The Right Amount of Risk

On June days, when the weather is hot and humid and the wind softly speaks up, the perfect recipe for a storm emerges. For a tornado. For whatever the Great Plains offers wild weather wise.

Like any storm, an odd sense of fear and captivation collides, bringing out the curiosity in humanity.

Perhaps some are too occupied with shelter, but most, I think, want to see, to know what is coming.

To be a small part in something grand.

South Dakota sky

And as the unknown meets a soul’s  imagination, there is comfort in knowing we don’t yet know everything, that certain occurrences leave a person in awe, having absolutely nothing to do with anyone at all but simply following nature’s whim.

South dakota storm

It’s evenings like this a girl is ok with a theater an hour away…

South dakota sky

And while no shelter needed seeking, an evening on the front porch under questionable clouds offered the right amount of risk to observe the grand in life, while secretly clinging to the comfort of safety below the stairs.


48 thoughts on “The Right Amount of Risk

  1. When I was growing up, my father would always go upstairs and watch storms from the skylight while the rest of us headed to the basement (during tornado warnings). A touch crazy, but your images are a nice reminder as to why he always did this! Plus, we were always lucky…

  2. Great pictures of those clouds. I love thunder storms and dark clouds when I am safe at home, but I have never had to live through a tornado. I can’t imagine how frightening that would be.

  3. Incredible shots and it is interesting that on one hand the storm is captivatingly beautiful….and on the other hand it could be deadly. I have never lived where there are tornados…we have had funnel clouds here the last few years which is odd…but nothing developed out of them. When our son went to school at Texas A and M we always watched the skies when we visited him. When we lived in WY. we were on the other side of the divide from Casper and Cheyenne thankfully but we did have some huge thunder and lightening storms!

  4. I love the feeling and the smells associated with a brewing storm! When I lived in Kansas, I loved seeing the storms sweep in. Now I get a little different tastes of storm-season, because I live downtown Chicago and get to see the lightning bounce off the rods atop the sky-scrapers!


  5. Wow “Dorothy” tornado’s freak me out! I’m like Chicken Little if the skies get like that! Ugh. When we first moved to the Midwest I was super bad. I’m not much better now. 🙂
    You captured some gorgeous shots!!

  6. Just look at that storm brewing. One thing I miss about living in the South are the fantastic storms. Though I think Reggie is glad we don’t get too much thunder here in NYC. He gets very scared and I have to put on a special thunder shirt that helps him feel better.

  7. I love thunderstorms — love them! Tornadoes, not so much. I lived through one that tore up our house and so, if I had guarantee that thunderstorms would only be thunderstorms, I’d enjoy them a whole lot more.

    Beautiful photography!

  8. I love these pictures. My mother is obsessed with clouds and takes many, many cloud pictures. I’ll share these with her. In all likelihood, it will prompt her to pull out some of her own and compare them. Then we’ll go outside and look up and see if we’re missing anything spectacular.

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