Lazy dogs and a necklace giveaway

There are two kinds of people in the world. Ok, my world:

  1. Those who talk “baby” talk
  2. Those who talk “puppy” talk

I am the latter of those two choices.

So whenever I see someone talking in a sing-songy, widdle iddy biddy voice, I think, Where is this animal she speaks to?!

My most recent example of this was last week at the beach with a friend and her two young children. I actually threw a stick and told her three year-old to Get the stick! Go get it!

His chubby little butt zoomed off and fetched it with a big happy grin. And then he ate some sand.

Puppies and children —  I see little difference.

my yorkie pup

my yorkie pup

my yorkie pup

Also, I wanted to offer a giveaway item from our shop.

This is a deer antler slice necklace, created from a naturally shed deer horn Country Man found.

Actually, maybe I found it. Doubtful, but you never know.

 deer antler horn slice jewelry

Deer Antler Slice Necklace (click on image to view in etsy)

To enter, like us here on Facebook.

Then comment on this post and let me know you did.

I’ll announce the necklace receiver Tuesday.

Happy Weekend!


25 thoughts on “Lazy dogs and a necklace giveaway

  1. Zipped right on over to your Facebook page. Neat that one of your antler items was used as a wine bottle holder. Please put me in the drawing for the necklace….how unique! I love to sit and watch the deer in the field across from our house:) Beautiful.

  2. I am off to Like you on Facebook, right after I leave a comment.
    I laughed out loud with your words. When I am calling the boys, I have a tendency to click my tongue like one might do to get the attention of a dog (or other animal). And, you will hear me say, “Good boy” or “Go get it!” to my boys, too. Dogs came first. I speak dog. The boys know this – and I am confident they will grow up to speak dog to their baby humans. 🙂

  3. Since I won your last giveaway (the Cee Cee book, which I LOVED), I won’t enter this one. But I love, love, love the photos of that sweet little pooch. And I talk baby-talk to kitty Sundae all the time!

  4. Just liked you on Facebook, but really wanting to hit the LOVE button on that puppy, wuppy, duppy, puppy!!! Love your stuff, love your posts….would love to wear one of your necklaces! My daughters and I often have deer visit our yard and lay down and nap next to our house. We just love them.

  5. Your sweet little pup is always so adorable in your posts! And she seems like she must be so obedient. I have a Blue Heeler who is almost one year old and who is also adorable. But she often doesn’t mind and jumps up on me for attention and nips and bites to get even more attention. Anyway, I’m not quite sure what to do with her! Any advice from one who seems to have a precious, adorable pup who minds? Diane

  6. Aw man, I don’t know what I love more – those necklaces or these pictures! 🙂 I just ‘liked’ you on FB, AND I MEANT IT. LOL

    I love that you played fetch with a 3-year-old. Makes perfect sense to me.

  7. I definately “liked” your facebook page,,and perused the site,,who know you could do so much with antlers? And,,now I know where to go for my children’s dads xmas present,,he would love something unique like that. I’d love to win a lovely necklace.
    P.S. OMG,,what a cute puppy!

  8. Liked your Facebook page and loved this post – I am guilty of these things, as well. When I hear baby/puppy/animal talk, my ears prick up and eyes get wide searching for whatever fat, fluffy or otherwise adorable critter is nearby.

  9. I LOVE PUPPPPPPPPPIES! Honestly, LOVE. Children not so much, but people keep saying that’s because of my age – 24? Who knows if that’s the truth but I can’t wait to start my adult life after my masters program and get a doooooooog!

    Anywho, I liked you on facebook and now I’m about to go investigate 😉

  10. Hi, I liked it! Also, what a cool idea to make necklaces of them. I grew up w/ tons of antlers at home (in the middle of nowhere South of Buffalo), but I never saw anyone do that!

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