cold sandwich and coke days

The alarm buzzes at 5:10 for a fourth morning in a row, and I am tired.

But my Country Man, who returned home at 10 pm last night for the third stretch in a row is even more tired, I know, and he pulls a white t-shirt over his messy bedhead and sleepily makes his way to the kitchen to put the coffee on.

It’s planting season, and with 6500 acres, the sense of urgency is clear and a wasted day is money lost.

I help him the best I can, loading up bags of corn seed in the pickup or finding the right numbers to lay aside for other farmers to pick up. Did I mention he’s the area’s seed dealer, as well?

By mid-afternoon, I am missing my friend and wonder if he’s hungry. This is my favorite part of the long field days, the farming “widow” life, and I prepare to head west for a ride, this time in the sprayer as he fertilizes the soil for more planting.

South Dakota photography

I make a simple ham and cheese sandwich, throw some chips in a baggie, and grab a couple of Cokes for the road.

South Dakota pup

Snake-killer and I wait along the country road until the sprayer comes into view and I see it and smile like fool.

South Dakota silo


We greet one another and ride for a while, not really talking and he eats his bag lunch, declaring it the best sandwich he’s ever had.

The passenger seat is small and the field bumpy, so we cut our visit short; me satisfied in knowing he’s full and he grateful for my concern.

The pup and I say our goodbyes a mile from the car, hoping to enjoy a walk on this hot May day.

I know it will be hours before I see him again, but there is always an end in sight during the busy seasons.

That doesn’t stop me from praying for a little bit of rain, however.


38 thoughts on “cold sandwich and coke days

  1. Sounds like the kind of fulfilling day that comes with knowing you worked hard and brought a little happiness to someone else. I hope you have many more like that!

  2. I’m reminded now of a Garth Brooks song. It’s a great song. But if you heard it, it might compel you to greet Country Man in an apron. Just an apron. I don’t recommend you do that if it’s a long walk to the field.

  3. Yep…have been in your shoes before….farming is like this…long hours but quality time when it is just you and him on some interesting piece of farm equipment. We put all our farm ground into Conservation Reserve Program so we do not actively farm now but…I grew up both a farm girl and a cowgirl…and for us the time we spent together like you and Country Man do was some of the very best times of our lives:) Love your blog and posts…pictures of farm life through your eyes….it takes a special woman to live that life…prayers and blessings on you and Country Man…and your sweet angel doggie too:)

  4. You know it’s spring time in the country when you get stuck behind farm equipment on the road. The other day a big sprayer was coming towards me (on our township road) and this country road is NOT very wide. Hmmm…….Mini van vs. humonguous farm equipment. He won. I pulled over and let him by:)
    Your doggie makes me want to grab a picnic basket, a pair of ruby slippers and head to Kansas. Does he know he looks like a movie star? (Toto, of course!)

  5. Did you guys get the torrential rains like we did? If so, I hope you guys had a nice weekend to spend together!

  6. I started a new diet so forgive me that all I can think about is that sandwich and coke. I think I would work all day in the field just for the pleasure of that bag lunch!

  7. I am feeling similarly about the end of the school year after a long season of coaching on my schoolteacher husband’s part… except without the lunch together part. There are seasons where we don’t see each other nearly enough. Thanks for taking me on your lunch run though, I loved it! -kate

  8. Oh, I feel for you both! Sometimes it seems like there’s no end in sight during busy times like this. Luckily, that SANDWICH is in sight… Yum. 🙂

  9. I love your new typeface on your blog, and as always, I love the simple joy of reading about your life, the planting of seeds, your packing a good bag lunch for your man, and the love that infuses it all. Blessings to you!

  10. Ah yes, the tension between “I want it to rain because I want to see him for longer than 10 minutes today” and “I don’t want it to rain because we’ll get behind and he’ll get cranky/ornery.” The quintessential farm wife dilemma. 🙂

    Love your blog.

  11. I was thinking about what a nice way you have of appreciating your life. My grandfather became quite spellbound by the old two-reeler in the 60’s and 70’s and he recorded just about everything. There are reams and reams of film footage from those days, and they are a treasure. But I think though that we lost something when we began to remember our lives so exclusively through film. We recorded our thoughts less and less, and possibly because of this we left out the heart. You’ve done such a nice job here of recording not just the memory but the heart of the matter.

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