The Story of Us: The Short Version

To those who are here, visitors new or old, I thought I would offer a short, condensed summary of what this blog, in part, is about.

Cast of characters, setting, storyline, things such as that.

The Story of Us: The Short Version

This is the tale of a young man,

South Dakota gal's husband

and a young woman.

South Dakota me

One small town spring South Dakota evening they met,
a few minutes later they danced,
some months passed and they’d knew it would be forever,
and after graduation they said “I do”.

He became Country Man and she became Country Wife, and the two decided they would be very serious about this thing called marriage.

South Dakota photography

Very serious.

The two settled into the family homestead, splashed bright colors on the walls of the small rooms, and finished with a cross hung above the fireplace.

The freebirds eat from their own garden,

South Dakota sweet corn

South Dakota garden

and from the livestock bred and fed,

South Dakota photography

and with their extra time create things with horns found around the prairie fields.

Deer Antler Coat Rack

Deer Antler Wine Rack

He loves to work with his hands.

She loves to consider the meaning of life and what the heck happens after we die…

…but on most days, she thinks about what to make for supper.

Deer Antler Newspaper Rack

It’s a life often thought simple.

And it is.

But it isn’t.

Yet it’s good.

Stick around, won’t you?

The End.

The Middle.


54 thoughts on “The Story of Us: The Short Version

  1. MMM twizzlers! Sounds fun. I love sustainability. Since I’m from the suburbs, though, I don’t know much about it firsthand lol. I wanna move out in the country as soon as I can.

  2. Your photos are all the more beautiful set against your words. Simple scences, yet bursting with the fullest meaning of what it means to really notice your world.

  3. What a lovely condensed version; can’t wait to read through the links! By the way, I’m pretty sure my husband would pass out if I placed a picture of him in a bathrobe on my blog. I might just have to do it! ; )

  4. Just bumped into your bolg accidentally.
    Such a simple but beautiful story and i love the way it is written. Seems like you both know how to be truly happy. That’s very inspiring.

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  6. That is a great story and those are some great photos 🙂 I’ve been learning that the best way to enjoy and appreciate life is to live it simply. I’m happy that you found a great partner to do just that 🙂

  7. I love it! I often used to dream of life in the country, but my wife reminded me that I’d have to mow whatever acreage needed to be mowed and we settled on the suburbs instead. I like to live vicariously though, through blogs like yours.

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