Let It Be

To make a few bucks and “build character” as a high school girl, I worked at Kevin Costner’s restaurant in Deadwood, South Dakota.

This was four-diamond rated, whatever that means, but the elegant atmosphere and expensive menu provided me with the context to understand it meant well. The cast included a weekend piano player – an older women with dark hair and lips.

When I would pass her sparkling wardrobe, she would look up and faintly smile, enjoying the flow of her fingers and fluidity of her own thoughts.

And during a long shift on a Saturday night, I would wearily smile as if to ask, Will you play it? and she’d gracefully flip her music sheets to a tune that gave me hope.


Since then until now – a 28 year-old woman and wife and friend and country dweller – my mind whispers “let it be” on the days when plans are reshaped and answers remain lost.

And my mother Mary is mother nature who whispers through the wind and wraps tightly around me, there will be an answer.

The words resurface in the middle of unknowns and unseens and the map so tightly gripped flew out the window when needed most during that hurricane…

Let it be.

Or that person who knows just the words to say to scratch at old scars til blood emerges and they smile at their victory…

Let it go.

And the words slowly flow to mind when the dream in front of your face beckons but your hands, they cannot reach it yet…

Let it rest.

Let it be.

Over and over and over again.

Words of wisdom, indeed.

South Dakota photography

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22 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. That song was my go-to song the summer my mom truly, finally lost it. I hoped if I listened to it enough, I’d find the courage to do as it advised. I didn’t, really, at the time, but now I hear it (or even read reference to it) and smile to think that letting it be can lead eventually to a place of being OK.

  2. I had a similar experience with the Beatles. In high school I worked at a restuarant where a guy sang and played guitar on the weekends…My song was/is “Here Comes the Sun” and I ended up having it played during my wedding ceremony 🙂 xoxo

  3. Aren’t there so many things in this life that need us to just say….let it be? A struggle for most of us. I know it is for me! Thank you for your words….my favorite line was about the piano player….”When I would pass her sparkling wardrobe, she would look up and faintly smile, enjoying the flow of her fingers and fluidity of her own thoughts.” That gives a great word picture:)

  4. Your blog, and this post in particular, reminds me of the saying, “Still waters run deep.” As you share more details from your life and past life, it makes me appreciate [even more] the depth of what you have to offer! 🙂

  5. I love “Let it be” and “Long & winding road” … both such perfect songs & lyrics for days of introspection! I am in Nepal right now, where everyone greets each other with the words “Namaste” (recognizing the beauty in each of us) — and it’s a similar, lovely sentiment. I’m also in awe of your final photo, too — WOW, what beautiful destruction, with so much past redolent in every piece of wood. Lovely post from a deep thinker!!

  6. I remember the song very well….The Beatles were my guys…loved them! I was 10 when they hit Ed Sullivan…oh yeah…Let It Be:) But yeah…my motto is Let Go and Let God..or Let It Be. My Mom had lots of wisdom and used to always tell me when I was upset that to “Let sleeping dogs lay”…in other words let it go and let it be unless it is really bad…love your insights and photos…thank you for sharing:)

  7. Well done and such true words. they give a bit of peace when we finally get over ourselves and settle. I love the picture it just seems to be a combination of peace and potential.

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