where’s my life manual?

I’ve got a book in one hand, a glass of red wine in the other, and country skies for miles to see.

Yet all I could think earlier today was, Is this all there is?

It’s that Stephen King book every one is raving about, if you must know. On Writing.

What is it about humans (Americans?) that makes us wonder if we’re often missing out on something? The grass-is-greener syndrome.

I am most annoyed with myself when I’m like that.

So, I walk. Or ride in the tractor with my husband. What else to do?

And nature is always grateful and honest, and I see more beauty, baby creatures hanging about the field.

South Dakota jackrabbit

baby jackrabbit

It doesn’t matter how many books I read on self-improvement or the meaning of life IF I don’t put it into action.

Baby Jackrabbit

And vulnerable baby bunnies make me smile, because I know a man who stops his tractor to let it’s frozen self gain courage to run. After a quick squeeze for the camera, of course.

I love that little face.

“This isn’t the way our lives are supposed to be going. Then I’d think Half the world has the same idea.”
– a young Stephen King, On Writing (pg 70)

South Dakota jackrabbit

Half the world has the same idea. This is a cry expressed by all, at some point in their lives.

I’ve got a book in one hand, a glass of red wine in the other, and country skies for miles to see.

I am a lucky, lucky woman.


40 thoughts on “where’s my life manual?

  1. Who better than you to WRITE the manual? Very cute baby jackrabbit pictures. I sent my husband a link on your last post about the coyote pups. We have a den on our land, but I can’t be sure we’ll ever be lucky enough to see the pups.

  2. When I get these feelings (and I do a lot!) I write in my gratitude journal. Writing down something I’m thankful for helps lighten my mood. Today, I’m grateful to read your post and look at the photos of that cute baby rabbit.

  3. Such a beautiful reminder. Would it be safe to say that the land is your bible? So much has been inscribed upon it, so many hand written notes left for you to find.

  4. Oh, how I adore this post and the accompanying photographs. I agree with Aster – perhaps it is you who should write that manual!

  5. I sometimes feel like a rat in a cage when life is feeling mundane. But then I’ll have a lovely day doing nothing extra-ordinary but that touches my heart and I’ll remember how lucky I am. Wine and sunsets always help too

  6. My husband loved that book! He has his MA in Creative Writing and he picked hit up while he was in grad school. I need to read it. Especially since I just went to Stephen King’s The Shining inspiration hotel. Does he have anything in there about the hotel? I mean, I know that’s not what the point of the book is — but I do recall my husband mentioning things like how he was inspired to create the character Carrie, etc.

    That rabbit is the cutest. Your husband is a good man.

  7. Oh I have a terrible case of the “grass is greener syndrome” and I don’t know how to shake it. And this terrible feeling of the fleetingness of life. Yet, somehow not enough something to push past it. Perhaps I need to find this contentment that you’re stumbling upon.

  8. Ohhhh you’re killing me with your pictures lately! LOL But cuteness aside (and you can just imagine how hard it is for me to put it aside), I couldn’t agree more with being most unhappy with myself when I’m caught in the ‘grass is greener’ downward spiral, which seems to happen much too often! Instead of complaining about all of the things I feel like I ‘have’ to do this weekend, I should really be grateful I have to do them, because they represent a pretty darn good life (weeding, writing, walking the dog, etc.) 🙂

  9. Hey! Just wanted to say that my husband and I watched “The Last American Cowboy” on Netflix the other week and I definitely thought of you! If you haven’t seen it, you guys would probably enjoy watching it. Then again, maybe not, because that IS your life! Enjoy! I gotta admit, kinda made me want to move to the prairie and see if I could make it! 🙂

    • Is that a series? I looked it up and added it to our queue. Looks good! Thanks for the suggestion! I am a sucker for Montana stories (Legends of the Fall comes to mind). Hope you guys are doing well! And as for prairie life, I’d be crazy without the internet. Seriously. 🙂

  10. Aw…that’s just fantastic! Little baby Anything just warms my heart. I love all of our little critters too, though most of ours are the reptilian variety. Nice post. I just posted a video of our fawns last year, if you wanna have a look-see.

  11. Wonderful coincidence – I just returned from the animal shelter hoping to find a Flemish Giant Rabbit who would bond with my two house rabbits. But the boy we tried, Pete 15lbs, well he read the playboy manual on rabbit behavior and went after everyone regardless of gender or mutual interest. So probably won’t work since my Great White Rabbit is blind and sickly. Having a new family member throw himself on her all day long, would probably be a little distressing (mine are house rabbits, toilet trained and just wonderful pets that I write about frequently in my blog).

    I also loved the coyotes…am forwarding a link to all my animal lover friends. So love catching up with your simple yet stunning adventures.

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