Lettuce eat some salad!


South Dakota gardening

We can’t eat it all! What a problem we face…

The garden has been growing  well; corn is up and the lettuce is aggressively producing.

While it’s been overwhelming to cut it before it overgrows and turns bad, the salad spinner helps quicken the process.

It dries the leaves so they don’t get soggy. It’s dishwasher safe, too.

I feel like this sounds like an infomercial right now.

But it’s not, it’s simply the truth and the most exciting thing going on right now. If you hate the slow process of drying your lettuce/berries, get yerself one of these.

South Dakota spinach

I love my salad spinner! It can be yours for $299.99 + s&h! (not really)

There are four gallon bags and one large bowl full of lettuce and spinach in our refrigerator.

Perhaps the farm’s newest bottle calf – bringing my herd to a total of four – would help out with the high turnout green crop?

Bottle calf

hmmm no.

Probably not. He’s a milk and oats guy for the time being.

Well, if you should need me, I’ll be passed out in a bowl of lettuce and ranch.

Might even go crazy and make a banana smoothie with the spinach.

What about you – do you garden? Why or why not? If so, how’s it looking so far?


58 thoughts on “Lettuce eat some salad!

  1. Oh I’m jealous. We are really in to the green smoothies! I wish we had gotten set and grown some of our own spinach and kale. Maybe next year. And I love my spinner!

  2. Just starting to get lettuce and green onion up in our garden – I forgot to plant spinach, so will have to start it late this year.

    We wrap the lettuce in tea towels after the salad spinner to keep it from going off too quickly. It last a lot longer that way (in the fridge, that is). We give a lot of it away too.

  3. I need to get a real salad spinner. I have a cheap knockoff and it’s not the same. I end up taking a paper towel to most of it. I love fresh garden lettuce — enjoy!

  4. I’ve heard that you can also just use a clean pillowcase – stuff in the lettuce and whirl it around your head on the porch until everything dries out. Holds more than the spinner.

  5. Wow that’s great. I totally thought lettuce wouldn’t do well in the summer since its so hot. Do you have a secret?!!

    I don’t garden, but I really want to start a container garden at our duplex!

  6. Your lettuce looks so fresh and tasty. This is our first year gardening- seeing the full process of life from seed to harvest is such an incredible experience…my boys love to pick the lettuce and eat it right there in the garden. Cheers to your season, and thank you for the cute and witty read.

  7. Sadly, not anymore do I garden and I miss being able to do it. I used to up until a couple of years ago but I finally had to let it go..not enough time once we are done for the day around here. I support my local farmer’s market now and that makes me feel good.
    Someday I’ll get to unpack my salad spinner…those things rock!
    Happy Gardening/Salad Eating!

  8. Our little garden is doing very well so far. Last year we also had loads of lettuce, I was giving it away every time someone stopped over. “Hey, how are you? Here’s a big bag of lettuce!”
    This year we’ve got cukes, lettuce, strawberries (my fave) peppers and tomatoes.

  9. We have a garden that’s full of lettuce too! We’ve made some tasty salads from the lettuce and sold them at our restaurant. We love our salad spinner as well…such a great invention!

  10. I’ve tried to start little container gardens on my fire escape, but they never seem to do well. I think the area gets too much sun. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)
    So the next best thing is to go to my local farmer’s market which is open every Saturday. They have an amazing array of produce. Today I picked up some of the most delicious strawberries!

  11. No garden yet. 😦 We have a very short growing season anyways, but the weather this year has been cold and wet! The ground hasn’t even dried out! Can’t believe you’re already getting produce!

  12. I like infomercials done by “real” people. I may have to get one of those salad spinners. I need to eat more salad but the prep time and soggy lettuce get me down when I try.

  13. Lettuce is something that’s hard to save. You can’t exactly cook it and can it, or freeze it in any form. I hope you’re able to enjoy eating it. I have a salad spinner too and I absolutely love it. I usually add a paper towel or two in the bag with the lettuce and it turns out perfect after refrigerated.

  14. Forgot to do lettuce this year. But, we just put in tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. I agree the lettuce spinner is a winner, and we wrap our lettuce in paper towels before putting it in plastic baggies. Keeps that way for a long time – sometimes over a week or more.

  15. We’ve had so much rain here in Maine that a lot of our seed actually washed away — and last night we had our very first salad from the garden. It was glorious! Just lettuce (a variety), fresh radishes, arugula, gorgonzola cheese, and balsamic. Incredible. Sadly, none of our spinach survived the rain, so I’m pretty envious! Enjoy your smoothie! 🙂

  16. I love the idea of gardening and having a garden. But I’m not into the act of doing it myself. Luckily for me, my husband loves it. So I can have the best of both worlds. I love getting freshly grown lettuce too. It lasts longer and tastes so much better.

  17. Yesterday we spent time picking tons of green beans from my brother’s garden. His is thriving, and it is beautiful to see. We’d take your lettuce and spinach and feed the bunny staying with us this summer. He’d love it!

  18. Yum! Love fresh lettuce from the garden. Wish we had a yard big enough for a garden, but we just have a little courtyard. I have some herbs. It was too hot in San Antonio for a garden. We tried, but everything burned up. Now in Connecticut, we had a gorgeous garden! Lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, and tons and tons of yellow squash. When the rabbits started liking our garden a little too much, we went to the feed store and bought some dried blood to sprinkle around. The rabbits stayed away, but our little girl liked to sneak fresh greens when she thought we weren’t looking.

  19. Love, love your blog. So happy to have found you. My husband and I will celebrate 38 years in September of this year. Married when we were barely 17. So I can relate to your posts.

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