becoming my mother and a book giveaway

After squeezing out the last micro ounce of my good face lotion, I stopped by the dime-turned-dollar-turned-dollars store in our small town of South Dakota to purchase a replacement.

I had few options, and settled on the brand with the least ingredients. However, something deeper was drawing me this tub of heavy-duty pink face cream…

Something familiar… something heart-tugging.

Jergens' face cream

It wasn’t until I twisted the lid off and inhaled the unique perfumed odor that I realized what it was, this nostalgic flashback I couldn’t put my finger on moments before.

It was…


Yes, my mom used this face lotion in the 90s, and hugs and kisses were mixed with a faint smell that would become a trademark association to her, to the connection that is mom.

As far as I can tell, not a thing has changed about this brand of face lotion.

The smell is the same, the color is the same, the branding is the same.

Heck, this tub could be manufactured and shelved in the store since the 90s for all I know.

Hello Mom, it’s me, your daughter. Mind if I become you?

No, no I don’t. Just don’t go as far as the glasses, please.


Mom, Grandma, me

On another note, I just finished a wonderful book titled Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, penned by the lovely author Beth Hoffman.

Charming, disarming, sweet as the scent of magnolias on a Southern summer night. – Mary Kay Andrews

I enjoyed the time I spent with my character friends, and now I would like you to get to know them, too. I must give away, because if I am not careful, I will hoard and cage on a book shelf.

Sharing beauty in all forms is important.

saving ceecee honeycutt

Mr. Cash and Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

Just leave a comment if you’re interested, and I’ll let you know Monday who was drawn.

And thank you, Ms. Hoffman, for purchasing the deer antler back scratcher from our etsy shop. I hope it’s given you relief as you do what you do so well: creating and sharing beauty, through your wonderful writings and your kind heart.

See here for a detailed review.


29 thoughts on “becoming my mother and a book giveaway

  1. Haha I laughed when I saw your title… this has been a week full of “I’m becoming my mother!!” moments! And I trust your book suggestion, I’d love to be entered in the giveaway :).

  2. When I read your words about the Jergens, I smiled. I have similar memories of my mom using it. And then when I got to the end of the post and saw a photo of my novel, I was SO surprised. Thank you for reading CeeCee’s story and for your kind words!

    Yes, I adore the antler backscratcher! Not only does it work (very well), but the added bonus is that it’s a great conversation piece!

    I hope the winner of your giveaway has fun with CeeCee’s adventures. Both she and Oletta are waving hello to you from the kitchen!

  3. Whenever I smell Ivory soap it takes me back to my grandmother’s bathroom! It’s amazing the details I remember from 50 years ago… the old claw foot tub, the violets growing on the windowsill, the old fashioned curling irons hanging on the back of the door… I can almost hear Nana’s voice in the kitchen and feel the warmth of her hug!

    I’d love to win the book!

  4. Ah, yes: Jergen’s is probably the scent many of us remember from our Mom’s. I remember my mom using Mum deodorant in the little tiny tin with a twist-off cap. Anyone else remember those? If I ever see one in an antique shop, it’s coming home with me!
    The book sounds delightful, count me in as a wanna-be winner!
    Have a great weekend….
    Love the pic of you and your Mom and Grandma.

  5. Sweet post… so many ways I remind myself of my mother every day! (Especially when I hear my voice.) You should tell us what brand of lotion you were looking for, you would probably end up with a truck load from all your cyberfriends… LOL!

  6. What a great idea! Who knows, maybe you will start an awesome trend and the world will start to share books! 🙂

  7. Hello? Is this post for nostalgia-loving me or what? You know darn well I would’ve bought that lotion, too. In fact, now that you’ve mentioned it, I have every intention to buy my mom’s old Oil of Olay next time I’m in Walgreens. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Csan’t get Jergens lotion here in New Zealand, but I used many of their products when I lived in Montreal. Thanks for reminding me of this smell. Bringing back the memories of young family, young children etc.

  9. Sometimes the basics are the best. I’ve gone from using high-priced moisturizer to using good, basic Pond’s. It’s really nice. And I know what you mean about smells taking you back. Loose face power makes me think of Mother.

  10. We do become our mother. But by the time it happens, we have decided it’s a good thing 🙂 I am going to add this book to my Goodreads. Maybe I’ll win it, I’m not having much luck winning books over there. My daughter has won at least 5 now on the Goodreads giveaways. She is so lucky.

  11. Love that picture. The glasses and the yellow phone really make it! I love the familiarity of scents from my childhood. I often wonder which ones my own daughter will remember in years to come.

  12. You will find, the older you grow, that you will be drawn to scents and tastes and sounds from your past, that connect you to memories and/or loved ones. I have a bottle of April Showers Friction Cologne on my dresser. It was a gift I received as a pre-teen one Christmas. Several inches of the yellowish-green perfume remain in the bottle. Occasionally I unscrew the bottle cap and breathe in the memories of youth.

  13. I feel the same way about Ponds lotion and my Mom!! (Note: If you actually draw my name in the book give-away, draw again. Help me with my book hoarding addiction so that another of your lucky blog readers will benefit!) P.S. You look a LOT like your Mom.

  14. I have never been more aware of my “smell” since Adelaide’s birth. Whenever she’s sleeping and I lean in to make sure she’s okay (yes, I sometimes have to hear her breathing), she’ll stir and turn toward me and open her blue eyes. At times this can be frustrating as she then wants to eat although she is full, yet knowing something as simple as a smell can turn you child’s head feels pretty powerful, indeed.

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