may wonders never cease

What began as dark and cloudy day…

… ended up quite spook-tacular, really.

Here, let me paint you a story:

South Dakota photography

paint, paint, paint

Country Man returned home after a day in the fields spraying fertilizer, preparing soil for planting.

South Dakota photography

Mine was a stare-out-the-window-and-sigh day, a bit stir crazy and in need of fresh air.

I know the place to go, he says.

(Old dog must come along, too.)

South Dakota photography

A mile from home, we stop at our destination, a neighbor’s old homestead to look for horns, permission granted, of course.

I set my eyes to the right in search along the fence line and among the crop ground. I find nothing.

South Dakota photography

Empty-handed, I turn left, and in between the trees I am confronted with the history of this place.

It’s the mystery of a long ago thriving farming community that renews my weary spirits.

Once upon a time, a house sat on every section, a small grocery store and country school in the center.

Now, it’s succumbing to hungry farmers with big visions and young adults looking to escape the uncertainties of the agricultural lifestyle.

South Dakota photography

My farmer could have escaped it as many have, but a love for the land and laboring with hands fuels him, as it does for many in this area.

Although I’ve been here before, it’s peering from a safe distance that I’ve looked it over.

South Dakota photography

This time, with a stirring in my soul, I push the door open to peek inside, curious as to what secrets lurk behind these walls…

South Dakota photography

But that’s for next time.

Until then…

South Dakota photography

…may you enjoy the wonders of life’s little treasures.

Have a great weekend!


32 thoughts on “may wonders never cease

  1. Oh… that made me so sad for that house-that-used-to-be-a-home. I wonder how many times someone sat in the bay window, waiting and watching for a loved one to come down the lane.
    I can feel the character in that house!

  2. I excited to read and see the next chapter. Looking into the past is fascinating. Thank you the the peek into the past!

  3. Lovely journey you took us on…both visually and through your lyrical words. Have a great weekend with your country man, too. Waiting for my own to return from work!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Motor Man and I had an opportunity to go in an old homestead a few months ago. I’ve written a draft about it, but just haven’t posted it yet. I love old houses; wish they had voices!

  5. What is it about empty houses that stir up thoughts of what was in some of us and others just see nothing but an old house that needs to be torn down? I always wonder what was, why it was, and how it was. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on what was 🙂

  6. Alright, you sucked me right in; can’t wait to see the rest. Your husband’s okay with me – nothing more honorable than using the gifts that God provides, whether it be the rich earth or a strong back, or both. Good man.

  7. You can’t leave us like this! I want to see more! In my youth, growing up on Long Island, my friends and I would get on our bikes in search of abandoned homes. So fascinating to walk through and glimpse into people’s past lives. How intriguing. That house looks like it must have been quite a beauty in its prime.

  8. I love the stories hidden in old houses like these. History is talking to you and all you have to do is listen. I can’t wait to hear what this farmhouse has to say.

  9. Abandoned farmhouses have always held a certain appeal for me, too, as I imagine the families who lived here, the history, the pain, the happiness…

    Am awaiting a post on your discoveries.

  10. there was an old home like that on the outside of town. it was torn down years ago. when i was 18,19,20? i would ride my bike on the old country road that led to the house’s front yard. always, i would stop in and poke around, imagining who had once lived there. thanx for bringing back a good memory!

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