Snake Wimps, Beware!

Well, you’re here, which means even if you hate/puke/scream and run in circles at the sight of snakes, your curiosity trumped your emotional responses.

I’m the same way! We are curious creatures.

Anyway, these past five years I’ve been offered no other choice but to co-habitate with my slithery friends, because I could see they showed no plans of leaving.

Snakes on a farm

In fact, I’ve concluded the garter snake family has adapted to the economical woes and invited some family to stay with them. The absence of suitcases stacked about informs me they have no intention of leaving soon, either.

One snake, two snake, three snake, ack!

Here to ssstayyyy

Now you may be thinking, That poor girl is surrounded! They’re bound to take over at the rate they’re multiplying!

Well fear not, because my Avengeress is near. Near my ankles, that is.

No, not this one…


And not this one, either. He does nothing but rack up vet bills and chase me around, really.


Allow me to present the true Snake Killer, four under her belt this year already:

Snake Killer

a girl's gotta rest!

Yes, four snakes met their demise this year because Tobi has decided, after nearly six years of living, that she no longer tolerates their presence.

To say the first time I saw her pull one of the ground and shake it to death is seared in my brain is an understatement.

I watched her, stunned, appalled, curious, and a bit proud. I knew one of these dainty pups had some farm worth! Yorkies were initially bred to kill rats in saloons, as the legend goes, so to discover that trait has not gone lost has been… amusing.

snakes on a farm

Let’s just hope the snakes don’t invite a large cousin to come stay anytime soon.

In the event that they do, however, I offer this one to Big Cousin:


Wait... what?!


70 thoughts on “Snake Wimps, Beware!

  1. What kind of snake are those, are they poisonous? When I move I will have to get used to this stuff, I don’t see myself relaxing on the grass or under a tree as I do now 😦

      • Well, I do, Tobi apparently doesn’t!

        Inskspeare, the garter snakes and occasional bull snake are nothing to worry over. But just a few miles west in the river hills you will find rattle snakes, which are deadly. I would find out what’s in your area before giving up on your relaxing spots.

      • A couple of good rules of thumb is that if its head is bigger than its body, or if it is brightly colored, or rattling at you then it is poison.

        I think that covers American snakes pretty well.

        But except for stepping on one, if you don’t mess with them they don’t mess with you.

      • Thanks, and that rule of ratio between head and body and color is very helpful. I read that I should look out for rattle snakes, copper heads, and some other one that like the water, which I don’t remember the name now. I guess it has been so many years living without these critters that I got used to it – I’ll adjust 🙂

  2. I have missed your blog…have been caught up in new mommy land…but I love the new look. I may be late on the up take but it looks fabulous. Love reading it.

  3. Oh, my goodness! That’s a lot of snakes. I hate snakes, but my daughter loves them. Much to my disdain, she’ll try to catch them. She’s like her father. It’s funny because today I wrote about my brush with a bat. Must be the time of year for humans to run into nature. 😉

  4. Snakes aren’t as horrible to me as SPIDERS! It seems, though, that we have similar relationships with these creepy crawlies; while snakes flock to your home, spiders seem to love me and invite themselves in as pushy, scary and downright rude house guests. I am not a hospitable host and get all Norman Bates on them.

  5. I love the snakes – they are so beautiful!! (But show me a mouse, and I’m up on the table screaming…) We’re all afraid of something, right?? Cannot believe that your adorable little Yorkie can kill a snake — and I had no idea you could shake them to death ..that’s crazy!! I’m learning SO much from you …. love it!!

    • Well, she shakes them until their head bleeds and tongue hangs out, and then I take the garden tool and decapitate them because I feel so bad. It’s ugly out here some days!! I am trying to teach her not to do this because I am afraid on one of our walks a few miles away, she will try to do the same to a rattlesnake.

  6. I actually think snakes are rather cool. Well, as long as they are not poisonous! Living in Texas as long as we did, we saw our share of snakes. We used to have a rather large hog-nosed snake that lived in our yard. We usually only saw its skin after it molted, but one year we caught it slithering along the edge of the patio roof we were sitting under. I never saw my husband move so fast in his life! Loved your pictures and your captions.

  7. I laughed out loud when I got to the part about your little Tobi, having an adorable little pup myself, I can’t imagine the shock. My Avery (see photo to your left) is a rescue who had never been outside in her life. So far she hasn’t acknowledged the snakes down at the creek. She used to flatten herself out everytime a bird flew over, and she was very puzzled by those tiny dogs we call squirrels. (she was quite derisive really, almost laughing outright herself)A while ago there was some ducks by a pond we walk past frequently, and she walked along beside them unaware of any awkwardness the ducks may have been experiencing. Luckily no one threw bread.

  8. Wow! What a little hero! I would not want to cross any type of terrier if I were only two inches high. It’s amazing how quickly those instincts really kick in. Snakes don’t bother me as much as spiders but I wouldn’t want them crawling into my bed or anything.

  9. Had a lifetime of regular snakes, and dangerous snakes, most recently rattlers in our front yard in Tucson. One of many reasons we now live in New Zealand…

  10. I dont like snakes not at all but they are good to have around generally if you dont mess with them they wont mess with you and they will eat the rodents up but no I dont want to see them haha

  11. Being a reptile-lover, I like this post very much! Sorry for you, though, if snakes aren’t your thing.

    We don’t fear but respect snakes over here. Our favorite on the property is the rat snake (big!!), but we do have poisonous ones too (moccasin, coral, and copperhead). Kids are always cautious. We know what to do — let them not feel threatened and they’ll gladly be on their way. No luggage required.

    Glad for your little Tobi that her kill is just a harmless grass snake. I doubt she’d fare so well with a moccasin.

  12. Ha! We have some garden snakes out here, too, but I’m not sure Uncle Jesse would be as successful in defeating them! I’m so impressed! The line about the suitcases really made me giggle.

  13. I managed to look at your pictures just fine. If I saw one in rea life I would run like a crazy person in the other direction and never go outside again.

  14. Wow, first of all, brave you for even having peace with the fact that they’re there and there to stay! But you must be so happy with you little snake-killer!! the cutest snake killer anyone has ever seen 😉

  15. I remember going “hunting for garters” in southern Alberta when I was young. Fortunately we weren’t so far south that we hit rattlers. Though I did have a friend once whose uncle invited her down to the States for a rattlesnake dinner. She said it tasted like chicken! Please don’t ask for verification on that one lol!

  16. well, our mind’s must be linked! haha, i thought i had snake “issues”! we don’t kill them but if i had that many, perhaps i would feel a bit differently. my big pyr just sniffs at them and backs up! hah!! thanks for the like… it’s always appreciated. take care of your ankles with those guys, they like them but my guess is you know that already.

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