when days are mundane and long

South Dakota photography

This blogging is hard doing.

Wait. Let me take that back.

This life is the hard doing.

The in’s and out’s of day-after-day, wondering if it’s all for anything or for nothing at all.

It’s days like this a need for perspective calls, and I venture outside where sparrow’s soar freely.

With three pups exploring behind me, we find our way down the long dirt road dividing two farmer’s land and I happenstance upon the country cemetery, a once growing place that has dwindled along with the family agricultural lifestyle.

The first row of headstones are simple, and I almost fall into a deep hole dug by a badger most likely. It’s over the grave of a girl name Olivia, and I am strangely curious how far the badger dug.

Walking up and down rows, I read the stories of loved ones gone and wonder how they do it, 20 more years without a their beloved one. What did they do?

As I remember them, I turn to see puppies running toward me, smiling, over graves and flowers and badger holes, no fear of death or superstitions stopping them at stones. Run, run, run.

Soon life calls us home, supper to prepare and a husband weary after a long day’s work. A man I love and intend to be seated next to for the next wanderer to wonder over, here maybe?

And it occurs to me, again and again, that death is the greatest equalizer.

Yes, life is hard… but life I have.


35 thoughts on “when days are mundane and long

  1. This is a perfect reminder that what you have is always enough if you just let yourself see it and you, country girl, see it. I am happy that you can still see it with only small reminders.

    This was very uplifting.


  2. Wow, this is so well worded. It’s strange that in a moment of existential crisis, a graveyard helped. Don’t forget that that cemetery is not the end of Olivia’s story, and it won’t be the end of your either 🙂

  3. I’ve always felt the same way about weather (the great equalizer) – a tornado/floor/earthquake is gonna do what it’s gonna do, regardless of how important you think you are.

  4. Mmmmm … I always feel like I entered a new … space? time zone? parallel universe?? when I read your blogs. You just take us away somewhere else, with just a few words – love it!

  5. I agree with the comment above that said they feel they’re in a new place when they read your blog. I feel the same way. And I really like your new blog make-over.

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