unseeing the seen

To see the unseen is a longing by all, but even greater yet, and perhaps most unrealized, is to unsee the seen.

The innocent moments before of ignorance and bliss, when the waters lay calm and none the wiser smiles.

Dancing, dancing.

We tell ourselves this is the hard part, and sure enough like the flowers bloom in spring, the veil lifts unexpectedly and we are reminded again of our foolishness to believe this was the Great Challenge.

And as deer pant by the stream, our heads lift at the first shot and it’s too late to go back to the sweet seconds before when all was well and the troubles seemed small.

No, there is no going back, no unseeing.

There is only dancing again, with a little more purpose in our steps.



12 thoughts on “unseeing the seen

  1. Purpose. I like that word. For me tonight, it’s Wii Just Dance with my kids. Dancing, *pant* stupidly, *pant* with purpose. It’s testing week…gotta let it loose.

  2. Reality check moment. We lost a dear friend night before last, so the term “dancing with purpose” seems so relevant…living with intent, comes to mind as well. Thank you, once again.

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