A Saturday Morning Date

We drive to town, me and him, for tractor parts and breakfast, to the only place serving ham and french toast.

This one-room restaurant has a reputation for ashes in hashbrowns and service with a growl, but you know what to expect and that’s a refreshing quality these days.

It’s 7 am, coffee drinkers are situated, and the TV is playing country music videos, mostly songs for the young and unwise. The waitress slides our coffee onto the table, sweet caffeine spilling over the sides. She sees it, but grunts and goes back to the grill.

It’s a date of sorts, and a darn good end to a long week.

After making our stops, we turn west to drive the 20-something  miles home.

I kiss him goodbye as he heads further west, and I turn in to put clothes on the line.

It’s nearly 70 degrees, after all.


And to you, my friend, if you’ve liked any of the items we’ve created from our shop, I’d like to offer you a weekend coupon worth 15% off any item, starting today.

Pheasant feather earrings, perhaps?

Handcrafted pheasant feather earrings

Handcrafted pheasant feather earrings

Or how about a coat rack made from an old homestead along the Missouri River?

Old Homestead Inspired Coat Rack

Coupon code: blogcoupon01 (not sure if it has to be in caps or not).

Have a great weekend!


31 thoughts on “A Saturday Morning Date

  1. I love this line. It’s so visual and puts me there, right with you:

    “The waitress slides our coffee onto the table, sweet caffeine spilling over the sides. She sees it, but grunts and goes back to the grill.”

  2. My husband I used to live near a diner like the one you wrote about, we frequently visited for corn beef and eggs. I used to want to sit there forever, but every time we had to part and start our days. Thanks for inspiring warm memories.

    • Ditto and ditto to this! And the weather sounds amazing – it’s not that warm here in Jersey, but we did enjoy an AWESOME hike yesterday in 60 degree-ish weather (perfect for hiking)!

  3. Those are beautiful creations 🙂 I love your date too… made me smile. I love this singer too, although I missed his name I’m listening to it now … I absolutely love country music. It’s soothing … Have a good rest of the weekend.

  4. But don’t you just love those small-town cafes despite their short-comings? Give me those anyday over a chain restaurant.

    And I’m loving this weather, too. I put off washing clothes today so I can dry laundry on the line tomorrow. It’s raining here this morning. Temps here in southeastern Minnesota are supposed to soar into the 70s later this week. I’ll take sun and warmth any time over a cold, snowy and a gloomy March.

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