the free-spirited one

My grandmother calls her the free-spirited one.

Some days, I think she’s right.

South Dakota photography

The Free Spirit, the one who escaped small town, South Dakota and travels, drinks, lives.

South Dakota photography

Three states in under five years, they say, shaking their head in humored disbelief.

She’s a wild one, that girl. It’s gonna take a lot to plant them roots.

South Dakota photography

I think about the oceans, the restaurants, the coffee shops, the stores… so many things to do in under five minutes and I’ve got a list ten-miles long for the next trip to the Big City.

Can I remember a spur of the moment Friday night lights in my best blue jeans and prettiest jewelry, when we didn’t have to surrender to reality and now I meet my husband for a date to help build fence?

Is that option even mine?

South Dakota photography

I sit in the pickup pulling the post pounder, head resting out the window as I watch him work under this wide sky displaying our dreams in spectacular lighting.

So many things uncertain as we walk our path hand-in-hand…

South Dakota photography

And while we don’t dazzle most with our simple roots and tied-down lifestyle, my spirit soars higher underneath each splendid sky, soaring with joy and uncertainty so strong it nearly hurts.

South Dakota photography

My grandmother calls her the free-spirited one.

Some days, I think she’s right.

Most times, though, I think I’ve found what freedom really means.


45 thoughts on “the free-spirited one

  1. It’s a really, really good life you’re living. I wish so many people weren’t out of touch with the rhythms of rural life. Loved the mushy thank you letter too.

  2. In a German concentration camp, Vikto Frankl who wrote “Man’s search for Meaning”. He discovered a freedom of sorts. He learned that no matter what was taken away from him, he alone controlled his attitude. He had a certain amount of control or “freedom” over this thoughts. Sometimes people with a large suite of choices and options are not free. If their mind tells them they are trapped or bound then it doesn’t matter how much money or time they have- they are not free. You seem to believe that freedom of spirit is not tied to your job or your relationship, your state, your home, or anything other than your thinking – which you control. I don’t know if this is the message you intended, but this is what I get from some of your posts. Is this a part of what you are intending to say?

  3. Wonderful, inspiring piece. It’s an amazing experience when we discover the beauty and peace that surrounds us all, if we just take a moment, a breath, to see it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I share your appreciation of the world you love. My parents were born in rural towns in Texas, they were they ones that “moved away” when my dad joined the Navy, and I always missed not growing up in small town USA. I lived both worlds, city and rural. Now, having told my husband, “all I want is a simple life” that is what I have in Evansridge…simple yes, uneventful, no.

  5. Thank you for continuing to share your gifts–this was fabulous! Freedom means being who you are, where you are, when you are. And you are!

  6. You are living the wildly happy and content life, and your descriptions of that life reach into the corners of our own and let us share in that feeling. Love reading your posts.

  7. Such beautiful skies under which you share such personal thoughts. As a small-town girl far away from big city offerings, I too find comfort and joy in knowing that how and where I live my life is the result of my own decisions. I have made choices willingly with wide open eyes and embrace these with my whole heart, even though sometimes I wonder how it would be if I had chosen a different path. City mice live a different pace, not necessarily better, not necessarily worse. What is fun is to be able to take the time to explore different aspects the world has to offer through visits, vacations, and other mental breaks (books, daydreams, and so on) 🙂 while still appreciating your own life in all its beauty, as you always do.

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