young love

My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage last weekend.

Paternal Grandparents

Paternal Grandparents

60 years of Good Morning, Goodnight, Turn off the light, No, you turn off the light, No, you, I was in bed first!, Fine! I’ll get up! Say… what’ll you give me for doing it? *wink wink*

Grandma says she met the Pennsylvania potato farmer in California while he was in the Navy, she living with a good friend and wanting to see a bit of the world outside of South Dakota.

He proposed two months later, and then had to leave for Hawaii for a year.

In the mind of a 19 year-old girl, that’s like… forever.

Her roommate, Betty, threatened to institutionalize her if she didn’t quit crying.

An eternity later he returned as promised, he married her, and within a year they created a little one, my Dad.

Grandpa and Dad

Grandpa and Dad

Three more babies came, homes changed, a business collapsed, and uncertainties lurked like a stray cat, but they remembered each other through it all.

As we were sitting at the table, everyone talking, my grandpa looked over at her and winked, asking, “How ya doing, kid?”

Probably the only person in the room who remembers “the girl” underneath the sagging skin, sees the sparkle in her eyes long dimmed to everyone else.

Country Man and I are coming up on five years this July.

How amazing to look back at all the changes that have occurred around us and in us.

And as every married couple knows, sometimes it seems those changes stand like a mountain between reaching 60 years.

It’s in those moments we take a cue from my grandparents and remember to go back to the beginning, where it all began, and hand-in-hand, climb that mountain.

PDA at my growing up home

PDA at my growing up home

Because in the beginning, it was admiration, kindness, rose-colored glasses.

Hopes and dreams and endless possibilities.

Sweetie, beautiful, my bride. Handsome, hardworking, strong.

These words, fuel for love, need reminding until the day comes when we look back over wrinklier shoulders and say,
that mountain, it had nothing on us.


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75 thoughts on “young love

  1. Congrats to your grandparents and to you and your hubby. My husband and I were married for over 37 when he died…and we still held hands and said “I love you” every day. Enjoy your life together as the years fly by…because they will.

  2. That is definitely everything that’s so great about the beginning… It’s too bad that most of us end up forgetting what we love about our partner, but this is a good reminder. Congrats to your grandparents, and congrats to you too!

  3. Loved this one since hubby and I are not far off. Hit 53 years yesterday! Imagine? And I do still look over a wrinkli-er sholder and see a boy who was my hero – and still is.

  4. So many gems within this post. I liked the start “60 years of Good Morning, Goodnight, Turn off the light, …”, the middle “..uncertainties lurked like a stray cat, …”, and the end “These words, fuel for love, need reminding until the day comes when we look back over wrinklier shoulders and say, that mountain, it had nothing on us.”
    Congrats to your paternal grandparents, and congrats to you and yours.

  5. Oh my gosh. Congrats to your grandparents. I’m not going to lie, I was almost in tears reading this because my grandparents just celebrated their 50th last Saturday. However, my grandpa is losing his battle with cancer and has only days left. They totally have the kind of love your grandparents have though – my grandpa still likes to give my grandma grief about the time they went frogging in high school and bug or something climbed up her pants so she took them off right there!

  6. So touching. My in-laws celebrated their 70th last week. I’m glad you wrote the part about your granddad winking and asking your grandmother how she was doing. My MIL does that so often with my FIL. You can just “see” the years between them as they look at each other.
    They are all part of the “greatest generation”, no doubt.

    • Thank you, Dianna! My sister and I have so many fond memories growing up with my grandparents. One of my favorites is when we’d spend the night, and my grandpa would come to the breakfast table in the morning and kiss her head and say, “This is my Jo-Jo.” We’d giggle and say, “Nuh-uh, she’s our Jo-Jo!” She loved it. πŸ™‚

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  8. What a beautiful tale about your grandparents. Their generation never gave up, now people are too quick on things. Beginnings are always the best, the middle bits are hard but its all worth it in the end. Lovely post.

  9. “uncertainties lurked like a stray cat, but they remembered each other through it all” – remembering each other through the good and bad times is key. Beautiful. Congratulations to your grandparents, their story also beautifully written. I’m visiting by way of Virginia Views, and am enjoying your blog. Love your shop! My husband and I just celebrated our 24th anniversary and are experiencing a bit of a financial crisis due to a layoff (mine) and a business slow to get off the ground (his) … bad times … otherwise I’d make a purchase!

  10. It’s so neat to see 60th, 65th and sometimes 70th Anniversaries. It is becoming more and more rare. It’s great to see couples like your Grandparents in good health and still enjoying life together.

    Neat post, your family will love it!

  11. I hope you can read my CONGRATULATIONS!

    This is a wonderful story.

    If you cannot read my CONGRATULATIONS, it is because wordpress is attacking me ….

    Sadly, they think a blogger can blog too much.


  12. That photo almost made me cry (of your grandfather with your dad)! So precious! My grandparents were married for a lifetime, also, before my grandfather passed away last January. He loved his family, and my father loves his family, and now my husband…I am so thankful and blessed by generation of men that have put their families first…sounds like you are, too?! Congrats to you and your grandparents!

  13. I adore this post. Congratulations to you and your grandparents. I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m holding out for true love one day.

  14. Congrats to your grandparents and to you and CountryMan as well. May you have many years of Bliss and Love together. Hubby and I will celebrate our 25th in July too πŸ™‚ It feels like it was yesterday.

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