they call them holy moments

They call them holy moments…

the unearthly moments, merely seconds, that stop us in our life series and future concentrations.

Like when he grabs you close by surprise, to dance, allowing no time to put a guard up and all you can do is smile shyly and sway to the silence with him.

Or sitting inside a small town church, distracted by a sparkle coming from your left finger, hiding laughter as to how a country boy ever had the money for it at the time.

That ring could have made for an unforgettable hunting adventure, so the sacrifice was great…

That holy moment when a girl’s best friend makes her way to your lap, a gentle comfort in times of trial and you realize it won’t be like this forever, the trial and this comforter.

The Simple Country Life photography

Or when that human friend with the wild heart and gentle spirit takes a leap and shares a fear, a medical concern that would be easier to lock away than face straight on.

Those holy moments unlike the holy rollers are for the listeners, the ones who can manage the silence long enough to hear what is said in the quiet.

And these moments, they are in reach, always, for all, and they are beautiful.


48 thoughts on “they call them holy moments

  1. When I’m driving home sometimes and the evening light catches my Sapphire and it twinkles in the light, I gasp and think the same – how did I ever deserve something so unique and beautiful? And then I know the answer: Because I met someone who could see me for me, who could appreciate all we could be .. together.

    Beautiful post.

  2. “Holy Moments” …little things….collectively, over time, will add up and eventually create a picture of a dream that began the day he offered you the ring… And trust me, stuff surely happens–no matter who you are. One day, you’ll be amazingly grateful for all the little things that you paid attention to..noticed or kept close to your heart, to be remembered when you think about life, there are obvious things that stand out- those extreme moments of good or bad. But most of the other days are as quickly forgotten as they are lived. You are so right to remind us of the real things that matter.things that can quickly trigger waves of memories and feelings that otherwise would have been forgotten….Jess

  3. As always, very lovely. I lost the diamond from my engagement ring this summer (it was a tiny, but much loved stone and much like Country Man, my beloved would have so loved to spend that money on something wild like a tour of baseball stadiums or wicked wild skiing out west). I now wear my anniversary ring (given at 20 years) as my wedding band, and smile each time I see it.

  4. You do have a way with words, and I am glad that you share them freely. You really make us think and consider about what our lives mean, and how precious the moments in them really are.
    Thank you.
    ~ Lynda

  5. This is beautiful writing. Love how wonderful it is when the heart writes a blog… Thank you for visiting my blog. I am just getting around to visiting yours.

  6. Ever since the birth of Adelaide ten days ago, I have experienced a plethora of these “holy moments.” Randy and I aren’t getting a lot of alone time right now, but even just looking across the room at each other and smiling with tears in our eyes as we each think about our daughter is somehow enough. Such precious, fleeting times these are. Thank you for reminding me to cherish each and every one.

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