All Is Quiet

This weekend most of the cattle were brought out to pasture.

For the next 3-5 months, they will graze endlessly and moo under the hot sun, flapping tails over back to fight relentless bugs.

The process of moving cattle is a smooth one, and before you know it, this loud little homestead quiets down enough to hear the heathen crows cackle over a prospective lunch.

moving cattle

The bulls will be here a while longer, as will my three fattening calves.

Less ranch work means more time in the field, but Sundays are always restful. You can count on that.

We shore fished a while, and it was quiet and peace-filled unless you consider the short time a young Hutterite boy walked over to talk, then leaving to return to his girlfriend and their date partners, taking photos and holding hands.

Soon the line jerked, Country Man jumping up in anticipation, me always five-seconds too slow.

I catch a glimpse of an eight-year old boy when we fish. I’m in love with boy and the man both.

As I sit and he reels, I think back on a week previous that was difficult, unkind and uncertain, and the waves chop, a good sign for walleye seekers.

Country Man takes a chair, and using his pocket knife, begins to carve into a clay rock. He takes his time, never one to do sloppy work.

He finishes and hands it to me, this gift:

clay rock "I will rise"

Simple. Beautiful.

I probably don’t fully understand what it means, Maya Angelou’s words…

but I know it’s for us all.


15 thoughts on “All Is Quiet

  1. Wow, that is gorgeous – both the carving and the sentiment (and the gesture!). I’m sorry to hear last week was rough. And when you started this post with the cows being brought out to pasture, I thought you meant metaphorically and I was going to ask you to please bring the baby animal pictures back instead 😉

  2. Oh my, I love this. I love your love story. I love that your life is sometimes difficult, unkind, and uncertain, only because it reminds me that whether in South Dakota or LA, both big difficulties and small beauties abound, and we can only do our best to deal with one and revel in the other. That rock is awesome.

  3. I loved your mention of the 8 yr old boy, followed by the man he has risen to be carving such simple yet powerfilled words. Such a moving illustration of what it means to nuture and fully cherish life.

  4. Wonderful post. You brought back memories of living across from a dairy farm and watching the cows swishing their tails.. ah, sweet summertime memories!
    Wow – your hubby did an amazing job on that rock. What a treasure: the man and the rock!
    I mentioned your blog today in my post about the giveaway for the CeeCee book!

  5. Maya’s words means she will overcome all obstacles and she will soar as she rises like a Phoenix from the ashes — at least that was interpretation by college professor.

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