a city life reject (me)

Do you know how long it takes a woman to get over the goodbye of her giant friends?

Approximately 12 hours, if you’re this one. Because it was about that time we made the two hour drive to Big City, South Dakota and spent the day shopping and eating.

And despite new money in our pockets, my heart is a faithful bargain hunter, and bargain hunted, I did.

I found a cute new pair of on-the-farm shoes, which gives the remaining cows and heifers the impression that, hey, that girl that keeps waving and talking to us is weird, but she is also stylish and presumably athletic.  Boy are we lucky to have landed ourselves this farm.

South Dakota shoes

Hot hot pink!

South Dakota photography

You leave me all day to shop and come back with nothing for me?! I will destroy the taunting shoes.

Now, you may be thinking, your title says one thing, but your new pink shoes and outspoken affection for bargain hunting suggest otherwise.

Well, I would argue you and say that overtime, constant shopping access may do that, especially if I started betting to keep my habit.

However, that’s not what I meant by the title. I was referring to…

… the sushi restaurant.

You see, my fellow country girl/walking partner regaled me of her wonderful experiences at this particular sushi restaurant.

I mean, we both live in the country and share similar tastes… how could one go wrong?

Having never tried sushi myself, I had set my mind to it.

Then, in a bright sign of destiny, I saw said restaurant next to the RCC store Country Man had to stop into to buy himself new work jeans and a belt.

Let’s eat here!

Hm, no. Sushi does not sound good at all. And it’s 11.

We arm-wrestled in the parking lot to see who decided, and the sushi place it was.

Now, looking back, I think we were doomed from the start.

It wasn’t the lack of utensils on the table, either.

It began with the highly cranky server who would not describe the food.

But I will simply tell you in video form.

I ate my first piece of sushi and said:

But “a lot” was a stretch because it was only mildly tasty and ever more texture-disturbing.

It was pride that interfered my honest reaction to the food. But pride would be shamed next.

And when one of the by-standing waiters gestured for me to eat the wasabi on my plate, a food I had no idea about but obediently shoved the whole thing into my mouth, the scene turned to this:

He told me a chopstick full too late that it was to be applied lightly to the top of my sushi, for taste, and to kill any leftover bacteria.

Yep. My husband watched in horror.

Currently recovering.

Between the shopping, the food, and the traffic, I learned country life is the safest place for me.

And getting your way is for the birds.


52 thoughts on “a city life reject (me)

  1. Sorry but I’m laughing too! During our year in Japan, I developed a deep love for sushi but I can only take wasabi in very tiny doses! Love the pink shoes!

    • Thank you! I was so excited to try it, too. It was one of those experiences that went from bad to worse fast, and I was glad to get out of there. Maybe some day I will try it again, a little more prepared!

      PS. Did you ever get sick from eating the sushi? When the waitress started telling me about the bacteria, I became a little unsure about what I was stuffing in my mouth.

      • No, we were never sick but we only ate at reputable restaurants where the food was prepared fresh. In Japan, sashimi (raw fish) and seafood sushi is usually only prepared using that day’s catch. We don’t eat sushi here in Alberta because you can’t get fish that’s that fresh. It’s a treat that we look forward too when we go to Vancouver though.

        The wasabi doesn’t actually have anything to do with bacteria. It’s just a garnish much like we’d use ketchup or relish on a burger. Most people mix a small amount of wasabi into the soya sauce that they dip their sushi into. I’d mix the tiniest amount into mine just to look culturally correct! Most of the time I couldn’t even taste it! Red pickled ginger is also served with sushi & is eaten between different flavours to cleanse the palate.

        The idea of eating raw fish is so foreign to us and the texture definitely takes some getting used to but once we got past those hurdles, we discovered that we really loved it. I hope you’ll give it another try someday!

      • i will! living in south dakota, i doubt the fish is very fresh. i am not sure why she said it would kill bacteria, but either way, i dipped it in the soya sauce and put the whole thing in my mouth. if we ever come across it fresh in future travels, i will try it again for sure.

