for his life. We think he got into a fight with a coyote and as it turned out his hip socket was ripped loose…the vet did surgery on him and he lived without a hip socket as they could not save the bone…vet told us that it would heal and tissue would form around it and compensate for it….and it did….he got well and was back to normal for another 15 years…hang in there:)

    • So glad Kalamazo came home! It’s funny how we grow to rely on their presence around the place.

      Are trees scarce in your area? We have coyotes around here, not too bad though, but enough trees for a limber cat to escape. We are seeing a rise in mountain lions in this part of the state, which is going to change things for animal owners.

      I am wondering about MJ’s comment, if he went into the cattle pasture and was stepped on. I know we’ve come home late at night to see a cat’s eyes among group of cattle.

      Thank you for reading, HRC!

      • No we have lots of trees and places for kitties to hide but we have lots of coyotes…and now we also have cougars as well. If I ever let one of our cats outside to play or live some of the time it never failed that a coyote would get it as the kitty would wander off and go hunting…so I keep my kitties in the house. We do have two barn cats that have lived in the barn for 9 years but my hubby cut cat doors in the barn for them to go in and out….that is what has saved them and they get rid of my mice too:) Sending up some prayers for a speedy recovery for Gray Kitty:)

    • lol, well, probably, because he knows how much I adore him! We are fortunate to have a large animal vet in town who cares about cats (he wouldn’t put grey kitty down when his kitty self had a run-in with the blade, but fixed him up to find and looked for a home). So he assured us it wouldn’t be more than $100. Otherwise, he might have had to just make-do with a goofy leg.

      Thank you for stopping in!

  2. Do you think he was stepped on by a cow? For some reason, that’s the first thing that popped into my head.

    Thank you for the commitment to care for him – I know many others that wouldn’t be able to $$-ally speaking and others who just wouldn’t commit to it period.

    sounds like plenty of purring opportunities are coming your way soon!!

    • We are fortunate to have a large animal vet in town who also loves cats. He assured us it wouldn’t cost more than $100. Otherwise, he might have had to just mend on his own.

      Now you have me wondering about the cow. Maybe the vet will tell us more today.

      Thanks for stopping in, MJ! Hope all is well in Michigan.

  3. He fell whilst climbing a tree, caught his back leg in a bough fork on the way down , twisted loose etc. Six weeks convalescing in a cage, daily physiotherapy, loads of TLC and he will be well.

  4. Even from thousands of miles away, I am feeling SO concerned about your kitty … but who could resist that face amidst the cornstalks??? I really hope he is okay as a well-mannered farm cat is never something to be taken for granted!! love your photos!!!

  5. That end-picture is probably the cutest thing ever.
    Thanks for brightening my day with that:D I do hope the little guy gets better!!!

  6. Oh I do say, I have just spent several hours reading through your posts! I have enjoyed everyone of them so very much. I can completely concur with most of what you write. I too live on a ranch, well we don’t have cattle we have rice… Go figure, but I am in California. I can go for days with out seeing many people at all. Where I differ is I don’t have a country man… Someday, I am sure I will meet one… I do so love where I live and all the creatures I share this life with. Soon in a few months I will be moving away from the ranch and going to the city for a few years. Then after my son graduates I am thinking I will have to settle back out in the country, as I do love it!

    Where else can you find frogs half way up your bedroom wall, or share your porch with a family of lizards… Have bats swoop down over the top of your head as you walk from your car to your door? Hahaha! Awe and lets not forget the rats that decorate my bathroom floor with little black droppings! Not to mention finding snakes and frogs in my swimming pool in my front yard… Don’t ask why it is in my front yard and why everyone comes to my backdoor to knock!

    I do understand now your farm cat can get into so much stuff! There are many here on this ranch, and sometimes they disappear, sometimes we find them out on the road, and sometimes they get hurt! Our biggest challenge is that people have a tendency to drop them off out here, because they can’t keep them for some reason??? We sometimes end up with dogs too. Heck the other day I had a random chicken wandering around the yard and we don’t raise chickens out here.

    Well here is to such a wonderful life, and a simple one too… Peace and Harmony Sj

    • thank you for the great comment, California country girl!
      country life is indeed interesting. we come across a diverse cast of characters.
      My grey kitty is a special one to me. I tell myself to not get attached, but of course, I do. I pick him up today, and cannot wait to see how he’s doing!

      Thank you again for reading and introducing yourself!

  7. Oh boy, I can relate the injured-kitty panic. Just about a year ago my kitty was diagnosed with Cardio Myopathy – we found out as my 4 year old tabby was going into cardiac arrest on the floor 😦 Luckily we got him to a vet in time and he’s still doing well! I’m so glad your kitty is ok! On another note, love your blog! I’ll definitely be checking it out regularly 🙂

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