  2. Love the shoes…agree with you about sushi…anything that I have to add wasabi to, to kill remaining bacteria, is a no-no for me! Great story…made me chuckle. Hope your new shoes are comfy!

  3. Cute shoes! Your puppy doesn’t need shoes, it has a stuffed bear instead.

    Whoa…you ate sushi? I tried to once. I couldn’t get past the texture. Ewww. I couldn’t even bring myself to try the wasabi. Good for you (even if it was too much)!

  4. The minute I read the word wasabi I knew you were in trouble! Anything that’s meant to chase your food to kill bacteria is NOT for me! The bright side is you’ll never make that mistake more than once!! 🙂

  5. OMG, I can imagine with the Wasabi, I can just picture your face, oh God. I love sushi and puma is my favorite brand for athletic shoes, Nike too. Those are to die for, love them, great taste!

  6. Heh! This post made me giggle. Guard your cute new shoes with your life!

    When I was about 18, my older circle of friends started introducing me to food like sushi and Indian. It took a few tries (I totally get the texture thing!), but suddenly I was HOOKED, and still am. (Although hearing that wasabi is supposed to kill any leftover bacteria is kind of disturbing.) So you never know, and major props to you for being so willing to try new things! I can’t believe that waiter let you eat the whole thing. He has some dangeous karma going on right about now, LOL

  7. My dear girl you are simply awesome! I love reading your blog. I found it one day when I was particularly blue and have since thoroughly enjoyed it! It makes me very happy. I do love sushi, and wasabi for that matter and the pickled ginger but I can relate to the texture issue because that’s what really turns me off some foods – like cream of wheat.
    Keep on arm wrestling your dear one and good on you for unabashedly loving him! More couples would be overwhelmingly happy if they weren’t so afraid of just loving each other!

  8. There’s nothing wasabi can do that the hydrochloric acid in your stomach can’t do a thousand times better. That’s what it is for – dissolving meat, like it does to your throat if you have acid reflux. A microbe doesn’t stand a chance.

    The problem with food that has had bacteria growing on it isn’t that the suckers will breed in your stomach (they won’t) but that while living in the food they have dumped toxins in the food that will poison you. Wasabi won’t help that.

  9. Lovely post! Alas, I’m not much of a shoe girl — I’m very hard on my feet. It’s work boots, flip-flops, tennis shoes, or, if I’m really dressed up nice, I have ONE pair of sexy, strappy black sandals.

    Sushi? We love it, all of it. Especially the wasabi, which I eat all by itself (kids too). My two girls have a “relationship” of sorts with the sushi chef we frequent. They’re like his best customers!

    • wow… the server said she eats the wasabi whole, too, and i was still trying to catch my breathe after spitting it all back out on my plate! does a person have to build up a toleration to it, or just be genetically tolerant of such spicy foods, i wonder. my chest hurt the next day.

      • It’s about keeping the fumes out of your sinuses. I exhale deeply, take a bite, and as I chew, I’m constantly pulling a little air in through my nose VERY careful not to exhale through my nose. I also love garlic, onions, and really hot peppers. The peppers do take some getting used to, but the wasabi effect should wear off in just a minute or so.

  10. I like sushi alright but I hate wasabi. Hate it! You poor thing. Too bad there was probably no ketchup bottles in sight to squirt into your flaming mouth.

    Is it wrong that I love Dumb and Dumber. Don’t tell anyone.

    Are those shoes satiny or leather or both? It’s hard to tell. Either way, they’re adorable! Last year I convinced myself to buy these great slouchy, flat-soled boots in red instead of my original choice of gray, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s opened up a whole new world of shoe colors for me, and I’m so over neutral-colored shoes now. Okay, I’ll never be over black.

  11. I am not one of the laughing ones because, as a lover of sushi, I know about wasabi, and I can imagine how incredibly awful that was. At least your pink shoes should cheer you up. So cute!

  12. Hey!…. nothing wrong with being a city reject!…… who would want to conform to that extent?….:) wasabi?…. now that is HOT!….. I can imagine the reaction and although it makes me smile I reckon it wasn’t funny for you!….:(

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